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  1. Kayzee

    rpg maker xp General guidance, please

    Really XP is fine I think, not sure there is really a lot of stuff in newer RPG Makers that will really help you, though you may find it harder to get support for older RPG Makers. As for how to approach the task? I am really not that familiar with XP, Persona 5, or Danganronpa so I couldn't say much the exact systems. Mostly I would start by just creating a test game project and playing around with it for a while before you start your real project. Try looking around for already written XP scripts you could use that do stuff that might be useful for what you want, mix and match them in your test game, and then get the hang of modifying them and/or making your own. Once you have the basic system set up the way you want, then you can start your real game project.
  2. You know, I am not sure, but I think one of the most important things you need to really learn programing or math or anything like that is the ability to parse complete nonsense.


    No really.

    1. PhoenixSoul
    2. Kayzee


      Hehe, I for one love ||= a lot! Though I am talking about something a little more universal then any one bit of syntgax. Try taking a look at the classic nonsense poem Jabberwocky. Some people might read it without actually taking it in and just see it as complete gibberish. But it's not. There is a structure to it and even if you don't know what the individual words mean, you can infer a lot about them from their context. It's a puzzle where language is a clue. Understanding that and finding ways to solve the puzzle is a skill unto it's self.

  3. Kayzee

    rpg maker xp General guidance, please

    Why XP? Cause of the map layers thing I'm betting? I never scripted in XP myself and mostly use VX Ace, but it does share the same basic language. I would say it's a good idea to learn scripting if you can anyway, especially if you plan to do anything unusual. You can probably do a lot of things using events really, but it can be very very clumsy. Problem is, learning scripting isn't easy. Sometimes it's hard to get in the right mindset for some people. If you need help learning Ruby though I recommend you take a look at this site. It has cartoon foxes! Warning: May be extremely silly and surreal (possibly in an effort to get people to abandon their normal sense of logic in an attempt to develop the kind of mindset needed to understand programing, or possibly just to be silly).
  4. @DoubleX Well in my opinion, like I said before, the price of something is really not reflective of the time and effort it takes to do something. Or at least not directly. Though your explanation does make me think I may have gone about explaining my view of it the wrong way. So how about this: Traditionally the price of any commodity is governed by the principle of supply and demand. Don't think I really have to explain it, but I will anyway. The basic idea is that if demand for something out paces the supply the price will go up, where as if there is more then enough of a supply to match the demand the price will go down. Problem is, this principle falls apart when it comes to 'digital commodities' because there is a theoretical unlimited supply. So instead what has effectively happened is that instead of operating on 'supply and demand', digital economics really rely more on a principle closer to 'effort and reward'. Artists, authors, and other people we can fit under the category of 'creators' put in an effort in order to get a reward. But there Is at least one very important difference between the principles of 'supply and demand' and the ones of 'effort and reward', and they often I think kinda get ignored. Ideally with supply and demand there should be a kind of balance between the needs of the suppliers and those demanding goods when it comes to price. With effort and reward I think tends too be very unballanced by default. It seems that depending on how it's done either the person putting in the effort or the person giving out the reward has much more power over the transaction. Either the distribution is artificially limited by copyright and the creator gets most of the control over how to set the price, or the distribution is not limited and the consumer gets most of the control over how much to reward the creator. There are limits of course, there is only so much a consumer is willing to pay or a creator willing to put in the effort for that pay, but I think the prices for digital things are often very arbitrary. Also with supply and demand prices more or less automatically correct themselves to match the market, but with effort and reward there is not nearly as much of a push to do that. Of course there are quirks to both systems that make that much less clear cut, but generally it's true I think. For example, have you noticed that $60 has been the standard price for new triple A games for decades? Doesn't really matter the quality most of the time, $60 is the go to price for games. So yeah. I would argue that it's better in the long run to give consumers more control in this case, but either way it's kinda hard to keep things 'fair'.
  5. If I am understanding you right I think my thoughts on the subject have a lot in common with yours, but I take them in a sort of different direction. I think your final question most resonates with my thoughts: What is worth after all? To that question I would answer that there is no true inherent 'worth' to anything, because 'worth' is simply not an inherent property of objects. What something is 'worth' is entirely up to the individual. The time and consideration involved may or may not be a factor in that, and as you said the general hectic nature of society tends to pressure people into thinking along those lines, but it's still ultimately up to each person what something is worth and how. But thinking of worth this way runs into a glaring problem. You see, the idea of 'receiving what you put into something' doesn't really work because you rarely if ever get the exact same kind of thing out of something as you put into it. So people rely on an idea of 'equivalent exchange', exchanging one thing for another of the same over all 'worth'. Of course since what things are worth are up to the individual everyone has their own idea about what 'equivalent' means. Of course for practicality's sake when it comes to money, 'worth' often is taken to mean something slightly different: It's simply what people will pay for something. Nothing more, nothing less. This allows things to be greatly simplified, but it's not quite the same thing. The core of the whole issue here is I think that people sort of mix up how much something costs with how much it's worth, when they really are two different things.
  6. Kayzee

    Elf's Diary

    Don't know when I will actually play it but it looks neat! :3 *sprinkles fairy dust on you*
  7. Kayzee

    Elf's Diary

    Oh! A story about a half-elf half-fairy? Why I haven't heard of this project before? It speaks right to my interests! .... Though historically speaking the word 'elf' and the word 'fairy' were often used interchangeably to refer to the same beings, but I could go on all day about all the different terminology and how it's often used and abused. I am just a huge nerd like that. XD
  8. Kayzee

    Entry 014: Con-Vid-19

    I have not read Shinryu's writings, it's a pretty common philosophical idea. And of course it's not undeniable. My whole point is that everything is deniable. Even that everything is deniable. If you really want to know what use is that kind of logic, it's really really simple. I don't think I have to remind you about one thing: People are idiots. Did you think you weren't included as 'people'? I sure am! Heck, you and me? We might be the biggest idiots of all. And crazy to boot. But you see, I know that. I second guess myself. I try and figure things out. I am skeptical, but willing to be skeptical of my skepticism. I try to keep in mind the alternatives and try to reach some kind of truth for myself, no mater how futile it is. You... Don't. I don't really know or even care if the virus exists. It doesn't matter. You know what DOES matter? That I can (hopefuly) look the families of the victims in the eye and NOT make an ass out of myself. Can you say the same? No of course you can't. And you will make up an excuse about it too, you are trying to save people you will say. That you just do it cause you 'care too much'. Do you? Do you really? I can't say of course. But let me tell you what they will see. A bitch. An asshole. A crazy person. You will spit in the face of their reality and trample their beliefs I bet. Just to be right. And you won't actually care one bit. And in the end, it will accomplish nothing either way! Am I wrong? Am I off base here? I hope so. Why don't you try it? Find people who were actually personally hurt by all this and see what they say. See what they tell you. Go talk to a doctor and find out what they have to say. Oh maybe they are just all part of the evil conspiracy too, of course! Okay, maybe talk to some more. Surely their can't be THAT many people that are part of it right? And of course there will even probably be some that believe you after all! Maybe you can help form a resistance! Maybe you can fight back! Maybe you can expose the truth! ... Except you won't do any of that, will you? You will just be stuck there waiting for an end that will never come. Spiraling down down down into yourself more and more and more. And in the end, you won't care at all. Not one bit. ... Okay, maaaybe I have listened to this album too much when I was a teenager.
  9. Also: I should have before, since I not really being that familiar with 'ES5' or 'ES6' I should probably ask: What exactly is the difference here? How the API calls work? The coding style? Are ES5 and ES6 actually that fundamentally different? Also Also: What's wrong with prototyping anyway? It honestly seems to me to be functionally the same thing as using classes only with slightly different semantics.
  10. Kayzee

    Entry 014: Con-Vid-19

    Oh you have no idea how much pain you are in for now do you? Honestly you are going to get punished either way, but unfortunately for you, yes, me cutting off all contact with you was the easy path. Easier then the alternative. And I think l you know that. You sat there begging for that kind of punishment after all. It also would have done squat. That's how it's always gone hasn't it? You drive people away and move on, find somewhere new. Not this time. This time you are dealing with me. Unlike others, I can handle you at your worst. Wanna see if the reverse is true? Buckle up sweetheart, I am done seeing you spiral down into self-destruction. I have been holding back a lot all this time, but maybe to save you I am going to have to destroy you myself? Should I stop holding back then? You wanna know what I really think of this? No you don't. What you want is for me to shut up and go away forever so you can avoid having to actually defend your beliefs. Both are going to be hard and painful, but me going away at least lets you not have to question your martyr complex and self-righteous need to sabotage yourself doesn't it? For someone who aspires to be a divine trapped in mortal flesh you act depressingly... well, human. You want to know what reality really is? I have told you time and time again: It doesn't matter. It might not even exist. I keep telling you that. But obviously that's not going to cut it for you, you want something you can hold on to. So okay. I'll tell you something. I imagine right now you are reading these words on a screen of some sort, most likely with your eyes. Go on, reach out and touch the screen. Look around. Touch anything you can. Listen to the sounds the the background. Look at the light and shadows. That is your reality. That's your whole reality right there. Nothing else. This plot you are talking about isn't real. Neither is anything the media tells you. Neither is anything you read. Neither is anything you remember. Nothing is real but what is in front of you RIGHT NOW, and even that is suspect. Not even I am real, not to you. There is no other reality. There never was and never will be. Also, I was thinking more dramatic anime speech tropes, but yeah. Tropes exist for a reason you know. I'm actually a fan of them, so expect me to get a little tropey sometimes. Dosn't mean I'm not right.
  11. Is refactoring another project's codebase purely for the sake of refactoring another project's codebase ever been a good idea? No really, I legit am not sure. I suspect the answer would be: Only if people actually use the new codebase. Not sure if you have given the average user any real reason to care, or even the average programmer.
  12. That whole channel has lots of videos like that... Actually there is a whole community of people that nerd out about historical/fantasy stuff on youtube! I guess that's to be expected, I mean no matter what you might be interested there is a community for it somewhere.
  13. Kayzee

    Entry 014: Con-Vid-19

    Oh you would like that wouldn't you? Being made into my doll and lovingly 'punished'. Hehehe... Hey don't look at me like that you walked right into that one with open arms and you know it. But no, no no no, you don't get the easy way out. See, it's not that I don't think your being honest. It's not that I don't think you care the right amount. It's not like your wrong that we can all be better. It's because every fiber of by being is telling me the same thing: You. Are. Wrong. I may not know what's right, but everything I am tells me that. This isn't about punishment or what you deserve. This is about me being utterly convinced 100% beyond a shadow of a doubt (okay maybe more like 99.9%, as close to 100% as I am able anyway) that what you are describing is not actually reality. Not only that, but the more sure you are that you are right, the more convinced I am that you are not. How could you possibly know? How could you possibly think you have even the slightest idea about what is actually going on? Your acting just like the rest of them. So sure, so absolutely positive you know the shape reality takes. If you were only 'incorrect', I could let it slide. But no, when I mean Wrong I mean big capital W Wrong. I am pretty sure this isn't simply a mistake, it's poison. Maybe I am the sick one sure. Maybe I am the deluded one. I am willing to admit to the possibility. But I will deal with that if and when I need to. In the meantime, I am not about to let this be. Maybe I care too much as well. And maybe it is hopeless for me to try and help too. But you know what? I kinda enjoy this. Granted I enjoy it more when I am winning, but having an enemy to fight, a mission to accomplish, it's nice sometimes. So if there is any blocking or ignoring being done, it will be from you to me. And that will make me sad, but I can't give in that easily. Besides, doesn't a part of you want to have this fight? And I think a part of you also knows I am going to win.
  14. Kayzee

    Entry 014: Con-Vid-19

    Apparently you missed the second part of my question. Why cover it up given that a cover up of that scale requires so many people being in the know and willing to stay silent, and would ultimately only call attention to the problem. They are better off just denying it. Because guess what? Your so-called 'evidence', even if it did exist, means squat. It doesn't matter. It never mattered. You think facts matter anymore? Heck pretty sure they never did. Pretty sure facts don't even exist. It's all just different levels of manipulation. It's all about who has the more charming voice and who tells you the story you want to hear. And obviously the story you want to hear is that the world is a terrible place that is falling apart and everything will burn. You know I have been avoiding saying it because I know how annoying it is to hear, how unfair it must sound, how much it must get on your nerves to hear everyone say it again and again... But you know what? I am pretty darn frustrated with you right now so I will say it: You are being melodramatic. No don't you roll your eyes at me missy, you totally are, and goddess darn damn it so am I, and fuckityfuckfuck it's all complete TOTAL NONSENSE! WHY AM I FORCED TO BE THE VOICE OF REASON HERE? YOU AND I BOTH KNOW WE ARE BOTH BATSHIT CRAZY! WHY NOT JUST HAVE FUN WITH IT? ... I get it you think I think this is all just a joke right? Just a way for me to act wacky and put on my little show. Well maybe it partly is, but I am also very serious. And maybe you will get mad at me or maybe you will replay with your infuriating little lols. But you know what? I think I see right through you. But I always think that don't I? It doesn't matter. I am tired now.
  15. ES is like JS after it runs out of coffee. :P ... Okay really it's more like JS after it finally admits it's never actually liked coffee and decides to change it's name to avoid being associated with it. Close enough.