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  1. Kayzee

    Entry 016: Novara; Rachel.

    Hehe I know, but I thought it was amusing anyway. One might say even memories can be erased/rewritten/forgotten as well. Some might even argue that writing something down makes something more real then just being in someone's head, because that way you have a paper trail. Isn't that the whole point of legal identity, to have a paper trail? Isn't that why you are supposed to keep a little piece of paper someone wrote for you when you were born somewhere as safe and secure as possible? Sure it's silly that a little bit of paper is needed to say that you are you, but really no more silly then anything else you could use to prove you are who you say you are. Perhaps the most foolproof method is blood, but of course you are not even using your original body are you? Also: As for what makes a hashtag fake, I do have an answer: A real hashtag is a feature of a site where something starting with # will turn into a link you can click that lets you search through messages that use the same tag. This site not do this, therefore it's a fake hashtag. But okay, maybe you can just say a hashtag is any bit of text that can be searched like a hashtag. However if you paste #LegalIdentityIsSuperficial into google the only results are from this very page. Therefore it's also completely pointless as a search term and therefore also a fake hashtag. QED.
  2. Kayzee

    Entry 016: Novara; Rachel.

    You know, I read this before, but only just now do I notice you are using ana-kata as a pronoun. Sounds a bit like using left-right or up-down as a pronoun... which actually I guess makes as much sense as any gendered pronoun so... Also, you know if you don't like your legal identity you can usually change it? Also also, controversial opinion time: If you ask me all identity is superficial anyway. A person is too complex a thing to be summed up by a name and a pronoun. Also also also: Ugh why do you have to use fake hashtags? Then again why do I have to use so many alsos?
  3. Kayzee

    Another Not so fun scripting ACE ?

    Oh! First of all, you need to use 'element_id == 1' if you want to check if the element_id is 1. You see 'element_id = 1' will set element_id to 1 which is why it does that glitch. Gotta remember use '==' to check if something is equal, and '=' to set something to equal. This is a common mistake. Also pretty sure putting it in the inject like that will do what you want it to? Try this maybe? def element_rate(element_id) if element_id == 1 return features_sum(FEATURE_ELEMENT_RATE, element_id) end features_pi(FEATURE_ELEMENT_RATE, element_id) end
  4. Hehe, I send the script in a PM, hope it works for you! If not reply to the PM and I will try and fix it for you. Oh also: Problem with breakable equipment is it requires some fancy smancy scripting in RPG Maker to make instance items. Pretty sure a script for it already exists though.
  5. Well the thing with having four weapons is only one is actually used at a time anyway, it's just a convenient way to switch between them. Though Final Fantasy also often lets you re-equip your left/right hand mid battle it's just a bit more tedious. Anyway SaGa Frontier 2 used two weapon slots didn't it? Though once again only one at a time was actually used. In RPG maker when dual wield is active both slots give you stats and it just plays two animations when attacking which is a bit cheap if you ask me. Oh well. Anyway if you want I can send you my script for armor equipment sometime. Oh and you mention Quells! Does that mean you want most equipment to be breakable? Breakable equipment annoys a lot of people, but honestly I kinda like what SaGa Frontier 2 does with items and how it's magic system works.
  6. Personally when it comes to equipment I actually like what Romancing SaGa 3 and SaGa Frontier does: Four weapon/shield/item slots, four armor/accessory slots. There are a few problems with doing it that way in RPG Maker though I know. I myself was working on it a little at one point, but I never did manage to let the player switch between weapons like RS3 and SF. It's the kind of thing that would require a looot of coding I think. Also probably a whole new style of battle menu! Though what I did manage to do was flatten all the armor into one type and use note tags to specify what subtype it was, so the player could for example equip boots in any slot but only one pair. I think it really makes equipment menus less cluttered and tedious myself. :3
  7. I look forward to seeing how it all turns out! I am sorry my script didn't do what you wanted. Maybe I can help alter it sometime... I do like to help!
  8. So like RS3's skill/stat grinding with with FFV's classes and class abilities maybe? Sounds neat! I will sort of miss randomly 'glimmering' new skills if it's gone, but it could be pretty frustrating sometimes (and probably hard to code too) so I understand if you rather replace it with FFV's ABP. Though maybe there are ways to do both, I donno. Either way sounds like it could be neat!
  9. Though I am pretty sure 2003 can't use scripts. Maybe you would like XP? Anyway I was wondering if you are going to add a SaGa-like leveling system too, since it looks like there is still a level number in character's status and SaGa doesn't really do that.
  10. Looks pretty cool! I am a big fan of the SaGa games so it's always cool to see people making games in that style! BTW what RPG Maker are you using? MV? VX Ace?
  11. It's always good to learn! But don't stress yourself out over it okay? :3 *sprinkles fairy dust on you*
  12. It's fine with me if you wanna use it! It's not too complicated of a script anyway. Being credited might be neat, but I mostly just like to help!
  13. I wonder if that would take a while if you have a lot of save files. Can't you have up to 99 savefiles sometimes?
  14. Saved games are basically big hashes that store copies of the "$game_" values. DataManager's make_save_contents creates a hash from the "$game_" values to be saved into a saved game and extract_save_contents takes a hash from a saved game and copies it back to the "$game_" values. Oh and create_game_objects makes new "$game_" values for when a new game starts. But anyway you could scan each saved game one by one with load_data and check the hash for the right thing you need, which would be a little tedious, or you could do something like using an $extragame thing. I actually made something a while ago to manage anything I wanted to save outside normal saved games maybe it will be handy for you too!
  15. Kayzee

    Help With Vines Over A Cliff

    It's because the tiles in tab B-E are all put on the same layer in VX Ace. You might want to move parts of those cliffs into the A5 tile area maybe?
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