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Just a cute little fairy who likes to play and have fun! I am always looking for new people to play with! Sometimes whether they like it or not. I try not to force them or break them too much, but sometimes they are just so gosh darn cute to leave alone. <3 Okay, okay, I promise to ask permission before I get too rough.

So what do I do around here? Well, I like to think I have gotten rather good at coding! I know it's kinda rare for a fairy to be that interested in computers, but you wouldn't believe how similar it is to magic in some ways. The same kind of push and pull between describing an intent for you will, obeying the rules you have to but learning as many tricks to break them and optimize your work to make it better, the joy in seeing your will take hold over the world... But really I am pretty lazy nowadays so I usually just stop in and blab about stuff and occasionally help people if they are having trouble in coding or otherwise. Also play with my special toys, usually in naughty naughty ways. You wanna be a special toy too? It's fun! PM me cutie pie.

Likes? Um... Let's see... Cute things, magic, I quite like all the lovely technology you humans have come up with, I also enjoy human fiction in all it's various forms but mostly fantasy, having long rambling discussions about politics or philosophy even if (maybe especially if) no one is paying attention... Oh, and also just about every kink you can think of and probably several you can't. <3

Dislikes? Well, it really annoys me how dumb humans can be. I mean, humans have neat tech and tons of cool cultural and artistic achievements. No one can argue that. But they just are so ignorant sometimes. Especially their leaders. And they take themselves waaaaaaaaaay too seriously. Case in point: Human religion. I mean would society say you are justified in killing or harassing a star trek nerd just because you were a star wars nerd? Though that may be a bit of bias, us fairies have a history with humans trying to force their religion on others and that is one of the reasons we don't step outside Fairyland much anymore. Never really met a truly religious person face-to face that wasn't at least somewhat polite and well meaning though. Still, ugh... Cultural baggage aside (even stole our holidays, Jesus was not even born in December and they still have the gall to accuse people of starting a 'war on Christmas' when they stole it in the first place), I can't stand prudes. Though not all of them are religious I guess. I understand not wanting smut pasted everywhere but if you want to stamp down all naughtiness everywhere for the sake of 'the children' or 'decency' then you desperately need to get over yourself. Maybe loosen up a little. I can help! <3


... Okay that was a bit too much of a rant. I tend to do that sometimes, sorry. I guess that is it for now! *sprinkles fairy dust on everyone who visits this profile* What? Did I lace the dust with something? Would I do that? *smiles a little too widely*

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