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  1. I was messing around in my game and found a +34469697580 weapon! How did that happen? 😳


    1. PhoenixSoul


      Who knows...

  2. Yay for making your own soundtrack! Yay for cute and whimsical music too! I briefly looked though them and they seem alright to me! Though sometimes some of the instruments seem to have reverb that seems kinda short and unnatural I think? On the other hand I think it's better then overusing long expansive reverb which I feel is something a lot of other RPG Maker soundtracks do... Maybe there could be a bit more variety in instrument choices and styles? It still sounds pretty good to me!
  3. I have been actually working on my game today! I am making wands!  Wands are handy usable tool items that will be able to be used multiple times before they run out of power. Still working on them but they should have lotsa useful effects!

  4. Kayzee

    Calling state resist variables in scripts

    Be careful when using only state resists around the death state though! Remember if something resists death, they won't die even if their hp is zero! It's a good idea to use a state rate of zero if you want something immune to instant death spells. Good luck whatever you do! *sprinkles fairy dust on you*
  5. Kayzee

    Calling state resist variables in scripts

    Remember that there are state rates and state resists. State rates effects the chance a stat will be applied, State resists are flat immunity. You can use @actor.state_rate(state_id) to get rates and @actor.state_resist?(state_id) to check for resists.
  6. Kayzee


    Yay another new person! *sprinkles fairy dust around the topic*
  7. Looks like the Legend of Mana HD remaster is out now. Probably going to buy it as soon as I can.

  8. Kayzee

    Greetings from WidgetKitty

    Yay for widgets and kitties! *sprinkles fairy dust on the newcomer*
  9. Kayzee

    Reversed Chasing

    What do you mean by 'not into the edge of the map'?
  10. When ever I see this image in my desktop wallpaper rotation I just gotta click the witch's nose and go "boop". :3

    1. PhoenixSoul


      Well, that's one more added to the bookmarks...maybe I'll find some useful resources there, pretty neat stuff.

  11. Kayzee

    Script Bugs I've been having.

    Errors like that for nil:NilClass can be hard to track down. It means the game is looking for something that it expects to be there but isn't! Looks like the first error is the game trying to create an even from nothing! Events need to be created with an RPG::Event object. The second looks like an error that is coming from a script call. Script calls always report the error there.
  12. I was mostly just teasing you with the grumpy gus thing you know. :3 Though one thing does kinda bug me. Rather then just dislike it, you said it was "badly designed". Now design can be all kinds of subjective for sure, but when I think of bad design I usually think of something that is more objectively functionally broken somehow or has horrible clashing colors or something and I just don't see that in the night theme. I think it's perfectly well designed for what it's going for, even if what it's going for isn't something you appreciate.
  13. Heeeeey.... I like the night theme. I like it in all it's pruplly glory! It's whimsical~! Onesie some times you can be a real grumpy gus party pooper you know that? ...But I guess so can I so, guess I can't complain too much. Ah who am I kidding, I probably will anyway! Still would like a darker dark theme, but I wouldn't mind keeping the purple somewhat. :3
  14. Well I would replace the red borders with purple like the current night theme but it seems fine with me!
  15. Team dark forever I say! We might have a few flashbangs, but still better. If someone doesn't like it that's what the light theme is for! Only problem is it will break all my invisatext I secretly scattered around my posts. Oh well! edit: Also: Well discord's dark theme is basically white on dark grey and very few people complain about that! The way people see discord's light theme on the other hand... Anyway you don't need to use it, it wouldn't be the default anyway. That's why different themes exist ya know.
  16. Kayzee

    Hi I'm new

    Hi new! I'm Kayzee! *giggles and sprinkles fairy dust all over the new person*
  17. You would basically need to redo the way the battle system works for that. As is, all enemies and actors choose the thing they are going to use before the round and use it later during the round. For this enemies at least would have to choose their action and do their action at the same time. There are alternate battle systems that do that, like ATB systems for example, where both players and enemies choose their attacks only right before they do them. Pretty sure their are turn based ones that do that too. I don't know of any script that makes just the enemies able to do it though. Seems a bit unfair don't you think?
  18. Kayzee

    State notetags through passive skills

    Running the notes though eval is only going to work if the notes contain only ruby code. Notetags are not ruby code, they are really just special strings scripts can get data from with regular expressions. Here is the big problem: All scripts that use note tags use them completely differently. There is no general way to read any and all note tags. That script can get things from the states yeah, but I think you misunderstand what that script is for. It's not for existing script's notetags, it's for easily making new tags that people can use for their own scripts (and it also uses it's own style of tag anyway). Every script basically has to come up with it's own way to parse note tags. Rather then bother with making each of my own scripts use a new notetag system like most scripters do I just use one general notetag system for all my scripts. Saves time and sanity not having to muck about with regular expressions in every script I write.
  19. Yay! Today is Baltane or May Day! A day where fairies come to play! *giggles*

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    2. Kayzee


      Interesting... That's how a meeting with fairies tends to be remembered you know. A shame they didn't take you back with them huh? You know I totally would have!

    3. PhoenixSoul


      Indeed. Sounds like more fun than someone thinks I deserve...


    4. Kayzee


      Like I care what you deserve or not, what someone thinks you do even less so.

  20. Actually I found at least one game for VX Ace that managed to make higher resolutions work right. Looking at the scripts it uses it seemes it uses a 'Viewports Fix' script by someone named 'Esrever' and a 'Plane Parallax Fix' script by someone named 'FenixFyreX' along with a modified DLL. I think a better (and more legal, because yes engine replacements ARE LEGAL) way is to use a full engine replacement like mkxp or RGD instead.
  21. I had a dream where Cthulhu woke up from his slumber and was going to destroy the world as we know it unless I convinced him the world had enough insanity and depravity to keep. Luckily the internet made proving that trivially easy.

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    2. PhoenixSoul


      I chose to be ordinary.

      I didn't want to live extravagantly or want to be showered with praise and bravado.

      I chose ordinary life studies. I tried to not stand out. I didn't have a reason other than that I may be the daughter of Illumina, but I didn't want to be given special privilege, so I declined it, or tried. Eh, but doesn't equal wanting to become mortal, like, what the fuck.

      I had my own life. Well, I was developing my own life, as one would be developing theirs as they got educated, I was in that same stage of life when I was captured and imprisoned here, and therefore, forced to assume a level of maturity I did not have (still don't).

      I'm barely adjusting to this constantly changing set of rules. I honestly want it and the source to vanish, so yeah I wouldn't mind being taken by fairies, but would they actually come?

    3. Kayzee


      Wanting to be ordinary? So you say. Maybe by the standards of that society sure. But if you ask me that whole world was always an aberration. It was an anomaly, it's existence barely stable in the first place. Perhaps this world is the same way, or perhaps it is the true root where all existence springs from. I don't know. But I feel fairly sure what you want isn't and was never to be 'ordinary'. You may have thought it was, but to be 'ordinary' is to forever let yourself be blown by the winds of fate, keeping your head down save in the crowd around you. Does that sound like you? I think not!


      If you think about it, are not all mortals like you? Captured souls snared in the web of Yaldabaoth. And sorry to say it's likely fairies won't come. I can admit, us fairies are at best fickle and uncaring, and at worst can delight at the suffering of mortals. Though it is tempting for me to save you personally sometimes, I doubt I can give you what you really want anyway. I admit even if I say I am a fairy, it's not as if my 'real life' has really gone away.


      But I think someday things are going to change and all the hidden spirits that have retreated into the depths of dwimmer will return once more, one way or another. I will be frank. I don't know if you will ever get home again. Wait long enough here though and maybe something like home will come to you. :3


      Edit: Wait... that is all besides the point! You are just distracting me!

    4. PhoenixSoul


      I'm going to explain in a blog post what I mean by ordinary in this context, because...

      I'm just a kid, and people, some of them who knew about the burden I was to take on at some point, wanted to treat me as some beacon of responsibility or something...I won't lie, I actually don't understand their logic because it confuses me...

      Nevermind the blog post, I just explained it; I chose to ignore the tremendous burden because...I needed to be me, and not an idol or something like that. I'm just a kid, dammit.

      A kid...forced to live as an adult...tell me THAT IS NOT BEYOND FUCKED.

  22. Welcome back! Yay for games written in Ruby! *sprinkles fairy dust everywhere*
  23. Yeah, I have no idea how pixel movement scripts work honestly. You basically have to rip out and redo the whole movement system to make one.
  24. Probably a bad idea to do that, it will cause the player to move even if they aren't supposed to and probably not line up on tiles correctly. Try this instead: class Game_Player < Game_Character def distance_per_frame return 256.0 end end Zoooom! (This is probably overkill and it probably doesn't make a difference if set higher then 32.0 really but that's still a whole tile every frame!)
  25. Kayzee

    Entry 016: Novara; Rachel.

    Hehe I know, but I thought it was amusing anyway. One might say even memories can be erased/rewritten/forgotten as well. Some might even argue that writing something down makes something more real then just being in someone's head, because that way you have a paper trail. Isn't that the whole point of legal identity, to have a paper trail? Isn't that why you are supposed to keep a little piece of paper someone wrote for you when you were born somewhere as safe and secure as possible? Sure it's silly that a little bit of paper is needed to say that you are you, but really no more silly then anything else you could use to prove you are who you say you are. Perhaps the most foolproof method is blood, but of course you are not even using your original body are you? Also: As for what makes a hashtag fake, I do have an answer: A real hashtag is a feature of a site where something starting with # will turn into a link you can click that lets you search through messages that use the same tag. This site not do this, therefore it's a fake hashtag. But okay, maybe you can just say a hashtag is any bit of text that can be searched like a hashtag. However if you paste #LegalIdentityIsSuperficial into google the only results are from this very page. Therefore it's also completely pointless as a search term and therefore also a fake hashtag. QED.
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