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    *sprinkles fairy dust on the new person* Hmmmm.... You don't look creepy to me... You look cute! Not that being cute and creepy are mutually exclusive mind. I think I for one manage both pretty well sometimes. I mean I am a fairy after all! We tend to do that. But... That face just looks so cute and innocent! It makes me want to play with you! *giggles and smiles just a little too widely* Hmmm... I don't really use MV, but my advice works for just about anything: Have fun! Don't let your time making a game become all stress and deadlines and seriousness! Try and relax and not worry so much. Too many people get burned out, so take your time okay? :3
  2. Hehe, glad I can help! *sprinkles fairy dust on you* I just think it's easier to have all an enemy's properties in one place so you don't have to edit the script every time you add or change something in the database. I couldn't say if it is actually less work overall, but it's much less of a hassle to edit later.
  3. Of the top of my head, I think you want to do $enemy_human.include?(a.original_name) Though you might want to check if the target is in fact an enemy or else it won't work. I think you should use a note tag of some sort rather then a list of names though, it makes things so much easier in the long run not to have to update the code when you add new enemies. But if you don't want to bother with figuring out the regex stuff for parsing notetags, I understand. Personally I just use one script to do all of my note stuff, but that means a lot of my scripts rely on that one. Oh well...
  4. You know, I was randomly playing Disgaea 5 again today and I was reminded of a recurring problem I noticed with the series a while ago. In fact the more I thought about it, the more I found it's not just a problem with this one series, but with a good chunk of the RPG Genre. Namely the menu design is kind of annoying. Kind of really annoying sometimes. Most often in ways that are pretty fixable. Let me ask you the following: If you are browsing the item menu, and you see a cool piece of equipment you want to equip, would you rather: A. Press a button or something and choose who you want to equip it too right there, or B. Press cancel, go to an entirely different menu, find the item in the list again, and then equip it? Call me crazy, but I rather pick A. Having a dedicated equipment menu is still good of course, but is there any reason not to allow you to equip stuff from the item menu too? Now you may think it's a pretty petty thing to complain about on it's own, and believe me this is just the tippy top of a massive iceberg when it comes to annoying menu issues, but it's a pretty common thing in RPGs to design menus like this, as completely segregated from one another in ways that can sometimes make it so to get anything done you have to flip flop back and fourth between menus a lot. Let me go back to Disgaea for a moment here to explain exactly how bad this problem can get. Okay, for those that have never played any of the games in the series, there are a lot of really strange but kinda neat mechanics you can use to power yourself and your equipment up. But all of these mechanics are completely segregated into their own little menus. What makes it worse is that a good chink of the things you need to do a lot are not really accessed from the menu at all, but instead the menu is called up if you talk to an NPC in the game's 'main base'. So you often literally have to run around from one NPC to another as well as flip flop between menus a lot. I mean don't get me wrong, I like the idea of a home base you can get more NPCs for that provide more functions, but there is no reason you shouldn't be able to quickly access them in the menu is there (this is something I need to do in my game too for a few things come to think of it)? In Disgaea 5 for example, you have to talk to an NPC to learn abilities (and you can only learn them one at a time even though shops and stuff let you select multiple items, but that's a whole other issue), but you need to pull up a whole other menu to equip them, and to change your class you need to go to yet another NPC. Equipment is powered up though 'innocent' monsters that live inside the item (like I said the mechanics can get really strange, you even get a good chunk of powerups from playing a friggin board game) and that has it's own NPC to swap them around, another to go into the item to power it up (for a third time, the mechanics can get really strange) or power it up in other ways and... Phew! Can't you already feel exhausted just listening to my description? It's still a pretty fun game, but would it really be that hard to make the menus flow together a little better? Poor menu design is also probobly a big reason why I dislike 'quest' systems and feel ambivalent about a lot of crafting systems. There is more to it then that really, but nothing annoys me in RPGs more then needing to go to a crappy quest menu (Disgaea 5 added quests the series and it perfectly encapsulates everything I hate about quests and crappy quest menus, as if I didn't have enough to complain about), or messing around in a crappy crafting menu (sometimes just figuring out what I can make in some games takes ages). So what should we do instead? Well, I admit it can be tricky sometimes, but I think it's mostly a matter of figuring out what the player needs to do most often and figuring out ways of skipping unnecessary steps. In the game I am working on for example, I am using a script that lets the player attach runes to equipment. Now the script comes with it's own scene that was meant to be called form the menu, but I am not really using it that way. Instead, I changed it so a rune could be selected and 'used' form the item menu, where it would switch to a mini-scene to select an item and slot to attach to. Though my original motivation was to allow runes to be attached though using them where as you needed to find a special place to detach/swap them, but functionally I could easily let you do both. I later kinda expanded on the idea by changing the item menu to be like item menus in Mystery Dungeon style roguelikes (I mean, that kinda goes without saying, as my game basically is a Mystery Dungeon style roguelike) where equips are displayed in the item menu and selecting an item opened a submenu of options for what you wanted to do with the item rather then just using it right away. That way you can do stuff like equip and unequip stuff in the same menu and give some items multiple uses (like throwing them at things). It makes me wonder how much I can get away with doing this way... but best not over rely on it. After all searching though your inventory can be a pain too. What do you guys think?
  5. Kayzee

    Annoying Menu Design

    Roguelikes have been around for ages ya know, since at least the 1980s. Though they never were discussed much until recently I guess and even nowadays you only really see elements of their gameplay pop up in indie titles. I kinda like to think of them as kind of like a RPGs with a little bit of an old-school arcade game bent. Not that they were actiony (though nowadays a lot of them are) or anything, but they sort of had a similar kind of vibe in many ways. They almost all have randomly generated maps or other elements and some form of 'permadeath' where if you lose you would have to start again form the start. But the cool thing is because of the random elements it's often a fresh experience every time you play and you can't just win by rote memorization alone. Their combat system is also often very tactical in a lot of ways and often involves you needing to come up with clever ways out of jams with the tools you happen to have. Like older arcade games it's often less about 'winning' or 'losing' then it is about mastery, but instead of mastery of twitch reflexes and/or muscle memory it's mastery of tactical thinking, risk assessment, and improvisation. I think they are super neato! And honestly, I sort of roll my eyes every time people say Steam is filled with crap. I know steam is filled with lots of crap, but, you know, Sturgeon's law. This is exactly why we have search engines people, to, ya know, help us search for what we want.
  6. Kayzee

    Digital Clock

    Hehe, not saying it isn't useful at all, it just seems a bit gimmicky to me to do stuff like that. I mean, one thing I think is fun about Nethack is that the calculated current phase of the moon has an effect on the game. Like a full moon making werecreatures stronger. But I personally think I rather it be random or based on the number of times played or some in game date rather then the real date. I was playing with making a script to calculate a lunisolar calendar for my game actually, but I am pretty sure I am not going to use the actual computer time. Partly because my game is turn based anyway, partly because the season will likely effect some things and I don't want players to be forced to deal with it for playing at a particular time of year, and partly because I kind of want to use time as a sort of resource (like for example maybe dying will cost you a day or a week of time).
  7. Kayzee

    Annoying Menu Design

    No reason not to have both I think, plus I am not sure if it's totally obvious how to equip stuff through the item menu unless your used to games that do that. Someday I reaaaally have to figure out a good way of doing a tutorial that isn't boring, because my game has lots and lots of odd mechanics. I will probobly end up doing what a lot of Mystery Dungeon style roguelikes do and have a mode where the player can do short puzzles that revolve around a single mechanic.... It's a great way to do it I think. Anyway thinking about it, the equip menu does do a better job comparing stats I think? Though my item menu also displays an item's stats and stuff... if you have it identified of course. :3
  8. Hehe, I made a game.bmp for my game today!




    For if I upload it to the steam workshop.


    (That's me looking though the D! :3 )

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    2. Kayzee


      You know me, I always like big Ds. :P

    3. PhoenixSoul


      And V's, lolz

    4. Kayzee


      And both at once! ❤️

  9. Kayzee

    Annoying Menu Design

    Hehe, you do have a point. My game has only one party member and limited inventory, and all the armor actually uses the same slot type, but I might as well re-enable the equip menu. Only disabled it to make the main menu a bit less cluttered really. Also, Symphony of the Night actually did the reverse and only had an equip scene, with you having to equip items to use them. Which would have been better if it had it's own slot or multiple slots really. It could have made using items a bit more strategic since you couldn't really spam them in the menu, but the game was piss easy anyway so...
  10. I just thought of a joke:


    How many Buddhists does it take to change a light bulb?


    Zero. :P


    ...Mind you I am not sure what school of Buddhism would fit that joke best. Zen?

  11. Kayzee

    Annoying Menu Design

    I am pretty sure you can use L and R buttons (pageup and pagedown by default on keyboard) to flip through different party members in the equipment menu at least. I don't think VX Ace has an R2 or L2 defined though. Myself, like I was saying above, I got rid of the equip menu all together and just use the item menu to equip things. Still not sure if I want to leave the equip menu as an option though. Thinking about it I wonder if I could combine my skill menu with the item menu too. Of course my game only has a single member party right now, but I could always use L and R, or have you choose the party member first. Or maybe since I don't have extra party members I should use L and R to switch menus like you suggested.
  12. You know what's kinda awesome to think about? What happens when two really good song mages battle each other with their music.


    Because think about it. They often can't just both sing their own songs at each other. That doesn't tend to work very well. Instead, they are better off trying to improvise off each other in such a way that they can twist the music into the theme they want while the other mage loses track of what they are doing.


    Basically, they fight with jazz. :3

    1. Animebryan


      I think Epic Rap Battles would be a better idea

    2. Kayzee


      Well the thing you have to remember is, and I admit the video I linked is not a example of this, there is absolutely no reason why they would calmly take turns. Instead it would be more like melodies and counter melodies as they both reacted to each other's song, focusing on directing the over all feeling of the piece as a whole, tripping up each other with complex rhythmic patterns, and so on. Rap is just not anywhere near complex enough. Heck at that level using meaningful words at all is basically impossible. You have to just let the music flow chaotically while doing your best to shape it in a general direction. Doing stuff like that is basically what jazz is all about. I mean music based magic typically isn't used in direct combat exactly because it can be easy to disrupt, counter, or cause to go wild. But it sounds hella fun to watch/listen to a battle like that!

    3. PhoenixSoul


      Well, I can think of six non-jazz songs that accomplish this well...


      But they're all from one game series so...


      They're all Guitar Battles, three from Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock, one from GH Aerosmith and the other two from Guitar Hero World Tour (though those are in-game functionally different)


      Guitar Battle vs. Tom Morello
      Guitar Battle vs. Saul Hudson aka Slash

      Guitar Battle vs. Lou (Metal cover of The Devil Went Down To Georgia as performed by Stephen Ouimette)

      Guitar Battle vs. Joe Perry

      Guitar Duel vs. Zakk Wylde

      Guitar Duel vs. Ted Nugent


      There was supposed to be a Bass Duel vs. Sting, but that was cut (Guitar Hero World Tour).
      (the video this links to is the song you play along with Sting - he's in the vocalist's placement while playing bass and it is the original version of Demolition Man before studio fading and rendering)

  13. Kayzee

    Digital Clock

    What I think? I think I have seen scripts like this before, but never thought it was particularly useful to use the computer's real time unless you are making something like Animal Crossing. That said, it wouldn't be hard I think to modify it to use an in-game timer. The nice thing about Ruby's Time class is you can use it to do math with times and dates!
  14. Kayzee

    [Eventing] SaGa-Style Junk Shop System

    I think it's supposed to be something a bit in between, like bubbles in a giant sea of aethier. Also we know for sure that some regions are connected, like IRPO and Mosperiburg. We also know for sure some are disconnected, like Riki's world. Then there is blue's 'region map' item which... doesn't help one bit to explain anything.
  15. Kayzee

    Mini Game Scripts: The Shortage, and Why

    Yeah, I mean creating something with any kind of physics to it or even different game states is really annoying with events. Possible, maybe not even hard for some people, but tedious and really hard to keep track of.
  16. Kayzee

    Mini Game Scripts: The Shortage, and Why

    On the subject of custom scenes, funnily enough I made a custom scene a while ago just to run common events in without loading a map. I used it for exactly one thing right now: To display a special message when loading a game if it's checksum doesn't match one stored in the global save data, but I figured it could be handy for some cutscenes and other stuff down the road. I wonder now if there are any handy script call commands/tricks I could add to make something that people can make minigames with easier? I don't really think so, but maybe. I think the biggest problem with using events for anything complicated is you mostly have to do everything through variables. There are ways around this, but they involve brute forcing it using script calls. This can actually be really handy, but if you know how to script anyway why bother doing complicated stuff through events at all? But in some cases there might be room for something between events and scripting to be handy. For example look at this: It's a dialog thing I wrote to add script call commands I can use to make conditional choice menus. Most of the dialog was done through eventing, but the problem I had is that choice menus are annoyingly inflexible. So I scripted up a replacement way to make them, with each choice having a label to jump to and sometimes a 'token' which is set when the option is picked. And bam! Adventure game like dialog trees! This is a good example of a place where expanding the event system a bit can be very handy. For minigames though? I am not sure if this will work. It might be handy to make an easy to use DSL thing to create some objects, but I think most of the time a lot of minigames might be complex enough you might as well write a full ruby script for it. Also even my example above might be too complicated. I donno. Mostly just musing about it. Also: I'm still making stuff! Sorta... Also also: Yes, I am in my game. Yes I explain a lot of crap. I guess you could call me an... exposition fairy! :3
  17. Since you have been making me think of SaGa Frontier, it reminded me of a old idea I had for a SaGa Frontier-like game myself, one that was harder scifi then SaGa Frontier was. I kinda thought it would be neat to do a game involving actual space travel, but at a more realistic scale then a lot of scifi does. So the basic idea I came up with basically can be summed up as: "What if there was a solar system much like ours, only instead of just one planet where life evolved it was two?" Maybe one slightly further away from the sun as Venus causing it to be more tropical, and one slightly closer to the sun then Mars, causing it to be more frigid.


    I think it would be interesting to think about how things might be different...

    What if people from both planets spent most of their history looking up at each other and wondering?

    What if they excitedly observed each other for hundreds of years, maybe one day established basic radio contact near the dawn of both planet's industrial revolution?

    What if the technological development of space technology was pushed forward on both sides out of a dream of one day making contact?

    What if that dream one day happens?

    Then what if one day space travel becomes common place, and space stations and outposts are built near or on many nearby planets or moons?

    And maybe... What if both races inexplicably look a lot a like in many ways?

    What if they both have ruins depicting similar dragon-like creatures?

    What if both races can use something like 'magic', but it's slightly different?

    And those who live in space can't use magic at all (because 'mana' is produced by the planets), but may develop a form of 'phionics' instead?


    Hehe, I had all sorts of wacky ideas... I didn't end up doing anything with it though.

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    2. Kayzee


      Don't know if I ever will though... I would want to at least finish my current project and who knows how long that will take!

    3. That One NPC

      That One NPC

      Can't do everything alone. Well you can, but it's usually not the most efficient way. Would take me years to complete any of my serious projects. Legacy Frontier suffered the same fate as Overworld. It outgrew my core skill level. I can no longer make that game on my own without ruining it, or taking so long it won't even matter by the time it's done.


      It's not easy but I'm looking for a little project to give myself some experience now.

    4. Kayzee


      Though teams have their own problems. Probably the best way is having a large community around a project that can help out from time to time, but that's hard to do. Anyway as much as it would be nice if I had someone to help out on my project in some ways, it's probobly not going to happen any time soon. So I will do what I can on my own and not worry so much about what I can't do for now.

  18. Kayzee

    [Eventing] SaGa-Style Junk Shop System

    I see what you mean! There was even a crime family in that town in SaGa Frontier wasn't there? Still, one of the things I find fun about SaGa Frontier is it was a game where those random lizard shopkeepers just kinda fit in and I never really questioned it. Monsters are basically just another race who live along side humans and mystics and robots. Then again, SaGa Frontier was really vague about a lot of how it's world worked wasn't it? I mean what exactly were 'regions'? How did the many regions fit together? It felt like traveling randomly through time and space at times. I kinda liked that aspect of it in a way though, it was delightfully wacky.
  19. Kayzee

    Mini Game Scripts: The Shortage, and Why

    Good fully featured minigames are also kinda hard to do! I mean in some ways making a good minigame is kinda like creating a whole new game from scratch. And yeah, I agree eventing is no substitute for a good script. I mean, you can do a hell of a lot with events, but it can be incredibly tedious to do. Like, yeah, I can also create a computer using redstone in minecraft, but I am not about to do my taxes on it. Though the nice thing about events is that you can use them with scripts.
  20. Kayzee

    Changing the color of the font shadow?

    You can also set the font of the windows contents bitmap to whatever you like, that will make what ever font settings you want show up only for that window.
  21. Today I figured out my gui/'hud' thing was being refreshed every frame and that's why I had framerate troubles in the dungeons! I thought it was just VX Ace being slow at rendering my lights... I could only imagine how laggy it could be if I didn't use optimized font rendering...


    Also made it so enemies/events would give up trying to pathfind to a place after three attempts, because there were times where they would try going someplace they couldn't over and over and slow the game down as a result.


    Because of these things I get 60 fps in dungeons! I thought for sure VX Ace would have a bit more trouble with my lighting effects but apparently not!


    Edit: Okay it turns out it's more 47 - 59, but still better then I expected.

    1. PhoenixSoul


      Well, progress of any kind is always good.


      I'll be getting back to mine soon. Not sure about today but...

    2. Kayzee


      I think the best I can do is keeping to plug away at it when I feel like it. Not like I am in a rush, it's not exactly a game in high demand. :3

    3. PhoenixSoul


      That's what I am trying to do. I will make it through, but obstacles are everywhere and I keep running into them...

  22. That would have the same problem of only allowing percentage based boosts though, wouldn't it?
  23. Well, I think this script is one of the most useful scripts I know of for doing stuff like that. It works using states so you couldn't exactly give items conditional stats that way, but you can have a state that boosts defense by 200% or something. I am not sure if there are any existing scripts that might be more suited to directly fiddling with an item's stats based on a condition.
  24. Kayzee

    [Eventing] SaGa-Style Junk Shop System

    Neato! I miss the funny lizard shopkeepers though...
  25. I did it! I finally got my silhouette things to look like I want it too!




    Phew, I just hope it's fast enough to be practical. I basically coded a method to return a list of rects covering a tile's transparent areas which I can be used to trim away parts of the shadow not covering the tile.

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    2. Kayzee


      Yes yes! I use a ridiculously heavily modified version of this, and even have a really old version on my widdle blog somewhere... Though it's only for VX Ace so if you were hoping for a MV plugin I can't help you there. Really everything I do is for VX Ace and I don't think I will ever really get into MV. I have been tempted before to sorta ditch RPG Maker altogether and use Java and/or JRuby to make my own engine thingy, but it's rather hard to make a new engine and I already got so much done with VX Ace...


      Anyway, the game I am working on is basically a fully fledged Mystery Dungeon style roguelike at this point, though there are still lotsa features I need to work on. There are a few things I definitely want to do differently (like shops for example, I always thought the 'on map shop' thing was more trouble then it's worth and rather just use a good old fashioned menu), but the basic template of my game is based on the Mystery Dungeon games, especially resembling the original SNES Shiren the Wanderer game. A lot of modern Mystery Dungeon games are faaaar too soft sometimes I think! Am I the only one that actually likes having to identify items? It's a fairly important core feature of the genre and so many modern roguelikes just don't seem to want to do it or don't get the point.

    3. That One NPC

      That One NPC

      I want random dungeon crawls for 2 game concepts.


      I want a dungeon in Legacy Frontier that does random floors to keep the player on their toes, and provide an area for grinding akin to the Bio Research Lab, that also produces random chests on a semi-consistent basis as well.


      I also want to do random bunker raids for a apocalypse game I have in mind.


      I am on Ace as well. MV doesn't have as many resource options or plugins. And the non-commercial tiles can be easily resized for Ace.

    4. Kayzee


      Sounds neat! The way dungeons work in my little game can be quite complicated and involves a lot of scripts that can be way too interdependent sometimes, so it might not be that suitable for a lot of people to though.