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    ~The Seventh Warrior~

    Such a pretty game! (And such a pretty main character too! Oooh those demon abs... )
  2. Kayzee

    Why So Whitewashed?

    Well, he said not just the RTP, so I am pretty sure that included the RTP too. Though really I should have said 'RTP-style artwork' because being part of the actual RTP is kind of irrelevant. Now of course, not all community artists will make RTP-style stuff, but if you are looking for resources you pretty much want a consistent style at least. Also, I have been vague about exactly what RTP I am talking about, but I think they all kind of share a generally stylistic anime look. Though if you have or are an artist making everything custom just for your game there is much less reason to fall into any preexisting style then it's a much different situation, but I don't think that was what t6he OP was talking about. Really my question comes down to this: How much stylistic freedom can an artist take before in clashes badly with the rest of the graphics? How much do they need to really express some of the vast differences that people in real life have in their facial features? Though I admit when I was asking myself these questions I was mostly thinking of character sprites and not facesets. Facesets tend to be a lot more diverse and gives artists a lot more room to work with. I think it's still a relevant question for facesets, but not as much.
  3. Kayzee

    Why So Whitewashed?

    That is a good think to keep in mind for sure, but as I said before, the characters in the RTP are actually not necessarily 'Caucasian' as much as they are anime characters. I think a lot of the art in RPG Maker games is stylized in a way where those kind of differences in the facial features of characters become a lot more subtle and easy to miss if it's even accounted for at all.
  4. Wow, River City Girls did not end how I expected it to! Poor Misako and Kyoko, I was really rooting for them! I guess it was pretty funny though. I still need to do the super secret ending, so maybe that will go better for the girls. I have a feeling I know who was really behind it all...


    Okay okay, and I also was spoiled to who the secret final bosses are. But come on, you just KNOW those two are behind it all. The game does it's best to make sure you don't like them from the moment they show up.

  5. Kayzee

    Why So Whitewashed?

    I think that there for sure is an artistic merit to having more skin tone options regardless of if you are actually trying to represent race or not. There has never been a doubt in my mind about that. I just think that if actually representing race is your goal there needs to be more to it. As for skin tone as a purely visual flare, my game uses a character creation system that uses graphics based on the RPG Maker VX Ace character generator graphics. I added support for multiple skin tones a while ago, but it only currently supports the normal 4 that the character generator graphics uses. I did have an interesting idea for how I might be able to support tons more without needing a bunch of extra graphics though: What if I used scripting to blend them together? Might be worth a shot sometime.
  6. Kayzee

    Why So Whitewashed?

    I sort of touched on this before, but is skin tone really all you need to represent a race? Not that I mind more skin tone options, but I kinda feel like it's a red herring when it comes to representation. The funny thing is that, biologically speaking, dividing humans into races isn't meaningful. Genetically, human beings are human beings and if you trace back the generations it isn't long before almost everyone is related to almost everyone else. That isn't to say 'race' isn't a meaningful concept over all, but it has little to do with biology. In fact, the relationship between race and genetic traits like skin and hair color are the exact opposite of what many people expect. It's just that a group of people that might identify with a particular set of traits will tend to accept more people with those traits inside the group then people without them. What's my point? My point is that race is really about culture. It isn't just or even mainly about the color of someone's skin, but what defines their cultural identity. So, yeah, having more options for skin color is great and all, but I kinda feel that without actually respecting and attempting to represent a race's culture it sort of rings hollow for me. I feel like there is much more to proper representation then that, and it's really tricky to do in a generic way that isn't a stereotype. Not that that means it shouldn't be attempted... I am all for more options! I just think it's probobly a better idea to maybe do something like... Maybe have different graphics packs for different peoples/cultures around the world? Like having different replacement graphics for PCs/NPCs based on their role and the cultural representation of that role. I can see that backfiring too though unless they are very respectful. I donno, just my thoughts.
  7. May be a while before I can look into it though.
  8. There is a new River City Ransom/Kunio-Kun game that was released last week!? By Wayforward?!? STARING MISAKO AND KYOKO!?!?!?


    *stares and drops her jaw, before desperately flinging money at the screen*



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    2. PhoenixSoul


      Also, you missed the opportunity to say

      "ShUt Up AnD tAkE mY mOnEy!!!" lolz

    3. Kayzee


      No see, that would have taken more lucidity then I had at the moment. :3

    4. Kayzee


      I got it today! Been playing it basically all day long. :3 It's amazing!


      Also: I was wrong, Misako is not Roxy and Kyoko is not Cyndi. Actually Roxy's original name is Hasebe and Cyndi's is Mami, and both of them also appear in River City Girls, though they act... uh... MUCH different. Though given that I think Misako and Kyoko first appeared in "Shin Nekketsu Kōha: Kunio-tachi no Banka" as Kunio and Riki's girlfriends even though Hasebe had at least expressed interest in Kunio, and Mami was explicitly stated to be Riki's girlfriend at the time... Yeah, there is a LOT of hostility being thrown around. It also explains why Misako and Kyoko didn't seem to really have much to say to Yamada (aka Slick/Simon).


      Oh speaking of Yamada, his design is frigging awesome in River City Girls! Really sells the whole dark arts/psychic powers thing. That always kinda been a gimmick he had in various games, but it always seemed pretty understated. This Yamada though goes full tilt into it, complete with evil purple psychic lightning, and I love it! It also really clearly explains his backstory a lot better then any other game I think.


      ...I could just gush for pages and pages about this game and all the little connections to Kunio-Kun series lore. Seriously, the writers did their homework, or at least bothered to read the wiki. This game is definitely a labor of love! ❤️

  9. Triple pairing? That's nuts! Final Fantasy 7 didn't have that! Nuts I say! NUTS! Hehe, maybe I will take a look at it myself sometime. I have been meaning to look at that script sometime, but I keep forgetting...
  10. Kayzee

    . . hello . .

    Yay! Someone new who wants to play with me! <3 *dances around sprinkling fairy dust on you* Personally a lot of horror games kinda bore me, but I enjoy surreal horror like Yume Nikki a bunch! I still don't really find them 'scary' exactly, but that's not really the point. Yume Nikki it's self for example is just so packed full of so many wonderful places that are dripping with so many raw emotions. It really tries to explore that deep dark secret place at the bottom of the soul. If only more humans were brave enough to do that instead of trying to lock it away and forget about it. Oh the things that can be found down there! Anyway, glad to meet you~! Hope we can play lots in the future!
  11. Well, if you are a corporation, the answer is apparently "work everyone to death with unreasonable crunch hours until the either the game is finished or all your workers have mental breakdowns, even though it's proven that crunch is not productive". :P For everyone else? Really hate to fall back on this overused phase, but it depends on the game. Really it does. It also depends a lot on you. Personally I think it doesn't matter much as long as you are working on something. Just pick something that isn't done yet and do your best to finish it. If you have to revise it later because your plans changed somewhere, well that's just a thing you will have to deal with. Although working on what you think are the most important areas/features of the game first might help, you can't really predict when your plans might change. There really is no 'right' way to do any creative process I think, you just gotta get in there and do it and see what works. Though I will say this: If you ask me, eventing isn't it's own step at all. It seems to me like it's best to design maps and events around one another. A map is simply not complete without it's events, and most events don't really exist without a map to be in. The exceptions are common events or battle events which are part of the database. Really RPGMaker games are best divided into maps and the database I think. And honestly I don't think mapping and database editing are different stages of development either, just different sides of the same coin so to speak. Also there is the whole thing with scripting/plugins, but lets just ignore that for now. :3
  12. Hehe, the maids in my game now will properly put items away! :3 They could pick up items off the floor before, but now I properly have chests that they can put stuff in!


    Edit: Also, I just realized it's been a little over a year since I started my game project! I know because I have been keeping lotsa backups, and my oldest one for the current project is in August of 2018. Though parts of the project are much older then that since my current game project is partly a successor to my old test project, but a lot of things were also scrapped and thrown out and I never really had that solid of an idea about my test project anyway. It was mostly just a project to try out scripts and stuff with.

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    2. Kayzee


      Yeah, I have been feeling my share of being worked up, tired, and/or stressed out for a while. It's hard for me to pinpoint exactly why sometimes though... I have very few sources of stress in my life. I don't work and don't have to worry much about money (though I don't really have any extra either), I am in a very good housing/support program, ect. I guess it's more what isn't happening then what is. Like I feel kinda stuck in a rut.


      Or maybe it's just that I end up spending so much time in the human disguised as a human, since it feels like the whole species gets themselves stuck in ruts all the time. Plus I am not really a fan of my human disguise, but it's not a form I can really change as it would be too suspicious.


      In the end it's probobly just a bunch of "first world problems" that shouldn't actually matter, but first world problems are still problems.

    3. PhoenixSoul


      Problems are problems. That's all there is to say. Putting labels on them only allows for illicit/immoral beliefs to occur.


      I did make some progress today though. I'm getting there.

    4. Kayzee


      Well I do think that having priorities is generally a good thing, but there is a difference between focusing on what you think are bigger problems and completely dismissing someones problem altogether.

  13. Kayzee

    How do players feel about MV's traits?

    It are also makes bosses with multiple phases where they change their attacks/weaknesses or other tactics where they change how they fight mid battle easier to deal with. Mostly unrelated to traits, but on the subject of switching party members in combat I played a game ages ago called Unlimited SaGa that had an interesting way of doing it: Every round of combat you could choose 5 attacks from any party members and they would just kinda jump in combat for that round if they were doing something and jump out of combat if they weren't. Only exception was if they were hurt or unable to move they wouldn't be able to jump out and their slot would be occupied until another party member rescued them. Just thought I would share that, though I don't expect anyone to try and replicate it. I thought it was a really interesting style of combat, but not sure if it can be replicated well in MV anyway or if it's even a good idea to try.
  14. Kayzee

    How do players feel about MV's traits?

    Yeah, I mostly use VX Ace too, and it looks like 'traits' are another name for 'features'. At first I thought it might be a type of learnable passive skills like D&D feats, which I didn't think MV had as a built-in thing. I myself use a script to create some in VX Ace and I rather like it as a way of customizing traits/features. My game only has one actor in the party at a time though so I think it's a bit more important to allow that kind of customization in my case. I even have it so the player can turn them off and on in the skill menu if they want! I could probobly fudge it so the player had a max number of points for passives to be active at once, but I don't think it's needed in my game right now. In general though, traits/features are pretty important! A game with party members that are exactly the same isn't really that fun. Even if they only differ by what kind of equipment they can equip, you still need traits/features for that. I say go as crazy with it as you want. If you want a party member who is a salamander man who is immune to fire but can't stand the cold, why not? :3 Though if you are doing this, how about I make a suggestion: See if you can find a plugin that lets you switch party members during battle. Like you said it's fine if you allow them to switch before battle (and probobly should anyway), but being able to switch out a party member who just isn't working for another (probobly at the cost of their turn) in the middle of the fight is pretty convenient for the player and also can be tactically interesting.
  15. It would probably make an okay option to add remembering pitch and volume, I just wouldn't make it the default.
  16. I mean I wasn't sure if you could changing the sample rate without resampling, but looks like you can from a track's little pull down menu! Neat! I think just changing the sample rate and the project sample rate will make it basically use the same data, so the loop points would still be valid and it won't take up more space. Well how precise samples are depends on the sound file's sampling rate you know and you can always resample to a higher sampling rate, but I don't think not having enough precision Is really the problem very often. The problem I have most often is just finding the exact right loop points.
  17. Huh, I was looking at the "WOLF RPG editor"... It actually looks pretty neat! It doesn't have scripting, but instead basically uses common events for everything, including things like the menu and combat!


    I personally prefer scripting in Ruby, but for those who like using events more or don't understand scripting very well it looks like it has tons of customization options without any need to script.


    Also: The Graphics that come with it and it's generator are cuuuuuute!

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    2. PhoenixSoul



      (she looks like she's cross-eyed)

      Also, eight-directional sprites are a thing I've wanted to have for quite some time...

    3. Kayzee


      I don't think she looks that cross eyed, though maybe a little high. :P If I added some blushing and stuff it might even look a bit lewd. <3


      Anyway I know you like your angled faces, so I thought you would like it. :3


      There are a bunch of different templates for faces and stuff for people of different genders/ages, but yeah still not sure if there are enough good options. Fun to play with though.

    4. PhoenixSoul


      Yeah, I do like the angled faces. I don't see why they went with forward facing faces for VX Ace.


      I even asked people who were in development and never got a straight answer.


      Ah, well, lolz

  18. Actually it's pretty easy in audacity to find loop point numbers, you just need to set the selection position display to do "start and length of selection" and to display in samples, but yeah it's still a bit of a pain in the ass. I find that I actually don't actually have to use them very often, but I make my own music for my game and a lot of my music is structured to avoid loop points. Of course, you could just change the sound file's sampling rate which would change the pitch without changing the loop points or the file size, but I don't think audacity really has that option. I think you can use the Change Speed effect and then resample but I am not sure about the math on that and I am not sure I trust how exact it would be. But if you are just going to use one pitch per sound file anyway, I think I will try and mode the jukebox for you anyway sometime soon, and just have it remember the v volume/pitch settings of the first time it's played. Don't think this is a good general solution though. The other option I guess would maybe be to put the pitch change you want in the .OGG metadata and figure out how to read .OGG metadata in ruby.
  19. Sure I guess if you assumed each bit of music and/or sound would always be played with one and only one pitch, but you know what they say about assuming things right? :P See, here is the thing: The volume and pitch setting can be set differently every time the song is played, and are kinda intended as special effects. I suppose it could create a new jukebox track for each track/pitch combo it encountered, but what would it call them? The other way is to have a giant cumbersome list of what the correct pitches are for each track to play at. None of these solutions are very satisfactory. Though there is a pretty simple way to solve this problem... One which requires no scripting what so ever! Just get Audacity (which you probobly already have anyway) and use the Change Speed effect to make all the tracks sound just the way you want them to normally sound. You can set the volume and do other things too! It makes everything so much simpler that way I think. :3 All that being said, it might be neat to have a volume and pitch slider for the jukebox that can be used to play tracks in different ways, just for fun.
  20. I still need to really look into that script, or make my own version. I was planning on having a jukebox thing somewhere in my game anyway, so it's on my todo list for sure. Though are you just planning on having a big list of pitches for each track?
  21. Oh darn... I was just looking at the minimap script you sent me and it seems it probobly won't work with my way of doing masks after all. :( Well not unless the whole thing is redone anyway. It's possible to make a map script that does the mask effect, but it would probably need to be a whole new script. I somehow thought the script was simpler then it actually is. I thought it mostly just loaded a bitmap image and displayed it, but it also has a bunch of other sprites and stuff so, yeah. My mask trick is really really limited sometimes, but it's the only way I know of to do masks with RGSS...
  22. Hmmm... Think you could send me a widdle example project of that script via PM or something? Like I said, all the links I found are broken and I would like to see how a working setup for that script works with the needed images and all.
  23. Hehe, I like to help people when I can! :3 *sprinkles fairy dust on you*
  24. Normally the game uses RPG::AudioFile subclasses (like RPG::BGM) to hold data about volume and pitch, and those classes call the Audio module to play themselves. The way Yanfly's system options volume settings work is to adjust the volume automatically as the RPG::AudioFile subclasses play themselves, but the jukebox script just uses the Audio module directly so it completely bypasses yanfly's script actually... May look into it more later. How isn't it working? The tricky bit is step 2, because you can't just create a sprite for that mask. Instead you have to draw it on top of the map's bitmap (or a copy of the map's bitmap). It won't work otherwise. Remember Bitmaps and Sprites are different things! A Bitmap is the image you want to draw, a Sprite is where and how the game should draw it. I will have to look over that script in detail later I think.
  25. Nope, only one. Doing this for every other number to check for x and exactly x results isn't nearly as useful as you might think.. Plus, if they wrote a method for every number, that would be a lot of methods! :3 If you want to check for an exact number, you are better off using "return a.count" to just get the number of matches. Hehe, I was using Khas Awesome Light Effects at one point, but I was never really happy with it's terms of service and I ended up needing to heavily modify it so much to get it to work the way I wanted anyway, so I eventually scraped the whole thing and wrote my own lighting/effect script from scratch. XD Only thing missing is the real time shadow effects Khas Awesome Light Effects has, which are honestly slow as heck and don't look all that great, so no big loss in my eyes. I also use the same script for a fog effect in one area. Not sure if it looks that great, as is though: Edit: Oh also, for reference, most of my dungeon areas also are covered by a 'fog of war' effect which hides unexplored tiles in addition to lighting. Here is a shot of my foresty area with the lighting script disabled: