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  1. 2816 is actually autotile 16, or the first tile in the third row in the editor's tile picker which is grass in the default rtp tilesets. Why? The thing about tile ids is they are all scrambled up compared to the editor, largely because of how autotiles work. Tile 0 is actually the first tile of the B tiles. Autotiles start at 2048 and each autotile is really 48 different normal tiles. The formula for getting an autotile number from a tile number is (tile - 2048) / 48. So (2816 - 2048) / 48 = 16. FYI: I am pretty sure the A1-A4 tiles are all autotiles. Can't remember off the top of my head what the IDs for the A5 tiles are.
  2. Kayzee

    Come Get Your Candy: Black Rock Shooter

    Only things I know about Black★Rock Shooter (can't forget the ★ ya know) is because it was part of the Battle Fantasia Project fanfic setting, and I can't remember even that all too well... But cute is cute! :3
  3. Kayzee

    Entry 015: 'Cuties' (Twatties)

    I dunno about you, but I can't take 'brat' or 'twat' seriously as insults. I mean 'brat' just sound way to much like something a rebellious teenage girl would secretly love to be called because it sounds cute. Also 'twat' is also another name for vagina, and ya know what? I am kinda baffled how people calling each other vaggies and wee-wees became an insult. They are some of my favorite body parts! And nether are very creative. I think the insult that really comes to mind when I imagine the kind of people I assume you are talking about... Is empty. Or The Empty if you need a catchy term for them. I mean to be clear, we all have some emptiness inside us. I know I do! Not nearly as much as I did once upon a time though I am sure. Because that's the thing, everyone and everything starts out empty and is slowly filled as they grow and develop. But everyone once and a while you run into someone who... didn't. No matter how much their body has developed or their ego has matured, their soul is still mostly or completely empty. They can walk, but they walk nowhere. They can talk but they talk about nothing. They can act in a manner that some would call kind or act in one some would call cruel, but they have no understanding of either kindness nor cruelty. The thing is though? That type of emptiness? It's a waste of time to even bother to engage in. Why you are being up yet another trash movie made by the empty for the empty that obviously was never going to be good in a million years? I sometimes dare to hope that by understanding the empty I could find a way to get through to them and open them up to more... To find just the right words to show them the way. But... Well that was probably mostly always my own foolish arrogance talking. Maybe you can't help everyone, and some people will, for whatever reason, always be empty in your eyes. I know, I know, you 'care too much'. But what are you attempting to do here by bringing this dumb movie up? Are you trying to say something or just rambling? Nothing wrong with rambling, goddess knows I do it all the time!
  4. Yay, I have actually been doing stuff related to my game for once! For example. made a basic sprite for a character I have been thinking about adding to my game for a while. I present to you, "The Azure Demon": She's the owner of one of the dungeon areas in my game, a mansion near a misty lake I called "The Azure Demon Mansion". I know, I know, a color themed 'evil creature' girl who owns a mansion, never been done before! She also has an army of ninja maids! 'Original character do not steal'. Maybe I should populate the mansion with more wholly original characters! Like a lazy gatekeeper, a sickly librarian with a cute imp assistant, a head maid that can stop time, and a sister she keeps locked away in the basement because she's too wild. Woah there maybe I should spread some of that originality around a bit! Thinking of having her actual name be something like Lapidea Lazul Lājevard. ... Though I could imagine her fairy name being Lazzy Lass Glasgeamchloch if she was a fairy. Personally I think that name is muuuuch cooler. Maybe I will use that as a pet name! Think it would annoy her? Edit: Oh! Almost forgot to say what her roll in my game is! Looking like she is going to be the second major boss in my game, and probably going to be the leading character in what I have called before the 'demon subplot'. She's also cute as a button. That's a very important plot point that needs to be addressed up front. So be warned, I intend to make this demon super duper cute.
  5. I made a blog post about some stuff I was doing for my game! Haven't done that in a while!


  6. Not very many classic SNES JRPGs have sideways door sprites either. There is a reason for this. As well as a reason for why almost every wall asset is square, and at least partly why most roof tiles are flat. Because honestly? It just makes working with tilesets way way less needlessly complicated and fiddly. The more you try and force things that don't neatly fit into the forced perspective most JRPG maps use into a tileset, the more over-complicated it is to actually build maps with them. The whole concept of using tiles starts to break down. That's when many people turn to what they call in the RPG Maker community "parallax mapping", but that has it's own set of problems. And yes, isometric 45 degree tiles are a thing... except not really. Look at this image of isometric 45 degree 'tiles' and see if you can spot the problem. Thing is, those aren't 'tiles' at all by game standards. They are sprites. Tiles are all about being able to quickly draw things by quickly copying memory in linear easy to manage chunks (though when an alpha map is involved it may be a moot point). Drawing maps with little 45 degree sprites like that is a perfectly acceptable way of building maps, but try to fit those isometric 45 degree sprites to an actually tileset? Doable, but makes working with it on a tile by tile level an absolute nightmare. Better off just using sprites.
  7. I'm beginning to think the 'demon subplot' I have had kicking around in my head might end up being much more important to my game's plot then I thought...


    Why do I think so? Well it's true that it was one of the few scraps of actual plot that didn't boil down to me messing with the player for the lulz, but I still didn't expect to start composing a multi-part boss battle theme related to it. I also came up with with a kinda delightfully meta twist to the whole thing.


    I am suddenly reminded of @Verdiløs Games a lot... I really hope they are doing okay!

    1. PhoenixSoul


      Same here; haven't heard from them in some time, here or on Discord...


  8. I actually did a lotta work on my game today! 😮 Mostly working on stuff for little bonus puzzle rooms. Ya gotta have bonus puzzle rooms in a mystery dungeon type game don't cha know.

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    2. Kayzee


      I would say most of the dumb jokes in mystery dungeon type games aren't that well hidden. :P It seems to me the real thing that's often hidden away is a surprisingly emotionally poignant plot. Don't think I can pull that off myself though. One problem is my game just doesn't have any truly sympathetic characters (even the player character's characterization is up to the player) and I am not sure if it ever will. Well sympathetic by human standards anyway, but values dissonance aside even I am pretty antagonistic in my own game. :3


      Speaking of values dissonance... You sure it's not that you are hearing rather then cognitive dissonance? I mean, if you just don't agree with it it's values dissonance. Cognitive dissonance is more like, ya know, advocating the anarchistic overthrow of governments while also wanting to hold people accountable for being too selfish and greedy. :P


      Okay, okay, that's not quite fair and I know it. It's more complex then that. Anarcho-socialism is a thing, and we could have a whole debate over the concepts of centralized and decentralized power and the way such a society would or wouldn't work. But this is why politics is so messed up in general you know, because it's all a matter of debate and the subtler aspects of political theory is easy to get lost in the noise born from emotional outbursts and gut reactions.


      Though despite that, I am often just glad debates happen at all! Hurray for western democracy! It's definitely not the best system, but it's far far from the worst!

    3. PhoenixSoul


      I guess a far more fair adjective would be 'vicarious', because the garbage and lies is a bunch of vicarious crap that people lap up like curs...

      Yeah, most of the silly jokes are right there in front of the player, but the best ones are Ostara eggs for certain...lolz

    4. Kayzee


      I think you mean 'vacuous'? I mean I always saw 'vicarious' as more an adverb not an adjective... I guess if you use 'vicarious' to describe things that people can use to live vicariously, it sort of makes sense? I mean something like (so-called) 'reality' tv might be described that way? But then people might also say video games are 'vicarious', and I like video games. XD


      Don't think the word is really used that way, but whatever. If calling a game/tv show/whatever 'pretentious' is perfectly acceptable even though it's sort of silly to think of a game/tv show/whatever as actively pretending to be something it's not instead of the author/audience/whoever else surrounding it, then I guess calling them 'vicarious' is perfectly fair. :P

  9. Kayzee

    Inquiring about survival horror genre

    I am willing to discuss the mechanics used in the horror/survival-horror genre, but I can't always say my opinions are always very useful. XD
  10. I've been messing around in minecraft again lately... But I have  found myself messing around with some scripting stuff and some skin editing, so maybe it's time to get back to gamedev. XD

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    2. Kayzee


      Yeah I knoooooow! I distract myself enough without other people doing it too. XD

    3. PhoenixSoul


      Yep, same here.

      Or, there's other distractions that come about which I have no control over.

    4. Kayzee


      You know the first step of getting control over things is telling yourself you have control over things. :P


      ... Far from the last step though. :P

  11. Kayzee

    Recall spots.

    I don't use MV really, but I am pretty sure you can do this the same way you can in other RPG Makers... with the event command to set variables you can tell the game to store the player's x position, y position, or the current map ID to a variable, and the event command to transfer to a new location/map lets you select variables to use as the x/y/map id to transfer to. So basically you have to set three different variables for x/y/map id and select the same ones to use as the x/y/map id when transferring.
  12. Not sure if it would be a problem on a mobile device, but now that I think about it I can imagine a limit being kinda helpful for web deployment since I think the default local storage is limited to 5 MB per site or something like that. Even so not sure I would set it that low, though it was likely chosen based on the minimum data needed for a default saved game so that there could be tons of save slots available. I actually kinda wonder if it will calculate the number of save slots available based off whatever theoretical max size you give it? It's worth looking into at least. The limit should be user configurable I think. After all some games just need bigger saved games then others. I imagine it might be easy to hit the 50KB limit when using plugins. I am kind of reminded of old playstation memory cards now. Most games might only need one block of data, but some would just need more. It's just another design trade off you have to think about.
  13. 50KB? That's super duper tiny... Like demoscene coding competition tiny! Sticking to that limit seems pretty silly to me. Seriously, I have played visual novels with bigger saved games.
  14. Okay, I am curious how big you think saved games could possibly get using this, because it doesn't seem like it would amount to much. I mean, database data really doesn't take up that much space. I don't have MZ or really plan on using it, but with my VX Ace project the data directory including all the maps takes up a bit over 1.5 MB. Another person's game project I have has a data directory that's almost 3 MB. This is probably smallish, but again I am including everything and I find it hard to believe that even including the whole database in a saved game would make it that much bigger then the database it's self. Granted VX Ace uses binary files for data and saved games and MV/MZ might use .json files for one or the other. Even so, I can't imagine it getting that large, especially if there is any kind of compression (and if there isn't there are versions of pklib available for ES I am pretty sure). I mean yeah a 100 MB save file would be a bit much, and I might hesitate even for anything larger then 10-20 MB, but anything less then that Is laughably small in today's age of terabyte harddrives and still pretty tiny even back less then 100 GB was the norm.
  15. Kayzee

    Rave Heart

    Yay! It's always nice to see another project done! :3
  16. I haven't... What did that script do anyway? The name is kinda vague.
  17. Kayzee

    Spawn Events with a Region ID

    Well really I don't know if Mother2/Earthbound really counts as being on a single map or not, but I know what you mean. Honestly though I rather see/make a script or something that lets me load more then one map at once and stitch them together seamlessly as if they were all one big map, but doing so seems like it would be pretty hard.
  18. Sure, you can clean it up and post it if you want... I think I might have posted it somewhere before ages ago but I am not sure where. Also, a game where your decisions effect everyone's game huh? I can kinda imagine a few different ways to do that. Sounds like it would make a lot of things pretty complicated though!
  19. I found a rather brute force method to do something like this ages ago actually... Look at this old old experemental script I made: module PartySwitch def self.switch(num) return unless self.party_list[num] $game_party = self.party_list[num] $game_player.refresh $game_map.need_refresh = true end def self.make_party(num, actors) return if self.party_list[num] party = Game_Party.new party.set_actors(actors) self.party_list[num] = party end def self.party_list @party_list = [$game_party] unless @party_list @party_list end def self.party_list=(value) @party_list = value || [$game_party] end end class Game_Party < Game_Unit def set_actors(array) @actors = array end end module DataManager #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # * Create Save Contents #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- class << self alias make_save_contents_partyswitch_base make_save_contents end def self.make_save_contents contents = make_save_contents_partyswitch_base contents[:partylist] = PartySwitch.party_list contents end #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # * Extract Save Contents #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- class << self alias extract_save_contents_partyswitch_base extract_save_contents end def self.extract_save_contents(contents) extract_save_contents_partyswitch_base(contents) PartySwitch.party_list = contents[:partylist] end end This basically allows for multiple parties each with their own inventory, gold count, and everything else. It's made to be used with event calls. You can use PartySwitch.make_party(1, [1,2,3]) to make another party with actors 1, 2 and 3 for example. Then switch to it with PartySwitch.switch(1) and switch to the normal party with PartySwitch.switch(0) after you are done. It should work well enough for what you want to do, but it's pretty basic. I didn't make an easy way to have multiple parties trade items for example, but it's possible to manipulate a party's inventory without switching to them. It's also probably possible to switch to another party, do event stuff to mess with their inventory, and switch back right away if you want. Might cause visual bugs, but I don't think so.
  20. Kayzee

    Spawn Events with a Region ID

    0 is used it's just not displayed as zero. Any 'blank' or 'empty' tiles that don't have a region number displayed are really region zero. That said, 0-63 can be stored in 6 bits. Looking at the code where it reads region ids in the default script, it seems like it actually uses a whole 8 bit byte to store the number though so... Maybe it is possible to have as much as 256 regions? I thought the upper two bits were used for something, but maybe not. Either way it would likely be a huge pain in the ass to edit maps with more then 64 regions.
  21. Kayzee

    Spawn Events with a Region ID

    Aw shucks... I almost forgot I did this! I haven't been doing that much scripting lately, so I hope it works well for everyone! :3
  22. Kayzee

    Shopbot Sisters

    Cuuuuuute~! Yay for cute robot girls! Tee-hee, the older sister 'gets a little rough' huh? Interesting...
  23. Kayzee

    Serious moments by comedic characters.

    Very few things are actually created as direct adaptations of the original comics though, because the original comics are mostly a huge mess of overlapping nonsensical plots which consistently contradict each other. Besides this has gotten waaay off topic at this point, so I will say no more about it after this. Anyway getting back on topic, if there is one thing I think comics and the stories inspired by them show time and time again it's that if something is serious or comedic is often purely based on context. Batman's brooding grumpy and bitter nature for example can and often is used as a joke in of it's self. So it kinda builds on what I said before: I don't think there should ideally be any real distinction between 'serious' characters and 'comedic' characters. A character should I think be a character first and foremost. They act the way they do because of who they are, and if they are acting 'serious' or 'comedic' comes down to the context of their actions in the moment. Imagine of we have a scooby-doo/shaggy character who always tries to run and hide form everything. Then we have a situation where everyone is in danger and only they can help. Do they suck it up and do what needs to be done in a pinch, or do they abandon their friends and save themselves? Usually in stories they end up doing the former, but imagine if they didn't. Imagine if their actions would be perfectly consistent with everything they have done till then, but now the situation the context is changed and we are no longer laughing. That character who is always cracking jokes could clam up and get serious when the bad guy starts killing their friends, or they could just start telling darker jokes. Maybe it's the only way they can cope. Maybe they are really that cynical and just don't care. Huh. Will you look at that. A character's biggest personality flaw can be used for a joke, but that doesn't mean it isn't still a personality flaw and can't also be used for drama. Maybe this sets up a character's plot arc, or maybe it just reveals or reminds us that the character isn't actually the best person in the world. It works in reverse to, where a normally serious character actually cracks a joke if they think the situation calls for it, showing that yes they do know how to relax sometimes. Some of you may have seen the famous 'comedy and tragedy' masks. You know, where one is smiling like they are laughing and the other is frowning almost as if they are crying. Sorta like this: . You may think it's just a symbol, but comedy and tragedy really are like masks. They can be worn and taken off and switched around at will and it doesn't really change the person underneath... At least no more then a mask usually changes a person, but that's a whole other debate. :3
  24. Kayzee

    Serious moments by comedic characters.

    Well if we are going to count aaaallll the different versions of batman: 60s TV Batman, Batman the Brave and the Bold, and Lego Batman (and possibly a large part of the comic during the silver age of comics) would like to say hi. So it's not like a light-hearted Batman can't ever work. But yeah, I am not excusing the movies. I heard both Batman vs Superman and Justice League were pretty awful anyway, so it seems to me the inconsistent tone between the movies is just one of many symptoms of the generally awful writing and generaly not understanding or caring about the source material. And pretty sure Batman Beyond is and always was canon... to the DCAU (DC Animated Universe) and only the DCAU. Not to the comics, and most of the movies aren't even canon with each other, let alone the comics or the DCAU. See, that's the thing. There is more then one 'canon'. And yes that does kind of defeat the whole point in having a canon in the first place, but comic book continuity tends to be like that. And don't even start with how even just the comic continuity with nothing else added involves multiple timelines and time being tied up in a knot and smashed to pieces multiple times. It's not pretty. All things considered I wouldn't blame you if you thought of the DCAU as the 'one true canon'. It's by far the cleanest and most consistent. Also it has Batman Beyond, and that show was awesome. Also also invented of Harley Quinn, and she's pretty awesome too. So awesome she was introduced in to the comics after, and they hardly ever did that.
  25. Kayzee

    Serious moments by comedic characters.

    I am pretty sure you two are mixing up two or three entirely different canons at this point, but who knows with comic book continuity!