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    An Inquiry About RGSS...

    Problem is converting all the code to Ruby... Unless you cheated and just kinda complied it to a dll file and had RGSS launch it.
  2. Kayzee

    An Inquiry About RGSS...

    Well, technically anything that is Turing complete and can display some kind of output can theoretically run doom, it's just a matter of porting it. :P
  3. Oh my my my... you want to make THAT type of game? I approve! Though there are engines designed pretty much for text games like Ren'Py, there is no reason why RPG Maker can't be used too... That said, although there are scripts for it available in VX Ace and it seems pretty well supported in MV, the RPG Maker interface is not exactly designed to be all that mouse friendly or easy to set up to work the way games like TiTs or Lilith's Throne do. Possible, you just would have to recode a lot of stuff. Still, some people have done it! I know the perfect example of pretty much that exact style of game being done well in RPG Maker! Don't think I can link to them here, but there is a pretty awesome game called Lust Doll that was made with RPG Maker VX Ace and a remake called Lust Doll Plus made for RPG Maker MV. They do have a different style of interface/navigation then TiTs or Lilith's Throne, but they feel much more like those games then anything else I have seen done with RPG Maker. Also, I actually like the way navigation is handled in Lust Doll/Lust Doll Plus a lot. It basically ends up combining the minimalism of a room-based text adventure with some of the detail of RPG Maker maps. No reason you have to do that of course, I just thought it was a pretty brilliant way of making maps that are easy to design and navigate.
  4. One idea I had for a while but I never got around to trying was to see what happens when I record myself saying something, reverse it, listen to what it sounds like reversed, then record my self saying what I think it sounds like, then reversing that...


    Turns out as far as I can tell it mostly makes it sound like I am saying something in a funny accent. I was kinda hoping for something weirder, like something inhaling air to speak.


    Maybe if I try using a really breathy whisper voice...

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    2. PhoenixSoul


      I dunno; I was mainly being silly for the lulz

      I find most of the year to be meh, so yeah...

    3. Kayzee


      Thought you were being silly but thought I would check. :3


      Most of the year can be pretty meh. February is just the most meh of them all. :3

    4. PhoenixSoul


      You're honestly always up to something sneaky, mi amour. So, naturally, I'd always be curious.

      July too; firecrackers, yay! /sarc

  5. Oh I see! I know lots of people like XP's art style better for sure, but I think most people who do nowadays just use XP-style graphics in VX Ace instead. I don't know too much about the default battle system in XP though. In any case, your reasons remind me a lot of why I still use VX Ace and not MV actually. I actually like the VX/VX Ace art style myself, but think the MV art style is pretty bad, and I like Ruby more then Javascript. Also lots of little things also. Everyone has their own preference after all! Heck a lot of people are still using Rpg Maker 2k3 (probobly mostly because it's easier to do pixel art with the lower resolution and they have little need of scripts).
  6. Though I am curious... Why are you using XP anyway? No wait, It's the more flexible map layers isn't it? :P
  7. Hehehe... Vectrex.... Hehe... Honestly I usually tend to not really say one way or the other. Like I said, gender is silly. :P Yeah I was thinking (100 - mdef) / 100..0 too at some point. Same result really. And yeah I remembered something about that part way though my post. It's cause I remember the order though PEMDAS, which implies multiplication comes first. I still say interfix notation is dumb though. Prefix and postfix notation make waaay more sense. I like postfix in particular because it's basically stack machine logic. Edit: I am not sure what having a minimum damage of 0 has to do with multihits, I am just saying that if XP doesn't do that already it would be a good idea so you arn't healed by weak attacks.
  8. By default sure, but maybe vectra was gonna change that.
  9. Well if you are level 99 an go back to an area with level 1 enemies it probobly will be. Does XP not prevent attacks form doing less then zero damage like VX Ace does? If not you can use '[user.atk - self.pdef, 0].max' or something. Also: wouldn't 'user.atk * self.mdef / 100.0' make it so it does less damage when mdef is low and more when it's high? It should really be 'user.atk - user.atk * self.mdef / 100.0' shouldn't it? Wiaaat... wouldn't that become 'user.atk - ((user.atk * self.mdef) / 100.0)' based on order of operation rules (PEMDAS) when you really want 'user.atk - (user.atk * (self.mdef / 100.0))'? Or wait... Did multiplication actually come before division or are they the same priority? I donno! Order of operations is such an pain, but that's what you get when everyone uses interfix notation. Also that's assuming mdef maxes out at 100 of course.
  10. @Lord Vectra Wowsa! That's a big long post! Some of the details of what you are saying seem a little strange, but I never really scripted with XP before so you would know better them me there probably. Also... 'his'? My gender is being assumed again! XD It's kinda funny cause I was just talking to someone the other day about that. Apparently 'singular they' still weirds some people out. Oh well it doesn't really bother me that much, gender is silly. @PhoenixSoul You can actually tell the game to do just about anything in the formula box and I have seen people abuse it by sticking calls to change a state in it so sticking in a call to change the party's gold is probobly possible. ...Though I think that might cause problems with autobattle. Anyway doesn't really matter.
  11. I think you could recreate coin toss in VX Ace without an external script if you use some weird formula hackery... But yeah sounds way less of a bother to use events. ... Though now I can't help but wonder, because you can have skills/items run common events and reference variables in the formula in VX Ace. Don't know if common events are run first before it checks the formula though. Ah well, not important.
  12. Yeah having an armor vs. evasion dynamic is pretty neat! Though I think there is still a non-armored vs heavily-armored type of thing going on in D&D. I am not sure, but I think in D&D the dynamic is more armor vs. mobility or dexterity instead. Of course there is a much much different type of battle system at play there. Also usually in games that do that shield thing the chance and amount blocked is quite high, so you have like at a 50% chance or more of blocking most or all incoming damage, though some shields might not block all types. Also, since you still get hit I don't think they always block secondary effects like status conditions. So, yeah, it kind of is a worse evasion, but it's balanced to be more reliable. Anyway, I don't really have that many other ideas. It seems like a really tricky thing to balance really! I guess my general advice would be to try different formulas and see what one seems to work the best. Sometimes there is loads of trial and error in balancing stuff! One thing I find useful is to have formulas call a script. I think you can still do that in XP right? That way you can just define a basic script in one place to change the basic way damage is handled for everything. :3
  13. Another thing you might be able to do is something like AC in D&D, where instead of reducing damage your armor effectively reduces the chance enemies will hit you. Or like shields in some of the final fantasy games, which I think work in a similar way to AC except I think each shield has two stats, a percent chance to block, and an amount to block. Not sure how easy it is to do that kind of thing though.
  14. You know, our interaction lately reminds me of a song! You might not think it makes sense for me to like that song, but it's so catchy! :3

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    2. Kayzee


      Gr8 b8! I r8 8/8! :3 But seriously how could I resist?


      I think most of my arguments have just been with the same person though. XD



      Yeah he can telekineticly throw things around in some of the spin offs and the GBA remake. Also yeah they were exactly there and they were totally the double dragon twins. Fun fact: There are lots and lots of Double Dragon cameos in River City Girls too. They are basically now officially set in the same universe.


    3. Arrpeegeemaker


      Yeah from my understanding, some of the people that worked on the original Renegade game (I did know about that one) actually went off and made Double Dragon. They actually even kind of 'borrowed' the basic plot from Renegade for DD and DD2<---best


      I still turn on DD2 at least twice a year and beat it. Flying knees from stage 1 till the end :D 

      I also played DD4 a few years ago when it came out. I didn't love it, but I was so happy to have another, and so happy the went with the NES port style. They even emulated the screen tearing a sprite-limit flickering!!

      I beat it once and I think I'm fine with that, for life lol. That game was tough

    4. Kayzee


      Hehe, So you know Renegade was actually the first Kunio-kun game in Japan too? They made a loooot of changes to it in the translation, so I am not sure how much of the plot is even left in the US version. On the other hand they both still start with someone getting beat up so...

  15. Personally I think it would be more interesting to see something a little more unusual, like Indian or Arabian or Polynesian... But I am a weirdo anyway. Also, I personally don't find Chinese names hard to read. They might be hard to pronounce, but not to visually parse. Well, unless they are written with Chinese characters of course, I don't know Chinese characters.
  16. I see! I know very little about RGD really. RGD seems to have more features then mkxp anyway, though mkxp is more portable I think. Sadly I don't have any other solution at the moment. I know a way it could be done, but it would be kinda a pain. Not even sure RGD would support it even.
  17. I wonder why... I never tried RGD myself, does it have any cool features? Ever tried mkxp?
  18. I was fiddling with trying to make my own script actually, if that script works for you that's great!
  19. That script looks pretty complected! I was trying to do it a simpler way but haven't had that much luck yet. Still neat! Edit: Oh dear. It doesn't seem like it renders things above the player except for the B-E tile layer regardless of the tile's flag. >_< So yeah, won't work for autotiles... unless the script makes a new whole new tilemap. I have done that before, but In was hoping it was simpler.
  20. I am pretty sure you can manually set and unset any flag for any tile in a tileset with scripts, including the one that makes it display over characters. I think that would be enough to do it?
  21. Kayzee

    How do they do that???

    Glad to help! *sprinkles fairy dust on you*
  22. Kayzee

    How do they do that???

    The picture is a little blurry, but... maybe you are talking about using what's known as 'shift mapping'? See if you hold down shift while coping and pasting you can copy and paste tiles exactly without updating autotiles. It's useful! Donno if it's still a feature in MV, but I expect it is. I found an old tutorial for VX Ace but I expect it works the same in MV.
  23. Kayzee

    Make-A-"Wish" Foundation

    Hmmm... *thinks about the philosophical implication behind the flax being rotten given the passage in the Principia Discordia.* Wish granted. You were imprisoned in mortal bone instead! I wish for... uh... something suitably inconsequential and meaningless.
  24. Kayzee


    OOOOooh! Fluffy! *snuggles and sprinkles fairy dust on you*
  25. Kayzee

    Make-A-"Wish" Foundation

    Depression is immediately erased from existence for all time in the past present and future, causing the whole history of human civilization to change. As it turns out, without depression to curb humanity's enthusiasm history is even more violent and filled with war, and humanity has already nuked it's self to extinction. I wish for five pounds of flax. No! Five TONS of flax!