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  1. Honestly I always thought the way people talk about refactoring was a little weird in general, but honestly I have only ever programmed on my own and it's probably a lot different the more people are involved.
  2. See, this is one reason I am always going on about how people tell each other stories about world that aren't necessarily true. It's actually shockingly easy to see things like this and get tricked into believing a story that isn't necessarily true.
  3. I think it should be noted that you really are simplifying quite a bit by viewing the problem as only one of productivity via a harvester analogy. The problem is really a lot more complected because adding features is not exactly like chopping trees. It's more like... juggling more things maybe? Maybe adding a new gear to a machine? Point is, every one you add makes the whole thing more and more complicated and messy. Eventually your probably gonna have to stop and figure out a better way to juggle everything or a better way to arrange the gears, but that involves lots of complected thinking and takes time away you could be juggling/using the machine.
  4. I made a script that did the same thing once. A feature I added was the equipment having a chance of breaking actually, mostly to mimic how rods work in older final fantasy games.
  5. Technically just about anything is possible in XP. Ruby is a Turing Complete language ya know. That's a fancy way of saying it can do basically anything! Of course just because you are theoretically able to doesn't mean it's easy... Anyway not sure if anyone has already made a script for that. Think there might have been something like that for VX Ace at one point, but for XP? I have no idea.
  6. I found a really annoying bug in the custom battle system I wrote for my game that I can't track down. It seems to sometimes randomly skip the player's turn or something. No idea why. It's pretty discouraging. :(

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    2. Kayzee


      I think I fixed it! 😮


    3. PhoenixSoul
  7. Kayzee

    rpg maker xp Cut Tileset

    Looks like you misaligned the image! if you want to make a tileset image larger, make sure you got everything aligned to a 32x32 grid. You shouldn't need to do it tile by tile, you should be able to slide the image around until it's all aligned right.
  8. Are you sure it worked? I mean yes, you are technically right, the passive would not be applied if either of those skills were learned, you got that right. But it also wouldn't be applied if neither of those skills were learned. Because it doesn't work. In fact it actually would give an error if the passive states script didn't outright ignore errors. I hate it when things do that, because it's really hard to figure out what's wrong without errors. Remember, I know you hate um, but errors are your friend! Also: Coding purg? As in purgatory? I donno, sounds optimistic to me. Hills of skulls and broken bones sounds more along the lines of something you would find a bit lower down. ... Now I sorta want to map out my own coding Divine Comedy.
  9. I gotta face that I'm really not cut out for gamedev. I am just too lazy and unmodivated. But that's okay! I still can help other people once and a while, and who knows maybe someday I will actually finish a thing of my own!

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      Kayzee, you can do it. I believe in you. You're stronger than you think.

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      Awww... *snuggles @PhoenixSoul back*


      @RavenBlueIndigo Thanks ravie!

  10. Have you actually tested this? That's not going to work at all. You have to give 'self.skill_learn?' something to check after all. Really 'include?' isn't useful for stuff like that., It's only good for when you want to check if a list includes a value. You can do this if you want to though: [160,161].all?{|id| !self.skill_learn?(id)}; Which make sure all of the skills in the list are not learned, or you can use: [160,161].none?{|id| self.skill_learn?(id)}; Which makes sure none of the skills are learned, which is the same as the 'all?' example without needing the '!' to reverse the check. Yet another way to do it is: ![160,161].any?{|id| self.skill_learn?(id)}; Which is basically checking if any of the skills in the list are learned and reversing that. That's why 'all?', 'any?', and 'none?' are really useful! Also there is a 'one?' which checks if one and only one of a thing is true but that's less useful. Btw, the code between the '{}' braces are called Closures. Closures are a useful way of passing bits of code around. In these examples they are basically running whatever bit of code you want to check each member in the list with. The variable in between the two '|' characters is used as the current member it's checking.
  11. I like to help when I can! And trust me every thing is going to be okay. I know best after all. Hehehehe...
  12. I think they wanted some slots to be aliases for others or renaming multibles of the same slot differently or something.
  13. Okay first of all... what the heck? Sometimes I really want to know what you are thinking, cause that's obviously not going to work at all. Well okay, obviously to me, but I am kinda an expert. Still! it should be: self.equips[0] && self.equips[0].wtype_id == 1 or if you insist on using include? even though you are only checking for one thing: self.equips[0] && [1].include?(self.equips[0].wtype_id) The reason it wasn't recognizing wtype_id BTW is probably because you were using equips[0] and not self.equips[0] (because equips[0] could be interpreted as @equips[0] which is actually more or less the slot the item is in rather then the actual item). See, you have instance variables for classes which are private and methods which are public annnnd your eyes started glazing over somewhere between 'because' and 'you' in the first sentence of this paragraph didn't they? I can say anything I want now and the words will just flow in and out your head won't they? Maybe I can use that to send you subliminal hypnotizing messages! You are getting very sleepy... Listen to Kayzee! Kayzee knows best. Believe what she tells you. Now wake up and forget you ever read this. So you see sometimes you got to specify self to make sure Ruby doesn't get confused.
  14. Kayzee

    Help with mathematical formula

    I think it would be better to use a formula if you are doing your own thing and/or don't care about exact values so much just cause it would be much easier to adjust, but if you have a bunch of exp tables already you want to copy exactly trying to figure out the exact formula for it can be a pain and kinda pointless.
  15. Kayzee

    Help with mathematical formula

    Maybe the formula is just wrong then? If you have a list of EXP values, you might be better off using a table/array rather then a formula.
  16. Kayzee

    Help with mathematical formula

    Whats with the {} and [] brackets in that formula? Are they just for readabillity or what? I am gonna assume so. Also pretty sure '^' in javascript is Bitwise XOR but it looks like it's meant to mean exponent. So my guess is: Growth Factor * 500000 * ( (Current Level / 99) ** 2.5 - ((Current Level - 1) / 99) ** 2.5 ) or Growth Factor * 500000 * ( Math.pow(Current Level / 99, 2.5) - Math.pow((Current Level - 1 ) / 99, 2.5) ) ... Maybe? Haven't done a lot of javascript myself.
  17. Kayzee

    I need help with balancing issues

    You probably need to change the damage formulas for skills. According to this article, the attack formula for the Dragon Quest games is usually (Attack Strength – (Opponent Defense / 2)) / 2 which would be (a.atk – (b.def / 2)) / 2 in RPG Maker (for VX Ace anyway, I think it's the similar in MV/MZ too but not sure). Though I am not sure if this is really your problem because I don't think the default formula is that different. Also maybe you forgot about balancing for equipment? A large chunk of a character's stats is based on the equipment they use after all. Other then that, there probably are a lot of little things you might want to tweak with scripts/plugins to get everything working perfectly. The article I linked to above also links to this which is a really deep look into how all the math in the first two Dragon Quest games work, so in theory it would be possible to go through and rewrite everything to work the same way. How much work this would actually involved depends, but it's likely to be a lot. Honestly I am not sure if it's really worth it in most cases. That's the problem with RPG Maker fangames in a nutshell: There are often a ton of little quirks that become hard to translate into RPG Maker exactly without lotsa coding and really in depth knowlage.
  18. Yay, it's Samhain! Or will be tonight anyway. A time for tricks, treats, and fun for all!

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      ♫She was shakin'...snappin' her fingers...♫

  19. Kayzee

    A Question about Breaking the fourth wall.

    Pretty sure they are asking about writing text files not reading them, but that's also probably not allowed by javascript. You could do it in Ruby with RPG Maker VX Ace though! You would still have to code of course.
  20. I was bored so I wrote up lyrics to my game's theme song:
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      When is the new Kayzee rap single coming out?

    2. Kayzee


      RIGHT NOW!


      Pissha-wisha wack wack!

      Pissha-wisha wack wack!

      Yo Check it... Gonna lay this one on ya...


      Yo, I'm a fairy,

      can be quite contrary,

      Gotta be honest,

      in this sonate,

      sometimes it get's hairy!

      Don't mean to be bad, but you better beweary!

      If your cute I abduct,

      don't give a fuck,

      'bout your human mores,

      Find your 'right' and 'wrong' to be total bores!

      In fairyland you'll be,

      and you better see,

      just a little nibble and you'll never flee!

      Give you my dust,

      your brain it will rust

      you'll be addled by my raddle

      got the magic touch!

      And and... uh... That's all I got for now bruh. Rapping is hard!







  21. Is shift-clicking a thing in 2k3? Cause in later versions of RPG Maker you can do all sorts of tricks with shift-clicking. Like holding shift while copying tiles and then also holding shift while pasting them forces the autotiles not to update so you can arrange them anyway you want. It's useful! Might also be done by the floor being on another layer, I donno.
  22. Hehe, the other day I decided to do something I have been thinking about doing for a while and turn all my 'potion' items into mushrooms! I think it fits my fairy theme better. Makes me want to add a cameo of Marisa somewhere.


    Now I wonder what I should change scrolls to? I would say runes, but I am already using runes for something else.

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      Yeah, something like that. I was actually coming up with nothing, but music was playing in my head, so...notes. Clefs, sharps, flats, ya know...

    3. RavenBlueIndigo


      But, how can you have mushrooms in your game if mushrooms are a political lie created by a band of knights in the 1500s to control the populace?

    4. Kayzee


      You fool! Don't you see? Mushrooms being a political lie created by a band of knights in the 1500s to control the populace is a political lie created by the government to control the populace! They would have you believe that just about everything is a political lie created by a band of knights in the 1500s to control the populace, when in fact they control the populace though political lies about political lies made to to control the populace! It's all a double bluff! A distraction! They want you to think they are more powerful then they really are by confusing you with conspiracy theories!

  23. We want state 50 active if and only if it's actually set as a passive state though. Permanent States might prevent state 50 from being removed... but it also would prevent state 50 from being removed. Maybe... Would it work if state 50 was a permastate and set to expire in one round? Or would it be prevented from being removed like that too?
  24. I worked on my game today! Hurray! I really should do that more...