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  1. Lil' Yami

    Skill Shop

    Skill Shop Introduction This plugin provides a skill shop for buying skills with many custom costs. Instruction Place the Skill Shop plugin below any core plugins from other engines, such as Yanfly Engine, and configure the plugin to your taste. There are some notetags, please see them in my blog link below, or in the plugin. The plugin provides following Plugin Commands OpenSkillShop(X,X,X) Open Skill Shop instantly. Download Get plugin at my blog http://yed.yami.moe/yed-skill-shop/ Or in youtube video. Terms of Use http://yed.yami.moe/terms-of-use/
  2. Lil' Yami

    Battle Engine Symphony

    Fixed download link. Latest version 1.16c (updated 2014-03-24)
  3. Lil' Yami

    "RGSS3 has stopped working..."

    Hmm It's sad that I cannot try and test because my computer didn't get crash ;~; Anyway, hope that you guys find and change those lines I mentioned above and see if the problem still happens ;~;
  4. Lil' Yami

    "RGSS3 has stopped working..."

    There was a guy who ask me about this problem, but I couldn't find or fix any issue because I tried on my computer and it worked really fine ;~; So can anyone tell me about those things: 1, Does this problem still persist when use Symphony with Mithran's GOBJ crash debugger? 2, Does this problem still persist when use Symphony without YEA - Battle Engine? Anyway, try to find this in Symphony (around line 1944) def graphic_changed? self.bitmap.nil? || @character_name != @battler.character_name || @character_index != @battler.character_index end and change it to def graphic_changed? @character_name != @battler.character_name || @character_index != @battler.character_index end And tell me if the problem still persist
  5. Lil' Yami

    HELP! Battle Symphony or Others Battle Systems

    Wow so that was my cursor script, it was a bit buggy, but fine, you can turn off highlight by set HIGHLIGHT in Battle Cursor script to false. And be sure to use Symphony latest version, get it here: http://symphonyan.org/battle-symphony-introduction/
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      Kind of a late response, but hello there.

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      Silent Darkness

      Wow. 2 year old status, but I know it's you, Yami :P

  7. Lil' Yami

    HELP! Battle Symphony or Others Battle Systems

    Wow Working! But, I found a bug, if a character dies, and you happen to select a potion on the char dead, he reappears in battle without having revived, but with 0 HP - in the case - the enemy can not attack him but he's there alive-dead, waiting by a stimulant - Do you know anything about this? Screens: 1 > --- 2>> --- 3>>> This might be battle cursor problem. Which cursor script did you use?
  8. Lil' Yami

    Battle Engine Symphony

    Update version 1.10. Now Symphony can work alone, does not require YEA - Battle Engine Ace anymore.
  9. Lil' Yami

    Battle Engine Symphony

    Atm, You need Yanfly's Battle Engine Ace to make this script work
  10. Lil' Yami

    Battle Engine Symphony

    Yeah right I forgot to add this to manual. Check out add-on Enemy Charset manual again
  11. If you have any questions about my script, please PM me in RPG Maker Web forum: http://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?/user/28-yami/

  12. Lil' Yami

    YSE - Patch System

    Like I said, we can patch database, but not sure about scripts.
  13. Lil' Yami

    VE - Animated Battle

    Use YEA - Battle Engine Ace with Victor Engine - Animated Battle.