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  1. Haven't tested, but it seems that in the code there's nothing preventing from this working with rotation.
  2. Super Dungeon Documentation Thing

    What about things in the map name that seems to hold some significance (@, values in round brackets after area's name)?
  3. Pics in OP are broken, at least for me.
  4. Now LMMS stands for Linux MultiMedia Studio, but it has Windows version as well. It is a free alternative to software like FL Studio (formerly FruityLoops) and has all features you could possibly need in such software, including support for VST and LADSPA. Here's one tune made with LMMS. It is obviously electronic/techno and not too well suited for game in RPG Maker, but since LMMS is just a music program it can be used to make some more appropriate music.
  5. victor engine VE - Fog and Overlay

    Hello. I'm trying to do "light overlay" like it was often done in XP using fogs. However it seems that fog tries to stay at same place and so only part of it is ever visible (when map scrolls, fog doesn't scroll along). Here how it is set up in offending map: <fog effect> id: 1 name: "Dc_lightmap" opacity: 255 move: 32 blend: 0 </fog effect>Map is scrolled using scroll map event command and I am using version 1.12
  6. Tile Swap 2.0

    I have question: Does it revert back tiles when changing back and forth maps or do I need to revert changes manually?
  7. Could you add option to force displaying new map name on current map to first version of script? I need this feature for my game.
  8. victor engine VE - Followers Control

    Dunno if you still read your blog, but I left in comments a bug report. After showing balloon icon for followers, they stop follow player altogether, just standing there (followers for which I didn't use this command still follow fine).
  9. Is there translated version of MGC's Mode7 script? I don't know French (though I plan to learn it as I find myself using more and more software made by French people like CraftStudio or Game Develop), so I can't make heads or tails from included instructions. //edit: If there no such thing, then I guess it is request for translation.
  10. Karanum's Pathfinding Script

    Could you make it so if precise spot event is supposed to move to isn't passable, it'd try to go to closest passable tile? Here's use case: I am trying to make enemies go after my player. However I don't know if spots at left, right, top and bottom will be passable when enemies will spot player, so best thing would be just to try to make script find a path to ($game_player.x,$game_player.y) and make it go to closest available spot instead. There's is also bug I found regarding finding path with turned off through? (so enemies won't pass through player and other events as if they're ghosts), making it so that events can block path and even if another path exists, but is longer, event will stupidly use shorter and get stuck. I guess it's because script doesn't account for events' passability, only tilemap's. You should fix that. Please fix that. I don't know shit about pathfinding (otherwise I'd write my own instead of using script), so addition mentioned in first paragraph and fix for issue mentioned in second would be welcome. If you don't understand issue mentioned in second paragraph (I'm not native English speaker so it is possible that I wrote this in non-clear manner), I can make short demo presenting it.
  11. Common Event Tiles (VXA)

    Cool! You rock, dude!
  12. I'm modifying Scene_battle to achieve this thing, because it seems like if I won't help myself, no one will help me (like always ). So far I managed to restart turn processing (I want player to get turn afterwards, just bit advanced "buzzer") and play ME so I see it does SOMETHING. The problem is, I have no idea how to invoke standard RM message (like one you do using event command) from code, let alone in battle. I need also a way to display face along message. My current code is: def command_escape if BattleManager.can_escape? then turn_start unless BattleManager.process_escape else Audio.me_play("Audio/ME/Inn") start_party_command_selection end end Can anyone help me?
  13. Running message

    When you can't run from battle, usually escape option is inactive. Instead I'd like it to be active and put message like "You cannot run right now" (like normal, in-game text message) along with an icon in form of faceset. Can someone make such script? TL;DR: Instead of locked Escape option in battle you can't run from, I want message that says "you can't run from this battle!" along with a faceset.
  14. How can I check if event had got to end of the path using Khas' pathfinder? I'm using it along with proximity detection script to implement stealth mechanic in my game and after reaching end of path I want them to start battle using default battle system. However I don't know how to detect if event reached end of the path. Any help?