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  1. Loving the new intro! And I think I may have pressed exit by accident or something, so nevermind.
  2. Yay finally you have a demo Glad to finally play it! EDIT: Just pointing out a minor glitch in the second town, that when you exit the house on the right, next to the garden, it transports you on top of the door not in front like the rest. Or idk if this is a glitch, but it seems like it is. Also, the demo seemed to just shutdown after a fight with some slimes in the forest/grassy area. Idk if this is where the demo ends or not though, it ends kinda randomly. But its still really good!
  3. Oh never mind i figured out the problem, another script was messing with it. Thanks anyways, great translation!
  4. I'm just wondering if its possible to not make the background so zoomed in and pixelated. I like it better normal and not so zoomed in, only when attacking an enemy should the camera be zoomed in. Does this make sense? lol
  5. Do you know if its possible to make it so that when your characters attack, their sprite goes above the battler sprite not below like it usually does? Thanks!
  6. Sure thing... ... Yay! It works perfectly now, I guess it was just missing some files. Thanks so much for this!
  7. So i open it up, and I get this screen: By antega34 at 2011-12-26 I tried opening it directly with an image, and the same thing happens. It just freezes and I can't do anything. Hope this helps!
  8. I am having troubles with running the program. When I downloaded it, i got Error #2032. Do you know what is wrong? PS: There is already many charset converters on the web, so I don't believe a charset converter would be necessary.
  9. antega34

    RPG Maker VX Ace Compendium

    I don't know if I can post this, and I don't know where to, but if you go to the famistu page for RPG maker vx ace, and go to the rtp section, they have released the rtp package for ace. Again, sorry if I posted this wrongly, buy just thought some people might want it. If anyone needs a link, i will post it as soon as I know it is okay to. If not, sorry and I'll delete this post. Also, hi and I think this forum is really helpful with ace stuff.
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