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  1. Developer Note: What you see here is a work in progress! Anything lacking "polish" will be polished eventually. Presents: ...It's Cyberpunk, but with less punk? The year is 802-11a... In the United Serial Baud, Node and his girlfriend Lady are Drivers. As Drivers, they take on various kinds of jobs for the citizens of CPUcity to get by and pay their rent. When Node is duped by a supposedly high-paying client into installing a virus—created by a Cyberian terrorist group and disguised as a security update—into the U.S.B's core system, he is framed for capital treason and backed into a corner. As the virus begins to spread, Node is wanted for termination by the BIOS Justice Force and thrust into the fight of his life! Now Node, with the help of Lady and his long-time friend Krysto, must deal with the creator of the virus and save the U.S.B. from certain destruction... ●Six playable characters. That's ONE more than five! (...Do the math) ●Unique presentation and feel! This ain't just another 'standard RPG Maker' game. ●Animated cut-scenes made in Toon Boom Harmony. (The same software that's used to animate shows like Rick & Morty!) ●Link up! Hitting enemy weaknesses or landing critical blows on them gives you a chance of hosting special combination techniques. ●Feel the prices of a certain business are too high? Take a play out of the Definitive Hustler's Fundamentals and hustle those pesky shop keepers into giving you some temporary lower prices! But don't abuse the hustle or you'll piss off the shopkeeper... ●Channel your inner Psion! Find MODS and MOD chips to customize which Psionic abilities party members bring to the fight. ●An original soundtrack composed by Chris Austman from the band AM Static. [Currently not in the soundtrack] ●(Pending) Mini-games? Credits:
  2. http://yanfly.moe/2015/12/25/yep-50-buffs-states-core/ Go to 6:22 in the video so you'll know what I'm asking about. Does anyone know the syntax that would force the actor who has a state (that lasts a few turns) to perform a skill/action when said state expires? (This would be like a curse state, that kills the actor when it expires) And, similarly, syntax that would have a chance (let's say 50%) of forcing the actor with said state to perform a skill/action upon their turn starting, before their chosen action/skill? (this would be used like confusion in Pokemon. 50% actor will get a state that prevents them from acting that turn)
  3. AdamSakuru

    Yanfly Skill Core syntax question

    Yanfly's skill core plugin has a function that lets you write custom skill conditions. <Custom Requirement> if ($gameParty.gold() > 1000) { value = true; } else { value = false; } </Custom Requirement> The included example sort of made me think of trying to have 'dual skills', with a custom condition for said skills being that it'll check to see if a specific actor is in the active battle party AND if they are alive, the skill being selectable if both conditions are met. Would anyone know the syntax to do that?
  4. The music video is finished, and it's on YouTube now. Check it out
  5. Added a new short segment and I've given this topic a bit of a visual overhaul.
  6. (From left to right) D6 the Drummer, Sheela the Bass Guitarist, Babalola the Vocalist and Acid the Keyboardist. Outmode is a gorillaz-esque, animated band that is catered to video games. The band themselves are not the focus of their music videos, rather, they play the music that takes place over the narratives in them. The stories play out in the form of cutscenes and animated video game footage. So It doesn't just LOOK like a video game, it also behaves like it's a real one! Animated over three months, Panoram Heist tells the story of a crook who's looking to make some easy cash. He makes the mistake of stealing the cash register from a bar that Outmode is playing at. He gets the attention of the bartender....as well as the local authorities. Here's the first music video so far:
  7. Uploaded a new podcast! This one is a bit of a laugh fest for the last half (and my laugh is a bit hysterically loud, sorry about that)
  8. AdamSakuru

    Chill-out Corner (Fave Music Thread)

    Not really feeling so great today. Doing some drawing to this album, very nice. https://youtu.be/R8d1obOe7ho
  9. There's an added playlist now with some funny shorter bits.
  10. Sorry I haven't updated in awhile. Had lots on my plate in the last little while. I'll soon be giving this page a bit of an update as well as releasing an updated demo, which will now be encrypted as my game makes use of Effectus.
  11. AdamSakuru

    Akea Battle Order

    I thought it might have been something from other scripts but I tested it in a fresh project and produced the same error.