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  1. Knightmare

    Rose leaves, for now

    (sniffle) Well come back soon...bye for now...(sniffle)
  2. Knightmare

    CSCA Encyclopedia w/ Bestiary

    Good idea putting all of these into one convenient package. I'll definetely give it a try. Thanks.
  3. Knightmare

    DarkCloud Weapon

    My man Gagay!!! Glad you made it over champ. Gonna be nice seeing your scripts around on Ace. Nice job man.
  4. I was looking for a way to make the character creation aspect in my game nicer, this will do it, thanks Kai!
  5. Knightmare

    Hello there, everyone~

    Hey Aaron many welcomes to the forum. Its always nice to have another goof in the house. Here's to being a goof! (toast with a couple of mugs of "milk")
  6. Knightmare

    Hail Fellows and Well Met

    Hey Reat welcome to the forums. Hope you can release a game demo soon.
  7. Knightmare

    Hello all :)

    Hey Cupcake, with a name like that you're bound to get eaten.
  8. Knightmare

    Update & VE-Sprites in windows

    Those are some nice characters! I hope you make your deadline ok.
  9. Knightmare

    Hello There.

    Hey Cam welcome to the forums. THere's milk and cookies on the table over there help yourself.
  10. Knightmare

    Hi y'all! :D

    Hey Gyro nice to meet you and welcome. Most 19yo never played SNES glad to hear it.
  11. Knightmare

    Heya ^-^

    Hey syv I remember you, welcome. How could you miss the Ace preorder!? You must have been busy with life. Anyway see you around.
  12. Knightmare

    Hello :)

    Umm no I'm Knightmare! Prepare to die! (whips out Sword of Name Stealing and charges Nightmare) Nightmare takes 529 damage! Nightmare is defeated! Knightmare receives 104 EXP and 235 Gold Anyway welcome to the forums my close named friend. Enjoy your stay.
  13. Knightmare

    Heya guys :)

    Hey Citrus welcome to the forum. This forum is pretty sweet glad you enjoy it. I hope you have a good time here.
  14. Knightmare

    3/13/2012 Guardian Spirits Update

    Looks pretty solid so far. I like the battlers you're using, did you make them yourself? If so nice work. If possible I would try to move the sprites in the video down a bit, the first character looks like he's a little over the horizon. It looks like there might be a little room on the bottom without having the final character run into the text box. Hope to see more soon.
  15. Knightmare

    Resource Backlog #2 - Tiles

    These are well done. I really like the ominous foggy castle.
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