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  1. Out of the 21 tracks for the game, only 4 are from Final Fantasy 7. Granted 3 of those are used within the first 20-ish minutes of the game... They just happened to fit the atmosphere I was (initially) going for.
  2. Review: Ethereal Plains Demo

    Thanks for taking the time to write this; glad you enjoyed it! Ironically the last review pummeled the fact there was no hand-holding in the opening dungeon, so I changed it to better guide the player. I had a feeling I may have overdone it and will definitely be scaling it back a bit.
  3. Added a trailer of the game I made to better showcase some of the features the game offers. That way you can make a decision whether or not this is a game you'd be interested in before you download it.
  4. Thanks for the feedback. I have since made some changes to the game to better direct you where to go/what to do in the sewers as well as in the first town. Those were likely the 2 most cryptic areas (which I obviously took for granted knowing exactly what to do) In addition, I removed a substantial number of events and lights in the sewers I drastically increased performance in the sewers by changing the way the light effects work. So I hope there shouldn't be nearly as much lag. If you still experience lag, I would be curious to know what processor you are using, since I didn't receive too much on a 5-year old Core Duo system. @Arin the Illustrious I appreciate the blunt honesty, however I wish you had done a little more than the first few maps of the game. I can understand getting frustrated off the bat and not wanting to continue, but with the changes I made, I hope you can find the experience more enjoyable now. Again I more than welcome any other suggestions that can be offered (hence putting this out for others to try). And remember, this is my first RPG Maker game, so I have no doubts that there will be plenty more to make.
  5. Updated with a playable demo! Please find the download links in the original post and don't hesitate to offer any bugs you encounter or suggestions you can offer (be it through the links beneath the downloads or in this thread). I look forward to any (and all) feedback!
  6. csca CSCA AutoSave Plus

    First, awesome script Casper. I love this! Second, @alvinofelix: Not sure why it didn't work for you alongside Khas Awesome Lighting Effects. I've tried recreating this incompatibility crash in my game (which also uses Khas Awesome Lighting) and have had no issues saving and/or loading AutoSaves (be it via script calls or automatically). What specifically were you saving after that it couldn't load the AutoSave for? The only "issue" I encountered was using my on-map encounters. If set to save after a battle, upon loading the save I am thrown back in to the battle, but right after the encounter sound effect, it throw me to a Game Over screen. Not an issue to me as I hadn't planned on using the AutoSave after a battle anyway.
  7. Update: This project has not fallen to the wayside (not by any means), however I sorely under-estimated my ambition and just how time-consuming databasing can be. In addition to overhauling boss battles (to make them feel like more than just a high-HP mob) to add some different mechanics, I always feel as though I could add more depth to the combat by introducing new mechanics. For example I'm playing around with the idea of the rogue-class using poisons to increase damage taken by abilities, but whether the poisons are a usable item or treated as a reagent I'm not quite sure of yet. Things like this always seem to divert my attention away temporarily until I try it out and see how I like it. As soon as I cross something off the to-do list, it seems I add something else to take its place. Rest-assured it's still coming and I look forward to the feedback once something playable is released!
  8. That was done just by using the subtractive option of a fog overlay script and then adjusting the opacity so it wasn't pitch black.
  9. Working on this project for the last 6 months on and off (as time allows), I feel it is to the point where I can confidently announce it (without it being looked at as vaporware). Yes, this is my first project and even though I have dabbled in RPG Maker over the years (dating back to 95), I have never actually dedicated the amount of time to one as I have this one. Maybe it's because of what VX Ace offers, or maybe its because I've learned how to plan out a project so I actually finish it. Either way, I pride myself on perfectionism and attention to detail, so I more than welcome constructive criticism, suggestions, and compliments. I hope to have a playable demo available in the next month or so as I wrap up the balance, database, and enemy encounters. You can follow my progress more intimately, see how the game has changed since the beginning, and even watch a couple (bland) YouTube videos I have posted for it on my blog at: BesusProductions.com Anyhow, without further adieu... Just over a thousand years ago, humans were seen as the superior species on the planet, however their physical limitations held them back. Because of this, Idol’s (the guardians of the planet Vole) helped to aid their physical shortcomings by granting them Enchantment. Using Enchantment, humans were able to accomplish tasks that were either too difficult, or downright impossible to accomplish physically. For decades, humans thrived from these powers. However after a rebel group began to abuse these powers, the Idols thought it would be best to take it away from everyone before more began to abuse them. Now, two-thousand years after Enchantment was taken away, humans go about their lives as normal; often yearning for the days they had those powers. Shortly after these abilities were taken away, the Idol island of Graven fell from the sky. Little is known regarding why, but when the island fell, it took all traces of Enchantment with it. Lately rumors have begun circulating that Enchantment may still be present on the planet. This has caused some excitement throughout the world and caught the attention of Armor. Because of this, Armor’s entire focus has gone toward re-discovering this lost power, changing the once-respected organization in to a common enemy of the people they once protected. Armor’s obsession will soon lead them to find out just how powerful Enchantment is; and what repercussions pursuing that power will have on them and the planet of Vole. Sideview, ATB-based combat system. Ability to chain skills together for one long combination of attacks. No random encounters! Enemies chase or flee from you based on your level. No "walls of text" throwing countless story elements at you. Everything is shown through cutscenes. Still fine-tuning gameplay aspects, so other features may find their way in to the game. Updated 5/28/2013 The Ethereal Plains Demo (Version 1.03) Or if you want it with the RTP included: The Ethereal Plains Demo with RTP (Version 1.03) You can also find the official blog post about it here: http://www.besusproductions.com/?p=524 Finally, please report any bugs you encounter, or provide constructive feedback! Patch Notes (May 26th, 2013) - Version 1.03: Per some suggestions received, added some guidance for some of the more “cryptic†parts of the game. Notable in the sewers and Ocean View. Reduced the volume of the sound effects in the training scene. Patch Notes (May 26th, 2013) - Version 1.02: Resolved an issue with the game crashing due to a missing music file (referenced in a script). Resolved an issue where the player could get stuck in a NPC while moving. Resolved some (mapping) passability issues. Resolved an issue where it would always highlight the first character while selecting a target for spells that can only affect the caster. Resolved an issue with getting stuck on the edge of the screen while riding the logs in Verona Crossing. Resolved a switch conflict resulting in the command codes being automatically entered in the Mines. Added an ability to Alaric. RPG Maker VX Ace: Enterbrain Scripts Battle Symphony Engine (and addons)/Bubble Messages: Yami Battle Engine/Event Chase and Flee/Buff and State Manager/Active Chain Skills/Slippery Tiles/Ace Menu Engine/Ace Item Menu/Victory Aftermath/Debug Extension: Yanfly Fog and Overlay/Pixel Movement/Moving Platform: Victor Sant Awesome Lighting Effects: Khas Weather EX/Save System/Chain Commands/Anti-Animation Lag: Moghunter Mode 7: MGC Terrain Tags: Neon Black Advanced Dash: Helladen Expanded Choices/Counter Skills: Tsukihime Pearl Anti-lag: Falcao Sleek Item Popup: V.M. of D.T. Animated Map Name: Dekita CSCA AutoSave Plus: Casper Gaming N.A.S.T.Y. Animated Menu: Nelderson Message Text Sounds: Zerbu Website Launch From Title: Modern Algebra Graphical Object Global Reference: Mithran Graphics Tilesets: Enterbrain, Celianna, and Mack Kaduki Sprites: Kaduki Additional Sprites: Mack Foliage Clumping Tileset: Paladin-Cleric
  10. Combo points (WoW)

    Using the Yanfly Battle Engine (from the same site linked above), if you don't assign any skills that use TP or MP to a specific character, it will hide that bar in battle. It will still be visible in the menu however. Not sure of an script to remove it there too (guess I was never too concerned about removing it there...).
  11. 3d-Rpg maker?

    To be fair though, FPS Maker was a terrible game engine itself. No doubt it would make be a fairly minimal transition for those familiar with RPG Maker to get in to 3D, even if it is a different genre of game. The difficulty of a 3D engine for a RPG comes when you need to set up the actual RPG systems. Creating maps for FPS games is fairly simple, and after about a half hour of tutorial videos, anyone could start making some rooms in Unreal or Source engine. That's why (in my opinion) like I mentioned earlier, if you could use the encompassing RPG Maker engine to set up the skills/items/characters/etc and then instead of being presented with a 2D editor, you were instead given a 3D, brush-based editor, many would be able to make the transition in minimal time.
  12. 3d-Rpg maker?

    If it were to primarily use brushes while having static models to use for higher detail items, it wouldn't have that steep of a learning curve and allow endless customization. Think Valve's Source engine Hammer editor meets RPG Maker. I'd snatch that up in a heartbeat.
  13. To make VX sets work properly in Ace, just set the 'Mode' in the database to "VX Compatible".
  14. This has been discussed plenty before. Just create a shared Dropbox/Google Drive/SkyDrive/SugarSync account and share the log in information with each other.
  15. "Zoom-out" on World Map?

    MGC (same guy who did Mode-7) did a script which enabled zooming on the maps. It utilizes an external .dll file (like the Mode-7 one) to do so, otherwise it would not be possible to do this by default. Don't have a link available for it off-hand though.