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  1. ShinGamix

    Mail System

    same here DoctorArtist. I want to play with it.
  2. ShinGamix

    closed topic

    hey just use google translate. very easy.
  3. Anyone have a download that isnt mediafire??
  4. ShinGamix

    The Worst Game Dev Idea Possible

    ET they dumped a million copies in the desert.. Lol So You play as ET. Your weapon is you finger as you going around sticking your finger in things to see what it does. At the end of each area ET smells his finger! You can either be good ET and make your way back home or be evil ET and use your finger to conquer the world I want to play a sequel to boy and his blob. It will be grandpa and the goo!
  5. ShinGamix

    First and Last

    Combo breaker C is for cookie!
  6. ShinGamix

    Would You Rather?

    Rummi while holding a bingo ticket... Would you rather cut off you right hand or left hand and why?
  7. ShinGamix

    Recent Shenanigans

    @Raging Hobo I am proud of the forum expanding to all RPG makers but will this include my favorite old school one, RPG Maker 2? I live that little game. Now I know I haven't been active too much lately but I am an RPGM2 master! I would be Willi g to do guides tips and tricks for it. Noe to see what you actually added to the forum as I hadn't looked yet. I meant RPG Maker 2 for PS2!
  8. I am seeing who else has used, seen, or has RPGM2 for PS2. Seeing who still interest.
  9. ShinGamix

    Looking for a Godlike Name?

    I would name the demon Ragnos....LOL!
  10. ShinGamix

    CSCA Dungeon Tools

    @philteredkhaos It is most likely conflicting with another script in your project.
  11. Choosing the new Project Zelda Engine Team members today spots open if you are still interested.

    1. LordSquirrel


      What's this for? Creating some kind of Zelda game essential for RPG Maker?

    2. ShinGamix


      No its for creating Zelda game with RPG Maker with the PZE Engine.

    3. LordSquirrel


      Interesting. What kind of positions are you looking for?

  12. I really think the recruitment section here not being able to reply in topic is really wierd and damaging to many projects and the forum too.

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Latoa


      I don't like it either but I do think they have a good point.

    3. Nestat


      I agree with Necromedes & SoulPour on this one.

    4. Jonnie91


      Here's a thought Shin post it as a discussion on the forums...y'know the section where a good discussion can be made. Not in a status update where it'll disappear in a matter of hours, and then you'll complain cause no one is listening. Take it to the forum feedback thread for us then we can talk more :)

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