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  1. SamHain

    Dice-based gameplay

    Were this true, it would mean most people can't read. "Dice-based Gameplay" and "Dice animator" are not the same words. Back to reading bit, the ads only take up the main body of the browser. At the top, in the right corner you read something along the lines of "Ad. Wait X seconds", then it counts down. If you wait x seconds, a new button appears along the lines of "skip ad". @Gallade: This is fantastic. I've been waiting years for EXACTLY this kind of script.
  2. SamHain

    Skill Ideas you can do with Custom Formula

    Hello all. I've got these ideas for a couple of skills; but have absolutely zero idea on how to go about executing their mechanics. Skill1: I want to create a single skill that deals damage, and then goes on after that damage is dealt to heal any enemies that survived the damage dealt. I want to avoid using force action because I don't want it to seem like the user is using two skills, but thus far, that's the only way I can think of. Skill2: A skill that converts "overhealing" into a target's MHP. For example, the target stands at 90 HP with a MHP of 100. The skill heals the target for 20 HP. This would yield essentially an overheal value 10. Based on that overheal value, I'd want to increase the target MHP by some amount. Is this possible? Any thoughts?
  3. SamHain

    Thorn Mail

    I seem to be having a small issue. I have a character that uses a defensive skill that applies a thornmail state to all party members. However, upon applying the state to the party, the actor applying the state takes thornmail damage. What do I need to do to prevent that from happening?
  4. Necro, I know, but: Does anyone know how I would go about drawing the MP and AMPX so that they offset vertically rather than horizontally?
  5. From the look of it, in addition to :invert now now being fixed, it looks like you can assign resources by class or by actor through the use of BIND_TO_CLASS = true/false and the RESBYCLASS = array. Though also from the look of it, it isn't complete. I'd stick with 1.05 for now. Not sure about a variable. But to do what you've said in your example you would give the weapon a 100% chance to give its user a state when equipped. You would then make that state have the regen mana parameter set to regen 5% mp. Then you would add the notetage <AMPX REGEN: RAGE> into the state's note box.
  6. SamHain

    Multi-Script Dependent Devour Skill

    I now know my problem. Does anyone know how to script a call to cause an enemy's item drop to be negated? Like if the enemy would normally drop an item, cause it not to?
  7. SamHain

    Multi-Script Dependent Devour Skill

    Would passive skills allow you to gain customizable stat percentages based on an enemy's stats after you eat them based on the enemy you eat?
  8. So then, if I were going to assign a variable to equal a character's current resource, I would make an event in which I set that variable as the following script phrase? <Actor>.resources[0].value Like in my barbarian example, if he's using rage, and I want the event to have a conditional effect based on how much Rage he currently has, I would set that variable to something like this? Grulk.resources[1].value
  9. SamHain

    A Midsummer Nightmare

    Interestingly enough, I was a lurker here for a while before actually making an account and deciding to emerge from my shadows to interact with the living. Whilst I lurked in shadows, creeping Reading threads when most were sleeping, What should I find, but a post you made About young boy sore afraid, And through the manor he must search Whilst in the dark things bump and lurch And with a panic system able The makings of a dark new fable To tell a tale of Ethan Crowe The truth within the dark to know And thought then me, myself, and I "Who is this is clever Xyster guy? “I’d like, I think, to pick their brain “To see, like me, if they’re insane “With love of dark, in shadows dwell, “Night swell, death knell, requiem bell “Perhaps if mirrored we should be “They’d like to share some tips with me “On how to make my game more eerie “Within its world so dark and dreary.†I’m a fan of yours, the least to say, A shame that others' horror keeps you at bay.
  10. Your heart leaps in your chest as you bolt upright! You awake with a gasp. Drenched in a cold sweat, you cannot place what had dragged from the depths of slumber. Had it been a sudden sound in your room? Had something touched you? Was it something the fleeting dream you now struggle to recall? You have little time to ponder. There is something wrong. You don't know how to explain it, but there is just something wrong. About the sheets you have pulled tightly around you; about the bed you sit upright upon; about the pounding in your ears from your own beating heart. A feeling of overwhelming dread bears down upon you. In the shadows of your night-cast room, everything looks precisely as it should. Your dresser stands against the wall, upon which frames containing the photos of your loved are propped. Your bookshelf, lined with rows of novels, guides, and textbooks stands not too far off. It doesn't make sense. It all looks so normal. So why would you feel so convinced that... Then, you see it. Your closet door. It's ajar! You never leave it ajar! Closing that door is a part of your nightly routine! The sense of terror intensifies as your body begins to shiver. Should you investigate? No! There's something wrong about this whole thing! You just know it! But if something is wrong, just sitting in bed makes you a sitting duck! The ticking of your clock suddenly no longer keeps time, but is counting down to some unthinkable event! Suddenly, the shadows that shroud your room are no longer so common. Each one hides some unknown danger; some...thing that means your harm. Every contour of every line seems to deepen in the darkness. The shadows are reaching for you, trying to swallow you in their dark embrace. Even your reflection in your dresser's mirror is now longer familiar to you! Alien presences seem to surround you, awaiting you to move. You find yourself frozen in terror. You can't even lie back down in the bed. It's all just paranoia, you try to assure yourself. You probably just didn't latch the closet door, and it swung open of something. The logic is sound, yet you still can't shake the dread the seems to saturate you to the very bone. You swallow hard and steel yourself. You'll just have to show yourself that there is nothing wrong! That's when you see them. At first, you couldn't be sure that you saw them at all. But as you stare into the closet's reaches, you come to the realization that they really are their. A faint glowing. Maybe it's the moonlght reflecting off of something through the window and through the crack in the door. Yeah! That has to be it! Muster all the will power you have, you force yourself to turn your head and gaze out your window. The shades are drawn, and not so much as a gleam can be seen. That's when you recall to your horror that the forecast had called for thick cloud cover that night. Whatever was in your closet... it was glowing. Not reflecting. Not refracting. Glowing. A fact made all the more clear by the fact that when you turn- BOO GONNA GETCHA! Did ya jump? No? Dang. Some parts of the story get lost in translation from oral tradition to written word. Then one with my introduction proper. *ahem* Welcome, foolish mortals! I am you host. Your... ghost host. You may call me Sam Hain. Aren't you scared? Well that's just fine. I've a pension for penning profound and profuse psychologically perverse and paranormally paranoid pieces of putrid poetry and prose. In otherwords, I'm a Halloween and horror buff who happens to like word play. I am new to the (video) game making community, and some whould say I'm technologically challenged... aka... "computarded". But, I make up for my lack of technical skills with my more artistic talent. Namely; story telling. Please be gentle. (or not... sticks and stones my break my bones but chains and whips...)
  11. /shrug Being a hands on sort, I'm a fan of the emersion learning style. In the script phrase you mentioned above, does that differentiate between different resources? Or would I have to make alterations to access the values of multiple resources?
  12. I'm entirely new to scripting, and the script you have may already cover this: Is there a way to take the new resources provided to a character and place them into two variables each? One variable that equals the max total of the new resource, and another that equals the current amout of that resource? My technical wording may be a bit off; so, I'mma try me an analogy. Let's say that in my game, I have a raging barbarian warrior hulk (using Rage as an alternate resource, of course). Now let's say that as part of the game's progression, that Hulk of a barbaian will be required to enter the grand Temple of Happy Fluffy Peace, Cuddly Lovey Caring Sickeningly Sweet Cutness Bunnies which happens to have a warded doorway to keep things that don't quite fit that description out of it. So, I make an event for the door. @Conditional: Variable[ABCD: Hulk Rage] < Variable[iJKL: Fluffy Bunny Happy Gate] @Yes @*Door Opens* @ShowText: "(\_/) Welcome" @ShowText: "(^.^) to" @ShowText: "(><)o BUNNY LAND!" @Else @ShowText: "Lolumad brah?" @ShowText: "Calm down and come back later." @ShowText: "Hulk: FFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!" @Variable[ABCD: Hulk Rage] set = Variable[EFG: Hulk Max Rage] @End @End in which, Variable[ABCD: Hulk Rage] is how much rage he currently has built up and Variable[EFG: Hulk Max Rage] is his maximum amount of rage... which would then be how much rage he's built up afte being trolled by a bunny. ... or something akin to that.
  13. Hello there. I had a question regarding setting the maxes for the alternate resources. What if I don't want to set a set number as the max for a resource, but I also didn't want the max for that resource to be equal to the value of one of their stats? Is it possible to set this script up so that the maximum available amount of a desire resource could scale as a character levels? Is there a way to set the resource value to equal a percentage of an existing stat? Let's say I have a Swordmage that uses both Mana and Rage. But rather than set a fixed max for one or the other, I want the Swordmage's Mana and Rage max values to be equal to 50% of his total mmp each. Would it be possible to do such a thing? Also, is it possible to cause a resource to regenerate at a slow and steady rate outside of battle? For example, for every X steps the resource regenerates Y point(s). (forgive me if my question seems a bit bulky)