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  1. Shadowaa

    Request on Tutorials Anyone?

    What I feel laking is a good tutoiral about the video function, specialy the format of the video and what limits there are.
  2. Shadowaa

    Set Guard/Attack Skills

    So instead of guarding, so does you use an skill? And what is the point in replacing an attack with a skill? Or is it meant so that when actor 1 attacks, actor 2 uses a skill that boosts actor 1's attack?
  3. Shadowaa

    Battle Summon

    Is there a way to make this work with Yanfly Menu Engine? Thinking about the summon section in the menu, where you can check the status of the summons available. And is there a way to add the summon, so you can check its stats the whole time, like you can with normal actors, by running some kind of check? (if item 72 is in inventory, display actor 10) Right now so does I have to use an item/skill that runs the check first, then go into the summon section and check the status of my summons.
  4. Shadowaa

    Battle Summon

    An item linked to an common event, solved the whole summon's don't stick around after a battle part. But force summon (make the summon apear from the start of the battle) and an option to make the party stay in some battles and not in others, durring summons still eludes me.
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