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  1. "In your mouth, the fruit salad melts into a tangy symphony". Doesn't serve any purpose, I just like writing flavor text.

  2. Translating 11.000 lines of dialogue...and in a good day I can do about 200. This is gonna be fun.

  3. My "self-tut" project is completed. And...since its making spans two years it shows. Most of it has minor bugs and graphical imperfections...but I just want to publish it and move on to better projects.

    1. Chaosian


      Self-tut? Like... self taught or self-tutorial? Either way, that's a pretty healthy attitude for development. Can't dwell too long around a release.

  4. Gallade

    Theolized SBS + Summoning/Adding an Actor to battle

    Bumping this topic, for I have the same problem. Manually calling the method "on_battle_start" on the new actor doesn't seem to work.
  5. Gallade

    Skill casting time

    Thank you!
  6. Gallade

    Skill casting time

    Thanks for the continued support on this script...I seem to have a problem. Even though the skill I put a casting timer on is a target-selecting skill, when it executes after one turn it hits one random target. I'm using the Theo SBS, but this shouldn't matter much since it also happens on a vanilla project. What's happening? Is there a fix? Here's the "incident". Hero targets himself with the skill, and after one turn of charge the skill is used on an ally instead.
  7. Gallade

    What are your unpopular videogame opinions?

    Hmm...I really think Minecraft is lazily programmed and just got popular because of novelty. And once it got popular Mojang just decided to stop developing its prized cash cow and make everything moddable. All while keeping the game very CPU- and GPU- inefficient. And I hate with a passion everyone who takes a sandbox/construction game and says it "ripped off Minecraft". Yes, Minecraft came first. But unlike Minecraft, those games actually tried to put their own spin in the game, to make it more construction-oriented, or adding RPG elements, or more adventurous. Minecraft just left itself as a blank slate for everyone to mod to their heart's content. Of course you are going to like a game if it goes out of its way to make you able to put what you like in it. It's like selling you a pizza that says "It will let you eat a pizza with everything you like in it", and then when you open the box it's just the crust, and a note that tells you how to put toppings on it. And...I freaking love Mario Party. So many mini-games...in the end it's all about dumb luck, or being the one person who is just a tad better at mini-games and keeps winning all the coins, and it's a clusterfruit of rage and people you have to let win every now and then else they will say they're not having fun and leave and games take whole half hours to play and...I love all of it.
  8. < Turn 137 > [Passive] - Hero regains 1 HP. Boss HP: 452 Hero HP: 62 [Action] "Hey, you look like you need a hand!" A Thief joined the Hero! Boss HP: 452 Hero HP: 63 Thief HP: 50 [Help] Thief - This greedy thief will shoot the Boss with her gun for 1 damage on even-numbered turns. If she gets hurt, she'll demand an item or money from the Hero, or leave him.
  9. < Turn 134 > [Passive] - Hero regains 1 HP. [burn] - Boss took 2 damage! Boss HP: 454 Hero HP: 19 [Enchanced Healing - 1 turns left] [Action] The hero hastily gulps down the Small Potion! Hero recovered 40 HP! Boss HP: 454 Hero HP: 60 [inventory] (None)
  10. Gallade

    Croma Zeroes

    A small adventure for small heroes. Average Game Time: 40-60 minutes Game Language: English and Italian. Story: All is well in Hue, a peaceful city where nothing much happens. And yet, as young Scarlet and her new friend Xanthe will soon find out, there is adventure to be found in every nook and cranny of this town. Character Bios: Scarlet The spry daughter of the town's weapon shop owners, she's full of life and yet not very outgoing. She reads war novels and knight tales with a fiery passion, and dreams of someday joining the army and becoming a hero herself... Through constant training, she has finally managed to handle swords and spears like her favourite heroes. Whether she can use then effectively in battle is another question... Xanthe This boy's bright eyes belie a rude attitude and general unfriendliness. He seems to dislike talking and being around people in general, and doesn't care if he has to hurt others to keep his peace and quiet to himself. He is a natural at fist-fighting, pounding others senseless with rough yet effective moves. He's not to be taken lightly! Credits: Scripts: Yanfly, Holy87, DaimoniusTails, Hime, TheoAllen Graphics and sounds from: Enterbrain, Thalzon, Ragnarok Online Beta Testing:Memorandum Works(Makeratore, Yellowflash, IsoBlyte, Zekromaster) Screenshots: Features: The battle mechanics revolve around a dice system: most attacks and skills will roll dice to determine the damage done. Better weapons result in more or higher-value dice being rolled. Some skills can control the values of the rolls as well. Knowing which ones to use and when will be essential to see the toughest battles through! Further instructions can be found in the in-game guide, accessible from the main menu. Download: Freank Expo
  11. http://i.imgur.com/rtcecRw.png Proofreading every single line in the game one last time before uploading.
    1. Cadh20000


      Good idea, typos can really throw the player sometimes.

    2. Knighterius


      Mhhm, also things like "Trainee's spear" instead of "Trainee's Spear" is an eye sore for me.

  12. Miis and Toy Pokémon are the bread and butter of Nintendo cuteness. I can't believe it took them so long to put the two together.

  13. "In the beginning the Goddess gifted Magic to the people of the world. Now, one thousand years later, fanatics are turning those people to zombies so that she can reclaim it". Replace "Magic" with "Life" and "brainwashing" with "ripping hearts out", and that's Aztec mythology. And I didn't even plan it!

    1. Knighterius


      Well humans always make the mistake of reliving the past, I suppose. xD

    2. Chaosian


      No no no. Temple of Doom was India not South America.

    3. Gallade
  14. I just realized why someone who uses RPG Maker should worship Athena.

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    2. Gallade


      More than that. She was born from Zeus's brain, and don't all project start as an idea? More, she's also the goddess of military tactics (RPG battles) and protector of order and society (Mapping and events)

    3. Knighterius


      Hmm. God point

    4. Knighterius


      Pun intended

  15. *Slaps self* Get back to making!

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