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  1. I need opinion on this town :

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    2. Sievn


      Yeah I will think about that. I will try with the Coral.

    3. cirucat


      Oooh, or maybe even try sea shell buildings? That might look super cool! Just giving random ideas hope you don't mind :)

    4. Sievn


      no problem its still in Alpha stages :P

  2. How big is the audience for Commercial RPGMaker Games?

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    2. Novem


      There's no real specific demand for Commercial RPG Maker Games specifically. It's all about the demand for well-made, unique, commercial indie titles.

    3. Darkanine


      If you get it on Desura,it might reach a fairly large audience.

    4. Darkanine


      (Desura is like steam,but more indie focused,and the green light campaign isn't as rigorous)

  3. Sievn

    hud HUD Options

    I thought the same. Some times giving the player more freedom makes the game more complicated. I need more opinions so I know what is comfortable for the player.
  4. Say there is 3 Huds available in the game, one of them is stamina and other one is health bar and other one shows Actor Face. Would you like to just use an option to turn ALL Huds with 1 switch or have a switch for each Hud?

    1. Sievn


      I was thinking that having more than 1 HUD Choice would be complicated..

  5. Sievn

    hud HUD Options

    Would you like to be able to control what you see on the screen? say for example you got more than one HUD on the screen, the Health bar and another HUD for Gold/Actor Face and another HUD for Stamina Would you like to Enable them ALL HUDS with an option in the Menu screen Or Make each Hud has its own option?
  6. It takes a lot of time to create the game world but its never boring and helps the creation of the game story line.

  7. Sievn

    CSCA Currency System

    I keep getting can't convert fixnum into color when I use the script call to convert currencies exchange_currency(0, 2, 100) No other scripts are installed I am pretty sure..
  8. Sievn

    New way of Encryption

    That is being said it would be cool to provide a new way to Encrypt data so at least its not easier to figure out how to do it. Not every one knows how to Decrypt in a coding way, at least the new way of Encryption will prevent Noobs from entering your project. And also my suggestion says that the Data would not be accessible using project file Even if some one decrypts a game, with the new encryption the project file would not be able to use the files in the data folder thanks for the New Decryption?? or at least being able to patch Data files so it prevents Data files from being loaded by RPGMaker (Not RGSS3 Player). You got a Data patching skills, could you provide some thing that would allow Files in Data folder non-aces sable to RPGMaker project files but yet assessable to RGSS Player?
  9. I was giving an example, I already read the document. Knock Down Hit And Using Skill And Using a Weapon if you don't mind , using a notetag.
  10. Well do it if you want with the Mini bars , if you don't have time then don't do it. But I have an easy suggestion, pleae do it for the final version : May I suggest Hit SE? I mean when an Actor gets Hit, 3 Different SE files are played? through Note Tag.] For example Note Tag for Actor 1 on the data base : Actor Hit = SE,SE,SE Thanks.. and maybe when Actor Die = SE,SE,SE Also another suggestion that the SE(s) are played while playing with different actors, I mean if you are controlling a player , the party Members also play their own SE(s) when attacking. I mean for example , You have 2 party members : You are controlling Actor 1. But not only Actor 1 SE is played while attacking and while being hit, but Actor 2 also play SE while attacking and being hit.. Do you get what I mean?
  11. I Mean the Mini HP Bars below the Enemies and the Actors. As an Add-on maybe like you said. You can find a Script for that, But just optimize it in your own ABS : This is from ANOTHER ABS , OPTIMIZE IT FOR YOUR OWN ABS If POSSIBLE As an addon or what ever, just a request :)/>/> I mean the Mini HP Bars ONLY. if you are too busy to do it, then its ok I am still using your Awesome compatible script and can't wait for final version
  12. Could you add Enemy HP Bars like this? You could Find Mini-HP Bars in this : http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/topic/7076-mystic-action-system-beta/ Maybe you could do some thing like this one?? at least make it optional..
  13. I think this is much better than XAS Plus it contains a Party system. And falco created a lot of Awesome skills in this demo. A little question, does this include all Fa interactive system weapons and tools? Also : Could you update the Demo, I get an Error while fighting the spider, the Spider Image/file name is written in Portugal or some thing and my RPG Maker ACE English Can't read it, it says like "Graphics/Character/Arana is not found".
  14. Sievn


    May I suggest that Rains would allow the Planets to grow? or maybe a climate system that farms?
  15. I love the remove auto-vehicle scrpt, been waiting for this for too long.