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  1. Rodoren

    [IGMC] Stock Trader Hiyo

    Amazing game. It's simple, fun and can also teach you how stock trading works! Well done!
  2. WOW. I just played the demo of the game. I visited every single planet. The game is really cool. You have put so much effort on this! Graphics are really nice. Ok, here are some things that bothered me a bit: 1. When you are in the galaxy map, why can't you access your ship? I wanted to see the suit requirement of a planet and then buy that suit, but then I had to go to another planet and then back to the ship in order to buy the suit. 2. Why do you have to visit 5 places before leaving a planet? I mean, if you are out of oxygen, why bother staying on the planet and get killed and not just leave? 3. Are there going to be other civilizations and people? I don't like the being-alone style of the game. If he does find others, make him trade with them, so he can make money (just an idea). 4. My personal opinion is that in order to draw people's attention you should have an ultimate goal. I mean finding big creatures is ok. But you should find a really big reason for that guy to explore the universe. Like, earth is being destroyed, or civilizations are at war one with the other and you are in the middle of this as a scientist. Who will you help, by giving them the DNA of those giant creatures in order to make an army of these (however who gave you the right to take advantage of their DNA - but what will you do? let your civilization be destroyed??) I mean, don't make it a game where he's alone because it gets boring pretty soon. This advice of course is just my opinion. But please consider having an ultimate goal. Overall, great concept, nice game, amazing graphics, but I think you should work on the story part.
  3. Rodoren

    Monster's Den

    Wow, I have never played a dungeon crawler, but this game, like the others said, looks simple -yet promising. I like the idea of constantly fighting and focusing only on that. Who knows? Maybe your game will be the first dungeon crawler game I will try. p.s. why don't you move it to the showroom?
  4. Rodoren

    Listen - Just a game.

    Congrats, very nice game although I didn't completely understand the ending Well done!!
  5. Rodoren

    Avelions - The Ancestors

    Yep, you wrote it just fine. No problem
  6. I totally agree with you Vectra, death penalty is rolling us back to medieval ages... it's not a sign of civilization.
  7. Rodoren

    Avelions - The Ancestors

    -11002- Jenesio, Elmsh Dimens. Mankind finds itself being slaughtered by an immortal being called "Grimoire". Where did it come from, or why is it doing this, are not known. -11003- Deflario, Elmsh Dimens. 42 powerful guilds are formed allying themselves with the district military to fight Grimoire. The best soldiers in all 12 districts are going to be trained professionally (in order) to deal with the threat. -11005- Jenesio, Elmsh Dimens. All but one guild are lost and in the aftermath of the War of Jenesio. Correct: All but one guild are lost as a result of the war of Jenesio. The remnants of mankind focus their defenses in their own districts, hiding in fear. As for the only surviving guild, Grimoire Hunter, it still embraces volunteers to continue the fight to find Grimoire's weakness and save mankind from absolute extinction.
  8. Rodoren

    Parallax Background Scroll

    Here you are: https://yanflychannel.wordpress.com/rmvxa/utility-scripts/parallax-lock/
  9. Does anybody know if the knew "game character hub" in Steam can make 2 pixel characters?

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Zvart


      If you mean two squares in RPG Maker, then not by default.


      You can make your own stuff and keep it in there to use later though, which would make making NPCs easier.

    3. Saltwater Croc

      Saltwater Croc

      GCH does make 2 TILE high characters...

    4. Rodoren


      Yes I meant 2 tiles thanks :)

  10. Rodoren

    Avelions - The Ancestors

    thanks ^^ which portrait? yep, XD that's why im trying to make a huge plot twist for the game's ending, hope it's not too cheesy =p I just think the portraits have low resolution.
  11. Rodoren

    Avelions - The Ancestors

    It looks very nice, graphics are cool just... aren't their portraits a bit blurred? The futuristic story is a bit of a classic one (the world reached near extinction) but I won't mind if they game has innovative features like the ones I saw. Overall, seems a very good project, keep up!
  12. Rodoren

    Should violent games be banned?

    Jelly, I agree it is the choice of any adult to play the game or not. I just say it takes advantage of our lower instincts and to me this is demeaning.
  13. Rodoren

    Should violent games be banned?

    I see your point. But I think most of violent games don't have a serious reason to show so much violence. They don't have a point. I mean... God of War... What's the point? Just satisfaction. I get what you say. But I doubt that most of teenagers that play GTA do it to see the point of society going wrong. And I double-doubt it helps them a tiny bit in their social life. I mean, we have to be realists. What I see from my personal experience is that most of those who play violent games or enjoy watching violent movies (and believe me they also claim that they want to see the harsh side of life or do it for "education") those people are pessimists, disappointed in life and usually claim everything is wrong and believe in utopias like living without laws and trading food out of love stuff. I think it fills them with bad and cruel images and makes them used to them. I believe we should hide violence from kids in order for them to grow normally and that to me is indisputable for kids until 14 years old at least. I (as a parent) would never let my child play God of War for example.
  14. Rodoren

    Should violent games be banned?

    Wait, I didn't say that we should censor violent games, I said that we should teach parents and kids that they affect their psychology. We should inform them about the dangers they have and finally we should not let little kids play those games. School does none of them. But things like "violent games are cool and there is no problem with them" is just a lie. Of course, violent games make us more violent even if we don't understand it (just like strategic games make us smarter). They wake up ours instincts and make us more controlable. And this is proven by seeing how modern kids have become aggressive to their classmates (bullying) to their parents and to society (anarchy). Censoring will only make these games more desirable, on the other hand making "peaceful" games... who would make a peaceful game and try to enable the logical part of someone's brain when he can make a violent game and enable his instincts which is much more profitable and not risky? So, game companies don't care about people, they care about money. So, we as players and humans have to take care of ourselves and choose games that respect our personality. That's my opinion. Also, when I say violent games, I don't consider violent a game with magic for example. I mean gore, blood. PS. I was taught Plato all this year in School and this is why I mentioned him However, indeed, I disagree with him in the most of the things he says. But, I like the one I mentioned before. Art should offer something, isn't this right?
  15. Rodoren

    Should violent games be banned?

    My humble opinion on this subject is that violent games are bad. Indeed, a person might already be violent and kids generally are violent (almost 90% of the games they play in school is war). Violence was at some time something necessary for humans in order to survive and not be extinct by wild animals. So it is in our animal nature to be violent and these games take advantage of that instinct in the exact same way they take advantage of every human instinct. (sex, food). They take advantage of our instincts in order to make money but simultaneously they make these instincts more and more intense. So, this is a slavery of some sort. And even if they weren't making the instincts more intense, violent games are also unaesthetic and Plato used to say, that games and art have to be beautiful in order to teach children virtues through them. From example, a beautiful temple teaches a child the virtue of moderation. Cutting heads off is just making a person used in foulness and inhumanity. Again, this is just an opinion.