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  1. ???nOBodY???

    Class: Lurker

    I'm still around, I guess.
  2. Updated the op; thanks dood. As for my pc issue; dug out my old machine, and looks like it still works well enough. I'll let you know if I find anything with your other issue, but uh... I'll need a PMed link to your project again. >.< My paperweight pc had the technologies. All of them.
  3. So here's the deal; I don't actually have a working computer at the moment, but hopefully the battery I ordered for my laptop fixes this. Hence, such a late reply.
  4. You can go ahead and remove the link whenever.
  5. I'll take a closer look at this when I get home, as I too, am on my phone. It looks like something in mine isn't playing nice with this 'Nq_Player' script. I don't suppose I could trouble you to either mssg me with that script in its entirety, or your project itself? Anyway, I'll try to look at this over Christmas. ;>
  6. Moshi moshi kikoemasuka? I check these rather infrequently, but check them infrequently I still do. So basically, event graphics aren't reflecting changes made to the map? The first issue might not be something I can fix. It's been awhile since I wrote this, and I'm not sure how Netherquest's scripts affect this. I could, of course, still take a looksie. That is, if the furu's haven't forgotten or fixed this, finally.
  7. ???nOBodY???

    Particle Engine during the dark?

    Are you sure the problem is they're not showing up in the dark? Or are they just losing their color in the dark?
  8. ???nOBodY???

    Particle Engine during the dark?

    Hm, hm... Could you perhaps post the script, in all its cryptic glory? I don't have access to the editor, for now.
  9. ???nOBodY???

    GIF Animation Sequences

    Big thanks to ProfessorChill for posting a fix to get this working with VXAce. Check out the section titled "Bugfix", as I'm too tired, or probably just lazy, to do it myself.
  10. ???nOBodY???

    Gif Animation Player [RPGMVXAce]

    Nope; NOT OK. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . I'm kidding. I'll update the original topic later with the fix. I must admit I'm a bit surprised at how many people have been interested in this script.
  11. ???nOBodY???

    More Character Frames script for VX?

    There's this: http://rmrk.net/index.php?topic=24191.0
  12. ???nOBodY???

    Compatibility between Mana Shield-script and Protection-script

    Np, glad you like it. I'll still let ya know if I figure out what's causing it. Hey, hit me up if you need any moar scripting. I'll be around. -/7
  13. Try this: https://m.reddit.com/r/Windows10/comments/3fm7m8/windows_10_is_very_laggy_and_slow_after_the_update/
  14. ???nOBodY???

    Compatibility between Mana Shield-script and Protection-script

    I updated my last post. Let me know how it works for you. Oh yeah, there's also an updated protect script in there too. I haven't been able to completely erase the random state infliction problem, but I'm willing to bet the fault lies in the scripts' interaction with tankentai. *sigh* I guess I can take another look at it, when I'm feeling more motiva- I mean when I'm not watering my crops at stardew valley.
  15. ???nOBodY???

    Script that allows multiple windowskins?

    I haven't tested it, but here's Napoleon's script with corrected formatting: There's also Dekita's (linked to from the same topic).
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