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  1. Dark Messiah

    Basic Options Menu

    One problem I found with this is that I tried it in a room where I have a BGS of the ticking clock. When I lower the Master Volume, you can hear the Sound Effect of the adjustment getting lower, but the BGS stays the same level no matter what.
  2. Dark Messiah


    Alright, thanks. I did come across a problem, though - it appears your script is not compatible with Nicke's XS - Core Script. Something about the DataManager module, I think. Any ideas? ::EDIT:: Okay, nevermind that. Turns out I had apparently commented out a couple of lines and that somehow managed to work with MOG's script that way, but not with yours. But then I un-commented the lines and it works great, so we're good. This looks quite awesome. It still overrides MOG's Loading/Save scene script, though. Doubt I can get those to work together, but.. we'll see. Again.. could just use it for another game instead of this one.
  3. Dark Messiah


    Commercial use? Cuz.. ya know.. I'm using MOG's Save/Load script, but something about this just seems to fit my need better. I may save MOG's for another game.
  4. Dark Messiah

    XS - Menu Delux

    I am having this issue as well, though mine is line 304. I am using modern algebra's Quest Journal. I wonder if that has anything to do with it? But the whole [index][3] thing is messin with me. I have no idea what that is. O_o
  5. Dark Messiah

    Input Number Issues

    I think I got it! After adding a few conditional branches, I was able to get it to function properly. I tried this with a duplicate event using a second donation variable, and they kept separate amounts! So, not sure if this would be useful for anyone, but follow this structure and it should work! I even set it so that the Reputation doesn't get spammed like crazy every time you donate. Now it will only work on newly activated donation bowls. The self-switch trick was actually picked up from Galv's Multiple Containers script, so thanks for that little tip as well. Thanks for all your help, guys!
  6. Dark Messiah

    Input Number Issues

    Oh really? I only did that once, and that was in my starting maps (the ones I do to set up the premise and Character Creation script), along with any other variables that I anticipated would be recurring, like my character class variable I had asked about previously, or the player's current battle count. So I have to set the variable to the Gold every single time? Cuz I just realized a Common Event will combine all the churches into one event, so I'll have to separate them with a different variable for every church.
  7. Dark Messiah

    Input Number Issues

    As you can see, it's kind of a hot mess.
  8. Dark Messiah

    Input Number Issues

    Well, I had it set up that way already. The part where if your gold is > 0, then continue to the event. It's more or less being able to donate MORE than what you have. I wouldn't wanna restrict the user from being charitable enough to donate everything s/he has, but you can't donate what you don't have, ya know? It's like overdrawing your bank account, except there's no negative number, it just stops at 0. Party has 50 yen. Donate 60 yen to the bowl. 0 yen left in the party, but donation bowl has 60 yen now. The numbers don't add up.
  9. Dark Messiah

    How to make a Save point/Remove Save from Menu

    This is actually pretty neat. O_o Thanks for the tip! I do the save by event only thing, so this is useful to me.
  10. Dark Messiah

    Moghunter's Animated Title interferes with Battle Test

    Technically this was still unanswered, so.. my first bump!
  11. Dark Messiah

    Multiple TP Names/Systems

    Galv's Parameter Names: http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/topic/7607-parameter-names/?hl=%2Bparameter+%2Bnames Just be sure to pay attention to the note Galv made. Any messages that pop up with the Parameter names would still use the default terms. If you can figure out a way to change them, or know someone who can, this may be your best bet.
  12. Dark Messiah

    Timed Button Attacks

    Heya, Galv. Quick question: Remember in Legend of Dragoon how their Additions had to be complete an x number of times before it was considered "mastered" (which, if all Additions were mastered, you unlocked the Final Addition)? If so, would you know any tips or tricks that would allow there to be a success check, and each time there's a success it would add a number to the variable set for the attack? I mean, I was looking at the script and unless I'm overlooking something or making it more complicated than it should be, I can't seem to figure that one out.
  13. Dark Messiah

    Moghunter's Animated Title interferes with Battle Test

    I tried that and no change. What's weird is that even when I take the animated title script out, it still plays the same animated title sequence, which is virtually impossible without the script, and yet here it is. On a sort of maybe unrelated note, I had an issue yesterday as well, where I did a play test and for whatever reason, I got the popup message "Game.exe has encountered an error and needs to close". I saw on RPGMaker Web that there was a fix for that in VX, but nothing for VX Ace. And I don't know Ruby, especially enough to port a VX script over to Ace. Granted that's another issue itself, but.. I'm thinkin if this isn't an easy fix, I'll have to start a new project and just copy my events and graphics over, one at a time.
  14. Dark Messiah

    Moghunter's Animated Title interferes with Battle Test

    I'm attaching a screenshot of my script list. I would like to not sacrifice any scripts, but if I have to, I will. Even if it's the Mog Title screen. I know it works because it worked in the ACE Master Demo as well. So... something's up. :/