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  1. I need a plugin that displays skill animations when used by enemies in front view battles as this is not possible by default.
  2. I need a plugin to play a SE/ME when a state is applied. NVM: I found a plugin for this, so its solved.
  3. I need a plugin that allows multiple accessories instead of just 1 by default. Not only does it need to allow multiple accessories but to be able to restrict multiple copies of the same accessory. The multiple accessory slots need to be considered as the same equipment type so that any accessory can be equipped into any slot. It also needs to allow 'Cursed' accessories that lock only their own slot & not all of them. If anyone can point me to a plugin that does this already or can provide a new one I would appreciate it. Also, don't suggest Yanfly's Equip Core, because its flawed hence the reason I'm asking for a new one. Edit: NVM, someone made a plugin for me so this is solved.
  4. Animebryan

    Need 'Cursed' accessories to Lock only their own slot

    I'll bump this one last time just in case I get lucky & someone offers a solution, but I'm also going to request a whole new plugin to replace Yanfly's since this isn't likely to be solved.
  5. Animebryan

    Using TP as a third vital meter...

    I know Xenosaga 3 did this with a 'Break Limit', where the meter fills up each time you're hit. If the meter fills to full, your character becomes crippled for a few turns (Can't act & is more susceptible to critical hits). Of course this applies to enemies as well & some attacks specialize in doing Break Damage over regular damage. You can also use items to recover the Break Limit as well.
  6. Problem solved. Turns out my DirectX files needed to be updated for MV to detect the controller. Weird.
  7. Back before my laptop was put out of commission, RPG Maker MV had no problem detecting my XBox 360 Controller. But now that my laptop is fixed, MV won't respond to my controller. There haven't been any changes to MV since I keep it on my flash drive, so it was unaffected. But my laptop's HD was dead & now I have to rebuild from scratch. Aside from certain other games not working because I'm lacking in certain Installs & Updates, like DirectX & stuff, I'm wondering what dependencies MV needs to be able to detect & respond to a XBox 360 controller. Mind you that its not the controller itself since my laptop detects it perfectly & other games respond to it, its just MV won't detect it.
  8. Animebryan

    Need 'Cursed' accessories to Lock only their own slot

    Bumping because this issue is still unresolved & I can't finish my game without it.
  9. My laptop is out of commission again, so I'm on hiatus for probably several months to a year, however long it takes to save up the table-scraps of money (no income) to fix or replace it.

  10. I'm using Yanfly's Equip Core to allow multiple accessories to be equipped. There's an option in the plugin to make certain equipment slots be unaffected by the Optimize option, but even if I set all my accessory slot to be unaffected, Optimize still removes ALL accessories, even though equipping them increases stats, on top of supposedly being exempt. This didn't seem to be a problem in the past but started noticing it recently. I can't imagine any new plugins that I've added (if any) that would cause this. If anybody knows what causes this I'd appreciate any help.
  11. Animebryan

    Need 'Cursed' accessories to Lock only their own slot

    Still need help
  12. I'm using Yanfly's Equip Core to give actors multiple accessory slots but I want to limit accessories to 1 per person so that they can't stack the effects. Any help would be appreciated.
  13. Animebryan

    Need a plugin for Elemental Evasion

    bumping for help