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  1. Animebryan

    Sci-Fi Tileset edits

  2. Why is it that when I receive a PM from somebody, I get double the notifications (1 from the bell "Somebody sent you a message" & 1 from my PMs)? Seems kind of redundant don't you think? If someone receives a PM, there's a specific notification for that from the messages icon. Don't need one coming from the bell too. Somebody should fix that . . .
  3. I'm using Yanfly's Attachable Augments & I couldn't help but notice that he didn't include a way to prevent stacking of the same augment or multiple augments that boost a parameter. This can lead to some super broken setups like stacking EVA+ augment until the character is untouchable or even stacking Physical or Magical Damage Rate augments like -10% to -50% until they become invincible. Is there anybody that could add a feature to prevent stacking of either the same exact augment or augments that boost the same parameter?
  4. Pretty much. My only problem with it is that it doesn't support its use as a passive state. I've asked if this could be added as an option.
  5. This issue was already solved. Just needed to set the collectable events to 'Through'
  6. I need events to pass over other events. I have some events that chase the player using YEP Event Chase Player that have their Priority set to Same as Player & a bunch of collectable events around the map set to Below the Player, but the chasing events can't pass over the collectable events. I tried to set them to 'Through' & used YEP Region Restrictions to stop them from going through the walls, but they ignore the restricted regions too! How can I set up my chasing events to pass through other events without them going through walls?
  7. Well, I turned 38 today. Yippee-ki-yay! My mom visited me today, without wearing a mask! I have asthma so if I catch the Doomsday Virus, I'm a goner.


    Not-so-Fun Fact: Seems the Covid-19 virus is a hybrid viral bio weapon consisting of at least SARS & HIV. That means severe & permanent lung damage as well as the destruction of your immune system, which is probably why people are either getting reinfected, or the virus goes into remission like Herpes & can flare back up later, which only seems like a reinfection, but its really that you can't develop antibodies for it because of the HIV aspect of it.

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    2. Animebryan


      Nobody likes a Negative Nancy :(

      As for the blame game, think of it this way. What if someone close to you was murdered? Wouldn't you want to know who was responsible for it? Even if you can't do something about it, knowing who it was & knowing that justice was brought down upon them gives CLOSURE. We need closure for this pandemic. We got reminded that China & Communism can never be trusted. They have always been the enemy, not just against the US, but all of humanity.

    3. PhoenixSoul


      What about a Realistic Rachel? Underappreciated as well.

      However, getting closure is just as underappreciated, and I have lots of closure I'll never get due to various reasons though most of them being related to power-tripping admin/moderators/banker-bought-political puppets && policy enforcers...

      We need to take that closure for ourselves and end the reign of government altogether. The USA was founded on Anarchist principles (yup one hundred percent true); we need to go back to those principles and stick to them, if we want to live truly free. The price of true freedom? Constant vigilance.

    4. Kayzee


      @Animebryan Is that what 'closure' means to you then? Sounds like an excuse not to have to think of it anymore or do anything else about it to me. If someone close to me was murdered deliberately by an individual person, sure I would want to know who. I would even grant you I would want to know who if it was due to someone's gross negligence or stupidity. But that doesn't mean I am willing to blame someone without any real evidence they are involved just because I want some kind of 'closure'. Especially someone I know won't actually face any kind of justice for it.


      What you are talking about doesn't seem much like closure to me. Seems to me like what you want a devil you can blame for everything great and small. And don't get me wrong, there are plenty of reasons to dislike China & Communism. But the enemy of all of humanity? That tittle is more then they deserve. If humanity has one great enemy, it's their own delusions.


      @PhoenixSoul Anarchism starts with you ya know, not the government. The real price of true freedom is the realization that you are already free.

  8. I'm looking for a plugin that can setup states to apply a controllable amount of skill repeats, basically abilities like Double/Triple/Quad Cast. It could setup notetags to states that apply an x amount of repeats to select skills, which would be controlled by skill notetags like this <multi cast>. Any help with this would be appreciated.
  9. Animebryan

    Diverse Graphics

    For the record, RPG Maker 95 was the first RM program to be released for the PC, not for the PS1. RPG Maker (PS1) RPG Maker 95
  10. MV has a lot of Plugins (just as many Scripts as Ace, if not more). Heck, Yanfly's library of plugins easily outweighs his VX Ace collection of Ruby Scripts, and they offer far more versatile features & options. MV is the first & only RPG Maker engine to support HD resolution, while Ace is still limited to a 640x480 resolution. And who is 'They'? Who remade this using old SFC Graphics? Re-imagining isn't the same thing as a remake (similar to what's happening with the FF7 'Remake'). That phrase actually worries me, because there's another guy who is attempting to do a re-imagining with Ace & not only is his game butchering the classic but he's trying to add so much stuff to the game that he's having issues with scripts & I think he got seriously set back to the point of starting all over again, if he hasn't quit already. I haven't heard of any remake that uses the old NES graphics that I know of.
  11. You know, you're right, Brian. My spelling and* grammar can be a bit fucked up at times. It was never flawless, but having taken a six year break from creative writing to work six days a week to keep the lights on, it has suffered. Like anything else, if you don't use it, you lose it.


    In order for you to even try to understand, I'd need to give you my life story and I am not about to spill those details to the likes of you, Chief. I will give you the long and short of it, though.


    I have no shortage of mistakes made. No shortage of life lived. It's taken me a very, very long time to embrace my failures and find value in myself in a world that measures humam beings based on trivial bullshit.


    I have a grade 9 education. Four grade 10 credits. Go ahead, look down on me. You've already done so, and it happens to be something I'm intimately familiar with. You see, I got in alot of trouble as a yute (that means youth). I had things going on that were never addressed. Instead I became a hot potato kid. The slightest mis-step, and I was goneski! Shipped off to the next home, sometimes even the streets.


    So I got wise to the system I was trapped in. I left school and went to work anywhere I could. I was going to take care of my-damn-self, because no one else would...


    It's so easy to sit behind a screen and judge people, Bryan, but it's a shitty, ignorant practice that will only make you look like a heavyweight asshat.


    Best of luck with whatever it is you do, Buddy.

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    2. That One NPC

      That One NPC

      It's still very much a work in progress, but the plot I'm cooking up is heavily inspired by (but not aiming to directly emulate) FF7's life stream and living planet concepts. I also want to tie political themes in that are somewhat current. The scope of the protests in Hong Kong, and the immigration war in the States have inspired me as well.


      I'm thinking of a world much like our own. Many countries which are closed off from one another. Many species facing extinction due to human activity. Pollution ravaging the air, soil, and oceans. Humanity has disconnected from spirituality, burning their dead like household garbage instead of returning them to the planet. (I have a real world issue with burning dead. It's violent and unnatural. The process of decay exists for a reason imo.)


      One nation in particular will the native land of several main characters, and it will be in turmoil, under the leadership of a charismatic, racist politician. One character among them will have an uncanny understanding of the lost spirituality I spoke of. More or less the local doomsayer, and looked upon by many as little more than a lunatic.


      The selfish, materialistic lifestyle of humanity abroad is destroying society and nature. One thing I've been thinking about and trying to reconcile conceptually is making monsters able to go exinct if the player kills too many of them. Some monsters will be evil and malicious by nature that won't go exinct. The idea I'm playing with is that tje disconnect from spirituality has either angered their Goddess, or attracted a nefarious sort of energy that is amplifying all the bad aspects of life and humanity. This results in the malicious monsters showing up.


      For the exinct monsters, I've been thinking about a monster behavior/mood system for normal monsters. So sometimes a creature might be just roaming peacefully, other times you might find one that's hungry or hunting, and therefor on the attack. The player's actions in battle ccould change the creatures mood.


      I also want to put in a system that allows the player to help protect or restore populations. Maybe taking eggs to a conservation facility or something. Maybe it could be as easy as not killing them for awhile.


      It's all a work in progess as I said. The main focus starting out is the premise.


      For me it's all about how you set things up and guide the player through the narrative. If you throw things in their face, they might shut down on you. I think you've got to lead the player there over time.

    3. Rikifive


      That kinda reminds me of some games, that take place in the future. The future is quite often shown as a world destroyed by humanity, whether due to a war or just human activity like you mentioned. Speaking of these things, I think I wouldn't be surprised if our future would end up like this. It's a shame how destructive humanity is.


      This does sound legit and interesting to be honest.



      For me it's all about how you set things up and guide the player through the narrative. If you throw things in their face, they might shut down on you. I think you've got to lead the player there over time.

      Yeah, that's what I had in mind from some point of view earlier. Sounds like you know what you're doing.


      Well then, so it's pretty much now a matter of inspiration and motivation, that you have to do your best to not lose in the process. Good luck!

    4. That One NPC

      That One NPC

      I've always been more of an idea guy than a developer. That's been my challenge. My games usually outgrow my ability to develop them. I would rather put them on ice than butcher them. ^_^

  12. I'm actually a strong believer of the KISS concept. Simplistic is the better way for my game. Its literally a 'Grind-fest Gacha' game & games like that actually benefit from having shorter battles or otherwise players begin to lose their patience & burn out.
  13. I usually already incorporate these in my games, as each of the 8 initial elements has a negative status effect tied to it; Fire - Burn/Burning Ice - Freeze/Frozen (possible shatter-kill) Thunder/Lightning - Paralysis/Shock/Stun Water - Wet (resistance to fire & burn [removed by fire as well], weak to thunder/lightning/ice & paralysis/shock/stun/freeze/frozen) Earth - Petrify/Stone Wind - Confusion/Slow/AGL Debuff Holy/Light - Blind/Instant Death to Undead Dark/Darkness - Blind/Instant Death Its not. The editor is extremely limited, especially Battle Events. Besides, by nature, a check would have to be performed to see if damage was caused by a physical attack. The only real way to even check for that is through a script call, which isn't easily done in battle. Nothing short of a plugin which applies advanced effects to states & checks for actions in battle can accomplish this.