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  1. I'm using Yanfly's Equip Core to give actors multiple accessory slots but I want to limit accessories to 1 per person so that they can't stack the effects. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Need a plugin for Elemental Evasion

    bumping for help
  3. bumping for help
  4. Is there a way to display a game's Playtime on the menu? I've tried setting the 'Data' Playtime to a variable & used a plugin to display that variable but it doesn't display it right. It looked like it displays in literal seconds or something. Edit: Someone showed me a plugin for it. Problem solved.
  5. Need a plugin to display a variable in a window

    Problem has been resolved. This can be closed now.
  6. I'm using Yanfly's Equip Core to allow multiple accessory slots. I have some 'Cursed' accessories that would lock their slot so you can't remove them normally. However, when I used the standard Lock Equip/Seal Equip traits, a single cursed accessory would actually lock ALL accessory slots instead of just its own. I guess I need a plugin to keep this from happening. It just needs to be compatible with Yanfly's Equip Core.