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  1. Just got back from the store having chest pains, trouble breathing, panicking & heading to the hospital. If I die from a heart attack I just to say thank you to the RPG Maker community for all its done to help me pursue my lifelong dream of becoming a game designer, event though I never got to produce something to be proud of.

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    2. PhoenixSoul


      A lot of people tend to believe that Anxiety disorders are fake and people should just 'suck it up'...

      I know someone who died from anxiety attack complications, likely the culprits are the idiots who claim that mental illnesses are created by individuals who want this so-called 'free pass' thing that doesn't really exist.


      I'm just glad you're on the mend, or seem to be.

    3. Animebryan


      That's disheartening to hear. I hope my primary doctor doesn't pull that crap with me. This is anything but a free pass. My depression took a turn for the worse earlier. I couldn't feel anything in regards to feeling happy or even mentally normal. It was so bad that I sharpened my knife & started cutting my arms (they're just scratches). I finally snapped out of it (not by my free will). If my mental health continues to diminish further I may not be around for much longer.

    4. Kayzee


      I don't think most people realize there is a difference between, say, feeling sad and being clinically depressed. Clinical depression isn't just feeling bad, it's more or less being completely unable to feel anything but bad because your ability to feel anything but bad is broken. I honestly think the reason people say things about how you should 'suck it up'  don't what to admit that is possible, because it's just that damn terrifying of a concept. Heck so many people suffering form problems like that don't want to admit that's whats happening either and never ask for the help they need.


      Are there people who try and fake it to get a 'free pass' of some sort? Of course there are. But the blunt truth is that human beings are beautiful chaotic machines the same as anything else. They can be buggy and problem prone, they can get malware and viruses, and sometimes they unexpectedly crash. Sometimes they need help, and that's okay. It isn't their fault. And if they look I am sure there are people somewhere who can help, if only a little bit.


      I donno if saying all that will help or hurt, but I think it helps me sometimes to remember that when I seem like I am falling in a dark abyss with no escape, it's probably a glitch. That I might just not be seeing what's really there. That there is probobly is a way out I am not seeing. And that doesn't solve the problem, but it always keeps me from thinking of doing something I may regret on impulse.