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  1. You know, you're right, Brian. My spelling and* grammar can be a bit fucked up at times. It was never flawless, but having taken a six year break from creative writing to work six days a week to keep the lights on, it has suffered. Like anything else, if you don't use it, you lose it.


    In order for you to even try to understand, I'd need to give you my life story and I am not about to spill those details to the likes of you, Chief. I will give you the long and short of it, though.


    I have no shortage of mistakes made. No shortage of life lived. It's taken me a very, very long time to embrace my failures and find value in myself in a world that measures humam beings based on trivial bullshit.


    I have a grade 9 education. Four grade 10 credits. Go ahead, look down on me. You've already done so, and it happens to be something I'm intimately familiar with. You see, I got in alot of trouble as a yute (that means youth). I had things going on that were never addressed. Instead I became a hot potato kid. The slightest mis-step, and I was goneski! Shipped off to the next home, sometimes even the streets.


    So I got wise to the system I was trapped in. I left school and went to work anywhere I could. I was going to take care of my-damn-self, because no one else would...


    It's so easy to sit behind a screen and judge people, Bryan, but it's a shitty, ignorant practice that will only make you look like a heavyweight asshat.


    Best of luck with whatever it is you do, Buddy.

    1. Animebryan


      That's quite the response over a simple Wright Wales misspelling & me half joking about saving English spelling & grammar. I'm a high school dropout myself (Class of 2000). I didn't get to graduate, a shame I have to carry for life. Got mostly failing grades in HS, not because I didn't pay attention or didn't learn anything, but I just don't believe in homework (that's MY TIME, not theirs) & always felt that schools were just a 'prison system' for minors.


      I still got my GED though, aced the test on the 1st try just to prove I wasn't stupid or anything. I wasn't supposedly judging but just carrying out my duty as an official Spelling & Grammar Nazi, because if we don't defend proper spelling & grammar then the written form of English on the internet will devolve into some meaningless gibberish that no one will understand (just look at Ebonics & Internet Speak). It seems you took it  way too personal & you should know better than that.


      Btw, what happened to that post I originally responded to? Did you delete it or was it Riki?

    2. That One NPC

      That One NPC

      I deleted it, because all I kept hearing was political themes in rpgs is so risque and dangerous - will only piss people off. When 90% of the mainstream rpgs you've played have political themes.


      Elder Scrolls anyone? A.C.? Anything by Squaresoft, lol.


      It just derailed into a contrarian mess.



      Being dropouts is not a shame. I don't need a a diploma to tell me I'm worth the paper it's printed on. Took me awhile to realize that.

    3. Rikifive


      As for me, I had these typical real life politics in mind, you know, presidents, economy and stuff like that. The examples you mentioned were actually totally fine. Your last sentence in the examples and that you were inspired by current events kinda made me think of the stuff, that constantly cause dramas I see in debates users have, hence my comment. Maybe I misunderstood something, so sorry if my comment annoyed you that much. That's what I get for posting stuff at 4 AM, though the way you presented all of this kinda sounded like that. You should just have corrected me then, no need to throw bombs. Even if, I absolutely didn't mean to critique your idea in any way, if that's how you took that.


      I know games, often RPG's, tend to involve political aspects, but these usually are fictional for the most part. For some reason I thought you had more serious business in mind.


      Anyway, if what I mentioned is absolutely not the case, then yeah, let's forget about all of that.

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