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  1. Well, I turned 38 today. Yippee-ki-yay! My mom visited me today, without wearing a mask! I have asthma so if I catch the Doomsday Virus, I'm a goner.


    Not-so-Fun Fact: Seems the Covid-19 virus is a hybrid viral bio weapon consisting of at least SARS & HIV. That means severe & permanent lung damage as well as the destruction of your immune system, which is probably why people are either getting reinfected, or the virus goes into remission like Herpes & can flare back up later, which only seems like a reinfection, but its really that you can't develop antibodies for it because of the HIV aspect of it.

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    2. Animebryan


      Nobody likes a Negative Nancy :(

      As for the blame game, think of it this way. What if someone close to you was murdered? Wouldn't you want to know who was responsible for it? Even if you can't do something about it, knowing who it was & knowing that justice was brought down upon them gives CLOSURE. We need closure for this pandemic. We got reminded that China & Communism can never be trusted. They have always been the enemy, not just against the US, but all of humanity.

    3. PhoenixSoul


      What about a Realistic Rachel? Underappreciated as well.

      However, getting closure is just as underappreciated, and I have lots of closure I'll never get due to various reasons though most of them being related to power-tripping admin/moderators/banker-bought-political puppets && policy enforcers...

      We need to take that closure for ourselves and end the reign of government altogether. The USA was founded on Anarchist principles (yup one hundred percent true); we need to go back to those principles and stick to them, if we want to live truly free. The price of true freedom? Constant vigilance.

    4. Kayzee


      @Animebryan Is that what 'closure' means to you then? Sounds like an excuse not to have to think of it anymore or do anything else about it to me. If someone close to me was murdered deliberately by an individual person, sure I would want to know who. I would even grant you I would want to know who if it was due to someone's gross negligence or stupidity. But that doesn't mean I am willing to blame someone without any real evidence they are involved just because I want some kind of 'closure'. Especially someone I know won't actually face any kind of justice for it.


      What you are talking about doesn't seem much like closure to me. Seems to me like what you want a devil you can blame for everything great and small. And don't get me wrong, there are plenty of reasons to dislike China & Communism. But the enemy of all of humanity? That tittle is more then they deserve. If humanity has one great enemy, it's their own delusions.


      @PhoenixSoul Anarchism starts with you ya know, not the government. The real price of true freedom is the realization that you are already free.

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