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  1. Well, I turned 38 today. Yippee-ki-yay! My mom visited me today, without wearing a mask! I have asthma so if I catch the Doomsday Virus, I'm a goner.


    Not-so-Fun Fact: Seems the Covid-19 virus is a hybrid viral bio weapon consisting of at least SARS & HIV. That means severe & permanent lung damage as well as the destruction of your immune system, which is probably why people are either getting reinfected, or the virus goes into remission like Herpes & can flare back up later, which only seems like a reinfection, but its really that you can't develop antibodies for it because of the HIV aspect of it.

    1. PhoenixSoul


      If this is true, then it is a fully manufactured virus.

      So, anyway, hopefully you had a fun day; my week or so of recycling and rejuvenating is not starting off well at all, and I don't expect to feel anything but worse because of all the crap that's going on, on top of being forced to do everything around here including things that stress me out because I'm not good at it and I get scrutinized for any effort I put into it.

      I'm more worried about that being the end of me than any virus, but I digress.

      My advice is to not worry, to not panic, and don't further surrender your rights. If you feel sick, stay home and rest. Lots, and lots of rest, good food, that's how one beats illness, that's how one recovers from injury.

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