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  1. is there a way to use this script to recover to just 1HP?
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    I write stories, event and database myself but anyways, hi how are you.
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    Fish is back

    I was, what I'd consider, active on the VX forums since I've decided to play around a bit in ACE I'm ready to become active again and am stating I'm back for that reason.
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    Fish is back

    Hey guys! I'm deprivedfish, I'm new to the Ace engine and only somewhat self-taught on the VX engine. I've been playing around for sometime on this whole game project thing and I figured I'd introduce myself to the community who I've been using for tips, tutorials, and resources. Like any person on here I have my strengths and weakness so for all that are interested: * Eventer * Writer * Database(r?) I am terrible at: *Scripting *Mapmaking *Spriting *Music Composing Yeah I'm not all there when it comes to visual arts and I only list music composing because I can think of awesome bgms just don't know how to make them come out as I hear them in my head so. I haven't worked on any major projects but I was project leader and lead eventer for Project Union Seeds Arc of the Twilight (still in works). Though I want to challenge myself work with others and learn more about this game so that I can become a better RPG maker. So feel free to ask any questions or any imput and I'll answer away.