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  1. Falcao

    Falcao Iconset Patch Add-on help?

    With pearl v3 you no longer need the patch cuz it is already in
  2. Falcao

    Falcao Pearl ABS XP/Mack Sprites support

    As Zeta told you. There is a Maker Xp template in the graphic folder. The iconset feature is only available for chibi sprites. But the script can be modified to xp sprites
  3. $game_player.actor.assigned_skill = nil also available for the rest of the slots assigned_skill2 assigned_skill3 assigned_skill4
  4. @Ranoke I tested within the Pearl demo and it was working fine. maybe you have to send me a demo and look for any conflicting script
  5. @Ranoke all my scripts are compatible each other. So the aswer is yes!
  6. @Dymdez Thanks for the donation, you will receive the Pearl Licence soon. about the shield option lets see what i can do. @chigoo i edited, Pearl Kernel, Projectile, Battler Settings, and Pearl sprites the others scripts remain the same, also you have to remove the "Fantastic Pearl ABS Path" because Pearl V3 already have all the updates inside the system.
  7. I updated the main post to show up two videos. Thanks to all those peoples who are supporting my work by making donations to my site. i will keep updating my scripts as reward!
  8. Hello everyone As i promise before here the new update of the Falcao Pearl ABS Liquid script, this update is more like a bug fixing release than anything else but i create some new features requested for some users. here some of them Pearl v3 change log - Injected Pearl abs path - Fixed dead posses issue - Implemented respawn timer for enemies - Fixed vehicle issue - Enemies cannot longer attack you while in vehicle - fixed stuck issue when borading a a vehicle while a follower is deadposing - added low hp switches for enemies - Added item quantity to enemy drops - Fixed enemy touch damage issue - Fixed custom graphics display issue - Added random attacking item, skills, weapon or amors to enemies Check the main post for more details and demo download link You are now able to create a real professional game using this script, the limit is your imagination Here some pictures Respawn System Enemy low hp features
  9. Hello, anyone here? I have some problems with your Mouse System Buttons 2.5

  10. @User_35833 there is no date for the release, im just taking a quick look to the entire code, when i finish i will release it @Ranoke You need to add more detail to your request,
  11. Fixed for Pearl v3 version Any other bugs you have found let me know before i release the next update
  12. I forgot to add that feature, but should be pretty easy to set up on Pearl Projectile
  13. There are some hidden features on the system that i forgot to mention in the script documentation, im glad some Pearl users found some of them What you mean with custom projectiles?
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