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  1. Great work =D Awesome update =P
  2. This update it's fantastic :Q___
  3. Ally

    KMS Minimap

    Great Bubble! Thanks for traduction! We can expect great script from tomy!
  4. Ally

    8 Dir Move

    Hi JV =) Added a demo please? ^^
  5. Ally

    Battle Transition System

    Very usefull script :3 Thanks Flip ^^
  6. Ally

    Open Menu during Message

    Oh ok, then I did not understand ^^' Thanks for the reply =)
  7. Ally

    Open Menu during Message

    What can serve to open the menu while you're reading a message? O_o
  8. Ally

    Angelo HUD v2.5

    Thanks burandon
  9. Hi fbu ^ç^ Great tile! Thanks!
  10. Ally

    Angelo HUD v2.5

    Dropbox error ç_ç
  11. Ally

    Simple Side-View

    Can be made transparent when the character is a step forward? Or make it completely invisible?
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