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  1. Hikitsu

    Menu script for Action Battle

    Nice menu, simple and pretty !
  2. Hikitsu

    Advanced boss question

    You could create a Skill to "Drain HP" from Minions and set an MP Cost to the Skill. Set the Devouring Animation to it. Have it set so that Boss performs this skill as a Force action when at "xx%" HP. This way, After "x" Repeated times (Which should also be equal to the total number of minons), Boss would run out of Mana and cannot perform the skill.
  3. Well here is an idea - Do both ! - Use Items to perform unique utility skills. - Use Augmenting abilities along-side the above abilities. I don't think any Class is fun when all his skills do the same thing, Like use an Item or a different kind of item.
  4. Hikitsu

    Fairness in Secrets

    I'm not sure about what kind of secrets you mean. Do you mean something like this ? - Character is actually of a different gender than the one that you originally picked, But you hide this fact from the Player till you want to reveal it - Character has scars all over his/her body and has been through a tragic past and doesn't even remember it - Character has lost a limb or an eye, Here you would have to reveal this by showing how the character is great even without them - Character suffers from a Split-Personality or Psychosis (This one is more commonly used) Well, If you mean something like the above, Sure. That makes the game far more interesting. But if i were to be told something relevant to the Character, I would expect to watch a Cut-Scene or even play some of the part where it happened. I wouldn't want it revealed in a message window. Also, I feel this "secret" should serve some greater purpose in the game, Not just be there to make the Character feel different.
  5. The Player can pick 2 Characters and both Archer and Mage are secondary characters. You can play as one of them for the whole game. I think it's too late too change now, Since I have most of Enemy troops, Weapon and Armor designed around a 2 Character Battle system I don't use TP in my game but i like your idea of Mage imbuing arrows for archer Sadly, They never meet because the Player has to pick either one as a Secondary Character - Archer or Mage. Perhaps I can give one of my Primary Characters the same idea - Ability to Imbue arrows with Magic. I have a Warlord (Wields a Giant sword and sort of like a Berserker) & Lancer (Sort of like Tank / Support Role). Perhaps I can give my Lancer an ability to Buff the Archer somehow to give his arrow magical abilities.
  6. Hikitsu

    Deleting Save files

    Can't you just delete the Save Files before Compressing ?
  7. Hikitsu

    Aesthetic battle graphics.

    Here are some more similar Battle HUDS : Link (Scroll down and you find these two HUDS - Silver Hawk & Blue Witch)
  8. Cool idea , Yea an AOE Skill would be nice for the finisher skill for the Archer And nope, The Archer & Mage are separate Secondary Characters that never meet each other. I like your idea of a Team Ability with Archer, The other 2 Characters are Warlord (A Warrior) & Lancer (Tank/Assassin Hybrid). So maybe I could make your idea work for them instead. I like this idea, Sort of like an Attack and Team Buff at the same time, However I'm afraid the Archer would die off easily if he got more Aggro, Because he can't tank many hits for long. That's a nice idea, I might be thinking of a Trap skill, Sounds fun and unique, Also makes a nice substitute for Stun Skills, which many Archers possess. Wow, Those are really awesome ideas, Thanks I liked your ideas, Especially the Marksmanship Skill Set & Storm-Mage Skill Set. I hadn't really planned on a Storm Mage but your ideas make me want to make something similar !
  9. So, I'v been planning my Archer & Mage Characters for my game which involves only 2 playable Characters at a time (This is why I need some unique skills to keep battles more interesting with just 2 Characters). I know.. You are probably bored of hearing of those same old skill names.. Stun Shot, Poison Arrow, Fireball.. again and again just like a typical Archer or Mage from any other RPG, So am I.. So I wanted some help in thinking of some unique Ideas for skills for Archer & Mage Characters, as long as they are possible to be made in the RPG Maker (Like not something unrealistic like those DBZ moves, lol). I would like to hear out complicated ideas too, If you have any, which might involve some work with the common events or Force Action feature. I enjoy the challenge in making unique skills. I hope you also share the Description of the skill and what it is supposed to do in some 2 - 3 sentences, Because the Skill name alone won't help much.
  10. Hi, I think I'v seen you around now for a while. Nice knowing you ! I'm a 26 year old guy that loves making Games as a Hobby, So what else can I say ? You seem to love the Classics, Haha, Games like Contra & Super Mario sure brings back some lovely memories
  11. Hikitsu

    Hey,everybody how are you:)

    Hi, You can call me Hikitsu ! RPG Maker is no doubt my Favorite Game maker, I tried many different Game Making software yet all seemed hard and complicated, to me. The reason I like RPG Maker is because you can find plenty of Custom Resources for it - Graphics, Scripts, Audio etc and can make a game without knowing coding Feel free to pm me if you want to know anything or need help with anything except mapping ! (Coz i'm really bad at mapping )
  12. Hikitsu

    Hello ^^

    Hello and welcome
  13. Hikitsu

    Necromancer Protagonist?

    Well, These are some ways that I can think of : - There are some scripts out there that convert part of the Damage you take to Mana. However this is with a State and you would have to passively assign this State to the Character. - Your Character curses the enemy draining them of Mana while you regenerate Mana. Just create 2 States so it appears that you are actually draining mana from the enemy. With Common Events, You could make this happen passively at the start of every Battle. - You could always create a Skill to heal you back a % of Mana when you target a Dead Ally. Of course, If you plan to have something like this passively, then that would be quite hard. - Another way would be to have your Health convert to Mana by using a Skill. This would have you build HP instead and convert it to Mana, Whenever needed.
  14. I'v been wondering, Has anyone experimented with making unique skills with Auto-battle feature ? Games seem to have a lot of Potential if you use the Auto-Battle feature in the right way (More so, if you use a Side Battle system). I also think Auto-Battle skills can lead to some fun time watching the Characters play by themselves and the Player taking a short break from the normal skill spamming. If you can think of any or have already made up some kind of Skills based on Auto-Battle Feature, Kindly share Here are 2 Auto-Battle skills I made for my game : - Squad Counter [using Auto-Battle] - Demon Aura [using Auto-Battle]
  15. Hikitsu

    Happy to see you

    Welcome ! You won't believe how many times the same thing happened to me ! Eventually, I start all over again..
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