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  1. How to Make an Animated Title Screen Scripting Tutorial Tutorial Made by: Soulpour777 Graphics: Moghunter's Master Demo Q: I wanted to make my own simple animated title screen, but I don't have the knowledge to do so. I want to make my own way of making a Title Screen just like Moghunter's scripts, can you teach me? This is basically the goal of this tutorial. Today, we're going to make our own Animated Title Screen! Awesome, right? Yayy! Before we start, we will need the following materials! Remember that I may add new materials as we go on to the tutorial. Save them under your Titles1 folder. That is where we will all be putting our graphics in. Now that we have the necessary graphics needed, let's jump right into the scripting. Open your RPG Maker VX Ace and start a new project. I recommend making this in a fresh project so it won't cause any disruption on your project. Just to be safe Now, once you created a new project, press F11 to go the Script Section. You can also click the Script Section Icon on your Ace's tool ribbon. Go to the Materials part on your script and create a new section below. This is where we are going to start our scripting. The things we need to do on our Title Screen are the following: Use our Game_Title as the title instead of the Default Game Title Make our background Make some images move To begin with, start with this on your script: What we did here was to create a class called Scene_Title inheriting its functions from Scene_Base. Instead of rewriting Scene_Title's method start, we created an alias. What is an alias? Alias simply means a new name for our method. We need to call the alias on that method as well, it is called Calling the Original Method. If you are wondering why there is a : sign on the alias, that is because : signed things are considered methods. You can also alias it this way if you want: alias soul_animated_titlescreen_simple start Does the alias need to be like that? Can't we make our own alias? No. It is not necessary. You can alias it with any name you want. If you are wondering what create_grass_fog and create_trees are, that is what we will define next. We need to overwrite our create_background from the original Scene_Title, so do this: This time, we changed the original things inside the create_background method. We created a new Plane object and made a bitmap whose name is the "Background" which we just had saved awhile ago. Now, let me explain a few things here (also from the help file to be more accurate of what they actually mean): Planes Planes are special sprites that tile bitmap patterns across the entire screen and are used to display parallax backgrounds and so on. Bitmap The bitmap class. It represents images. Now that we got those done, when we created our instance variable named background, which is a plane and holds a bitmap named "Background" from our game folder Titles1, we set up its z attribute. What does the z do? z The plane's z-coordinate. The larger the value, the closer to the player the plane will be displayed. If multiple objects share the same z-coordinate, the more recently created object will be displayed closest to the player. Basically what it means is the higher the value of the z, the closer the plane would be displayed. Treat it like a layer in Photoshop. For example, if you created a new layer from Layer 1, Layer 2 is displayed before Layer 1. Now, we need to do that for the Fog0 and Fog1 too, so on your script, add this: So on this part, we defined our create_grass_fog and create_trees that we just called on our start method. This is the interesting part. Well first off, as you noticed, we inherited methods from Scene_Base, right? That means everything from the Scene_Base also works in Scene_Title. We need to borrow the update_basic method from Scene_Base and call it on Scene_Title. If you search your Scene_Base, you can see there the update_basic method. So, on our script, we need to make something like this: Oops! Let's explain what happened here. We retained the Graphics.update, Input.update and update_all_methods from update_basic. That is because they are important on making the Scene_Title work. Now, what does @grass_fog.ox += 3 and @trees.ox += 1 mean? What is ox? ox The x-coordinate of the plane's starting point. Change this value to scroll the plane. Q: I advance read the Sprite Class and it says it also has ox. Can't we just use sprites instead? A: Good question, isn't it? Well the reason for that is because the Sprite won't replicate itself or rather does not work like a Parallax. When you use Planes, it works like a parallax and repeats itself, unlike sprites, they don't when they scroll. So what we did here is: we made the Fog0 scroll horizontally by 3 and the trees by 1. We created it in update_basic because it works every frame. Moving on, we need to draw our Game's Title, so we need to overwrite the draw_game_title. On your script, do this: And lastly, we need to dispose every image that we made here. So, on your script, do this: Let me explain what we did here on the dispose method. dispose Frees the plane. If the plane has already been freed, does nothing. We freed the bitmap first and freed the object. So we disposed the image and disposed the Plane object we just created. It works the same if you created a Plane or a Sprite. The bitmap we just disposed there is the bitmap object we used on the plane. Since we did not overwrite the dispose_background method, we need to do this on our script: What we did there is just removing the things its doing on dispose_background. You can also put the things on dispose_all_used_graphics on dispose_background if you like. That's basically it! This should be the final product of your code: Go ahead and test it! Q: Can we add more images and create more animations into it like scrolling upwards too? A: Definitely yes! Make sure to create them in a method, call them from the start method. Make sure they're instance variables too! Also, don't forget to dispose them Organize your Plane's z well too. Q: If its possible to do an upward motion for the plane, how would I do that? oy The y-coordinate of the plane's starting point. Change this value to scroll the plane. You can do something like this: @image_i_like_to_scroll.oy += value where value is the number of scroll speed you want to deal with the image. Add that in update_basic. That's all folks! I added a DEMO of this tutorial as well, so you can get to see it in action!
  2. Turn and Move Author: Soulpour777 In the Pokemon games, it allows you to turn to the direction first before you actually move to that certain direction. This plugin emulates that certain effect. Plugin Commands set turnandmove true sets the turn and move function turned ON. set turnandmove false sets the turn and move function turned OFF. Plugin Download: Download the plugin on Soul x Regalia. Terms: - You are free to edit and adapt my plugins - You are free to use this plugin for commercial and non commercial use. For more terms of use questions, please visit my website.
  3. Skip Party Command Author: Soulpour777 Plugin Description: This plugin allows you to escape the Party Command Selection on your battle. That means when you start fighting or in the battle scene, you will be able to select the actor commands and each character has their own individual escape command. Parameters: Escape Name Download Plugin from my website.
  4. Plugin for RPG Maker MV – Caliburn Custom Menu System / Caliburn CMS Authors: Soulpour777, Yanfly, Blackmorning Main CMS Plugins – Soulpour777 Status Menu Core and Add-ons: Yanfly Plugins (http://yanfly.moe/) BM_EquipCore: Blackmorning (http://bmscripts.weebly.com/) Description: This plugin allows you to change your boring menu into a more lively, well designed and animated type of Menu. Instructions and Order of Plugin: For more instructions, please check each plugin’s HELP file. DOWNLOAD
  5. [RMMV] Story Book Ex Plugin {Script by: Soulpour777} Parameters: – Story Image, Text X Axis, Text Y Axis and Text Scroll Speed – Book Particle, Scroll X and Scroll Y – Skip Availability – Music Name, Volume, Pitch and Pan Open Features: – availability to skip. – availability to present stories and even credits in scrolling manner. Images should be placed under img / pictures folder. To call the scene, place this on the script call event: SceneManager.goto(Story_Book); Credits: Moghunter – During XP and VX engine days, he made this script called ‘Scene Book’, where the idea is you see scrolling images, a music ad a few wavy images to simulate the story being read. I was thinking of making one for MV, but I coded this during my earlier days of learning MV, so I made it the simplest way possible. I want to credit him for the original script and idea behind the creation of this plugin. Get the plugin at SoulxRegalia.
  6. Animated Title Cirno Author: Soulpour777 Credits: Cirno Renders: http://www.deviantart.com/ Background: Hanzo Kimura Music: æ±æ–¹ç´…魔郷 ~ the Embodiment of Scarlet Devil Stage 2 OST Download Plugin
  7. Plugin for RMMV – Book of People Plugin Description: Displays a detailed status of the people you’ve met in your adventure. Instruction: First, make sure you have placed the required asset for this plugin. It needs a portrait. The item name should be the same with the portrait name located on img / bookofpeople folder. Once the plugin is installed, you’re ready to get yourself from setting up the plugin. All plugin commands can be seen from the help file of the plugin. Here is a little reminder. You can see this also in the demo, but I want to explain this anyway. When you add the <npc_item> tagged item in your inventory, use the plugin command to add the certain item to record the certain detail of the NPC / Person in the book. Since it shows as a regular item, it would still be usable, so what you need to do is remove them upon recording. Credits: Download this plugin at Soul x Regalia.
  8. LOL itch.io has a bug. When you log in, you will all be leafo. You can't access your account.

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      it's not a bug. there's a note written by them when you try to login:


      We've temporarily disabled logins while we investigate a technical issue. Thanks for your patience.


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      I hope they will fix it very soon because you can't submit or join the currently running game jam IGMC - there's a deadline :/

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      I don't even have an account there, so, all square on my end. lolz :lol:

  9. Tales of Vesperia Custom Menu System Author: Soulpour777 For more info / DOWNLOAD, get the plugin HERE. Date of Creation: July 8, 2016 Description: This plugin converts your default menu to the Tales of Vesperia Menu Style. Includes: - Main Menu Interface - Item Interface - Equip Interface - Skill Interface - Status Interface Three optional things added: - Options - Save - End
  10. TBWCS

    Goto Menu Scene after loading a file

    Well, the simplest hack you can do is on the Scene_Load. For example: class Scene_Load < Scene_File def on_load_success Sound.play_load fadeout_all $game_system.on_after_load SceneManager.goto(Scene_Menu) end end Something like this. But remember that when this happens, the scene still places you on the title screen. I wonder how you'd be transported from the map, however, or how you're exactly planning on doing that.
  11. TBWCS

    Leaving The Actor With 1 HP

    Hmm, from your description it seems this needs a little bit of a plugin. I haven't been using the damage formula so I don't know if there's a method in there to do so.
  12. TBWCS

    Goto Menu Scene after loading a file

    Hi buddysievers, It seems you are looking for a script for this, since normally loading a file transports you back to the map, rather than on the menu.
  13. Gordon Ramsay and Jamie Oliver argues a lot who is the better chef. I guess you can say they had a little beef with each other.

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      I don't think it has, in fact it seems a bit underdone! Good puns are far too rare.

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      Cookie Ninja

      It makes me salty to not know what you're cooking.

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      Sorry for not telling you be fore hand but I want to make sure my puns aren't half baked. It's the yeast I can do!

  14. I feel that hype and time stopped for us. I feel stagnant lately.

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      Real Life has done this to me as well...


      No cure or relief in sight...

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  15. TBWCS

    Reversing Controls Plugin

    Here you go: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B6vlbtt3psdGSWNEc1JDLU1WbXc
  16. Just enrolled at RIT (Rochester Institute of Technology). I currently enrolled myself on Gameplay Programming. I want to expland my horizons, so to speak. Also needed when I find a job in Dubai this year!

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      Lord Vectra

      Yay! GOOD JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *hugs*

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      Thanks Lord Vectra <3 For the better me.

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      Lord Vectra

      Not problem ^_^ Im happy for you!

  17. Well, the simplest way is to create a waiting thing for the title screen to show the commands, like spending a few frames along the showing of the fade out of the logo. In theory, it works that way.
  18. Moving on forward, for the better, for happiness.

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      Lord Vectra

      *hugs* Its okay

  19. TBWCS

    Incredibly New to RPG Maker

    We should be more active!
  20. TBWCS

    Equip Class Change

    And thank you very much for using my plugin. Great to know it works properly as expected.
  21. Equip Class Change Plugin Author: Soulpour777 Introduction: This plugin allows you to change your class via an equipped weapon or armor. Installation and Tutorial on How To Use: DOWNLOAD
  22. There is no reason for us; humanity to stick and hate one another forever. I thought we knew forgiveness and repentance? People change. Change is constantly happening.

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      That's not a pun. That's not a pun at all!

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      For some hate is like love, something to hold on to, to give their life meaning. It's silly, but some people only have hate left to hold on to.

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      I guess that's sorrow in my case...

  23. 3d scripts for rpg maker mv coming up.

  24. Event Distance Sensor Author: Soulpour777 Plugin Description: Do you wish your events could have been more attentive? Do you want them to have that trait where they can see you? There are games where you wanted to do a stealth scene where the Patrolman needs to make sure the place is safe. However, you are the thief and you want to steal the artifact! This plugin allows the events to detect the player via a line sensor, that makes it execute events that the plugin user wishes for the event to do. Plugin Demonstration: Credits: LittleDrago & Moghunter - I pulled the same idea with how they were able to create the sensors for XP, VX and VXAce. What I did was to read the note tag through a comment and then made the same idea in MV, where I was able to make distance and sensors. Download Plugin
  25. Currently writing the documentation of my RPG Maker MV 3D Project.

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