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  1. ~Working on revamping profile~ ~Checking out the stuff I missed~ ~Getting hype about MV~ (hell yes)

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    2. Bunni89


      Umm okay I deleted my earlier updates but I don't know if that removes them from the feed? Sorry again for the trouble!

    3. Rikifive


      No worries, it's fine. I'm just saying that, because you could get into a trouble if you'd be still 'spamming'. ( ͡ᵔ ͜ʖ ͡°)

      And yes, it's all connected, so it was deleted from here as well.

      All statuses are displayed here: http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/statuses/all/

      So if you'll post an update in your profile, it is also displayed here.

    4. xoferew


      Welcome back anyway, Bunni-the-troublemaker. :D

  2. I had a similar idea to this once, where it would use Galv's Battle Favour script. http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/topic/8338-battle-favour/ Except I gave up because I couldn't think of how to make it work the way I wanted XD Basically the idea would be that the Favour (renamed Conflict) bar becomes an alternate win condition. Something like if you max it out, then the battle ends. So you can either kill all the enemies, or you can "negate the conflict" and end it peacefully. Because bar-boosting skills would be stuff like "talk", "bribe", "hug", "dance" and whatever. It would lower the enemy party's hostility if you use the right skill on a monster that likes it. So you either win by destroying enemies or just making them leave. (And you'd get the same amount of EXP either way, but different morality points and different item drops. Like.. gifts versus stuff you swipe off the creature's body.) And similarly doing scary/dangerous/angry things to foes would boost the other side of the conflict bar, and if it maxes out then it stays there, freezes the bar and it's now impossible to reason with these guys.
  3. Does anyone else remember Fighting Fantasy gamebooks? (and similar stuff lol, like the Goosebumps knockoff)

    1. Milton Monday

      Milton Monday

      I'm aware of Fighting Fantasy, but I've never actually seen or played any of the books. I tried to play the two books/apps/whatever that were released on the PSP, but I couldn't get into them. I had an unhealthy obsession with the Lone Wolf books when I was a kid, though. Those were awesome.

    2. Jonath4nC


      ahh yea! I loved those books, I got a few, i was fully going to make an rpg game about one xD

  4. Awesome idea! I haven't been this excited for a project in ages! I'm always a sucker for puzzle games, and the fun zombie twist is amazing~ Nice to have some mindless entertainment for once (haha!) Not that I don't like epic RPGs, of course XD We just need more funny games on this site too! Do you still need name ideas for the zombie types? I have a few ideas! Bulky guy = lol why not just keep him as Bulk? It sounds unique enough! XD Or maybe something like "Slab" or "Beef", or the comically-inappropriate "Hunk"? Hell, you could have a running joke of giving them all ridiculous macho names like Biff McMuscles or Sergeant Hetero. It'll be fun to see a female version, lol! (Maybe instead they're called "Babes" and have frilly pretty names but they're still giant bulky piles of muscle XD) Crazy guy = Ripper? Flash? Hyper? I dunno, something about the powers it has, rather than just "crazy"? "Crazy/Mad [insert monster here]" is a bit overused lol. Unless you nab a thesaurus and look for obscure words. "Barmy Zombie"? Smart guy = Nerd zombie? "Brain Surgeon"? XD Gasser = ...Gasser? XD Rank? Putrid? Extra rotten? "Big Cheese"? Super infected explosion dude = Time Bomb? Party Person? Overload?
  5. I dunno how to reduce the amount of stats shown in status menus.. like, only HP, attack, defense and luck..

    1. ZombieBear


      I PM'd you how to do it- just paste in Materials and PM me with any questions about it.

    2. Bunni89


      *hugs* You are amazing! It works perfectly!

  6. I wish there was a videogame version of those old Fighting Fantasy gamebooks

    1. Bunni89


      Yeah, I know there's android apps but they're just like kindle versions of the books with a conveinient stat-recording system and redrawn illustrations. Also I don't have a smartphone so I shall just sit here simmering with rage XD

  7. A million game ideas and I have still never finished a single one... the eternal curse of a short attention span...

  8. I adore these! I think a unique art style is the easiest way to hook me into a game, lol XD Call me superficial, but I don't go around playing every game that exists in order to get a balanced view and stuff. Whatever's in the first post of the game thread is what helps me decide whether I should try it or not, and while default RTP stuff kinda looks nice, it also sucks at giving a representation of the game through a single screenshot. Whereas a piece of custom artwork instantly helps differenciate you from the crowd. And it also helps say something about the game- y'know, as long as the art style suits it. This style screams "you're in for a cute, funny fantasy adventure"! While you can totally have a cute, funny fantasy adventure without your own art style, it won't look this iconic. Its always good when you can post a screenshot and everyone will instantly know what game it comes from!
  9. Bunni89

    TGS - Tactical Combat

    Just wondering... what is a "panoplie"? I'm a little confused about what it's supposed to do. My own english isn't exactly perfect, I've never heard that word before.
  10. Bunni89

    Ace Academy character wip

    Well the fire part of him isn't supposed to be the primary visual trait and he doesn't have a typical "fire personality" or anything. Its more like how humans are 90% water but we're not blue and not all of us can swim XD I figured red skin would look too much like a cliche demon, and generally I dislike character designs which are "you can see on his face what his archetype is, because he looks like everybody else". The wise old man is a beady gandalf wannabe, the hero is a young male with a sword and spiky hair, you fight swathes of colour-coded red/blue/green/yellow monsters, etc. It's common in RPGs but I don't have to like it. So the cooking pot is a sillier way to say "this is a fire monster" XD Though I get what you mean- because coloured skin is usually an elemental thing it looks like he's meant to be a different element. ("Ether" or "psychic", as purple usually is. Or maybe a weird "water"??) So I agree that the human skin version looks more neutral. Also yes he totally just pokes his head out cutely like.. all the time. He's a very shy guy XD Probably will do that for his map sprite. Bouncing along as a head poking out of a cauldron!
  11. Bunni89

    VTS-Wound Damage

    Ah, I didn't know that FFXII-2 uses it too! Its such a rare status effect, there's only a handful of games that've ever used it >_< I think either FF8 or FF9 had something similar too but the visualization was different, it was like a poison status that kept ticking down and then your HP would immediately be locked, over and over and over every few seconds. Called "venom" status if I recall correctly? It was immensely cruel and un-fun, so I'm glad you didn't do that version XD
  12. Bunni89

    Ace Academy character wip

    Thanks for the comment! I'm worried about that too.. I mean, you're allowed to make humanoid fantasy races and he's indeed humanoid but I don't think the group ever specified HOW humanoid a character has to be.. *shrug* I don't really like humans so I couldn't stand making a completely ordinary one. Stripy eared fellows in cauldrons FTW! XD
  13. Bunni89

    Ace Academy~

    Yes but does Brock have a mecha sword that can turn into a giant drill? XD http://rpgsquare.de/images/sections/177/content/screenshots/4.jpg Its funny cos actually the lil pink alien is the closest the game has to a brock character XD You can actually get a gag ending where he marries the main character o.O
  14. Bunni89

    VTS-Wound Damage

    YESSS! I've always wanted to see something like this appear in more games. It seems like it was totally wasted in Mabinogi since it could be so cool in a turn-based battle too. Can't wait to try this out~!
  15. Serafino the baby domovoi (domestic fire spirit). He's magically bound to a cauldron and hides inside it when he's scared. Not sure which colourscheme is better? I may also give him glasses? Made using Chibi Maker but also edited a bit http://gen8.deviantart.com/art/Chibi-Maker-1-1-346025144
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