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  1. Hi there, don't mind me. I'm no longer an active user (3 years away and counting) but did a google search of my username and came across this thread. My website that I used to host all of my scripts on is no longer active either. However in case you were still looking or interested, you can find all of my scripts available on pastebin. https://pastebin.com/u/diamondandplatinum3 Cheers.
  2. DP3

    RGSS3 Scripting Tutorial Videos

    Hi all, thanks for the support. I'm not an active user any longer, and have no current plans to make any further tutorial series. I just wanted to mention that you should take everything I say in regards to programming in general in these videos with a grain of salt. I created these videos when I was first getting started in scripting myself. Mostly as a tool to force myself to learn the engine and become a better scripter (if you can explain something to others in an easy to understand way then you yourself have become competent in that field). I am older, wiser, and have far more experience coding in a variety of programming languages these days (thanks to RPG Maker for providing that passion) to understand that some of the things I thought I knew when I was younger (and made these videos) were either not entirely true or blatantly false (meaning I had a different understanding of how it worked). If you are someone who is still invested in RPG Maker VX Ace (over MV), then, yes, these tutorials may help you achieve your aim. I am still confident that my explanations of the engine and how things work there are up to par. However if you wish to learn the intricacies behind coding and how everything works. Please don't use these tutorial videos as a reference. Thanks everyone.
  3. What I got from this post is that you are having issue finding a starting point. Based on what you're trying to do, the class you're looking to edit is the "Scene_Menu" class, and therein the "Window_MenuCommand" and "Window_MenuStatus" classes as well to edit how the menu actually looks. Now the tricky part is learning how all of that connects. The first thing you want to look at in any class you want to edit is either the 'start' or 'initialize' method. This will depend on which class you're looking at. Scene classes (like Scene_Menu & Scene_Battle) use the 'start' method to get the ball rolling. Every other script uses the 'initialize' method. From there you can just follow the code to see what is happening and where. For example: I take a look at the 'start' method for Scene_Menu (remember that's where you should start looking if it's a Scene class) and it reveals this: class Scene_Menu < Scene_MenuBase #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # * Start Processing #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def start super create_command_window create_gold_window create_status_window end end Cool. So now I know that when this method is run (which is the first thing the class does), it'll call the 'super' method. This I don't believe will be very relevant to your modification, so you can just ignore that.But then I see that the class then creates the command, gold, and status windows. Using Ctrl+Shift+F on my keyboard I can now insert those method names and search them up: Now since we are currently editing the 'Scene_Menu' class. That's the one that you want to look into. As a little tidbit, you want to look for "def create_command_window" (the 'def' meaning definition. So wherever the 'def' is, that's where you'll find out what that method does). Now just double click on that option in the window and it'll take you right there. Now that you've gone inside of that method and looked at the definition, you can now see this: "@command_window = Window_MenuCommand.new". This is how you know that the class named "Window_MenuCommand" is somehow involved with Scene_Menu. Now is when you'd go to look at the initialize method in "Window_MenuCommand" and follow the same pattern from there until you think you understand what is going on. Obviously as someone who doesn't have much (if any) experience looking at code. This will probably blow over your head at first and you'll feel like you don't have the ability to understand what's going on (I'm guessing the reason for your on-again off-again relationship with scripting). But if you keep trying eventually it'll just 'click'. Every scripter will tell you the same thing, no one had any clue what was happening when they first started. But eventually after trial and error it all just clicked. There's more to it than that. But that's all I've got time for writing. At the very least it should give you a starting point into figuring out what is connected to the "Scene_Menu" class. You can figure out later how to make the changes, just get familiar with the process you're looking at. Because most scripts work in very much the same way, which means you'll be able to edit very easily once you've got that sorted out.
  4. DP3

    Japanese RMVXA Question

    You shouldn't have a problem with English on any computer, anywhere. As KilloZapit said, there's no excuse for not supporting ASCII (AKA the format for the Roman characters we use in English). It pretty much comes prebuilt into core functions of all computers, regardless of native language. With that said, you may want to stick with the ASCII Roman characters. Lest yï½ï½•ã€€ï½“ï½”ï½ï½’t tï½ã€€ï½•ï½“e Rï½ï½ï½ï½Žã€€ï½ƒï½ˆï½ï½’ï½ï½ƒï½”ers in ï½ï½Žï½ï½”her fï½ï½’ï½ï½ï½” which is nï½ï½” universï½ï½Œï½žï¼
  5. Thanks mate This here is my event for the screenshot you're seeing. As you can see, it's nothing special. The choice box merely comes after the question message (Show Text). If your question boxes are disappearing for no reason, then I suspect there may be subtle conflicts in your script editor. Shouldn't be an issue to resolve but be on the lookout regardless.
  6. Did it not work? Because that was a red flag the moment I saw it. Your current layout is essentially this $game_party.lose_item($data_weapons\n[$game_variables[1]], 1, true)Separating important components in a script call like that leads to ambiguity. Which means that you did not pass in what you think you were passing in and it ended up confusing the program. What I mean, is that the program thinks that you want it to look at |$data_weapons| NOT |$data_weapons[$game_variables[1]]|; see the difference? That's also why you're getting the error about unmatched ')'. Edit: Not a problem.
  7. Change it to this: $game_party.lose_item( $data_weapons[$game_variables[1]], 1, true)
  8. Show the script call you are using. All of it. By that, I mean a screenshot of your event that is doing this.
  9. You could use the following in a script call: toggle_weapon_level_message_display( on_or_off ) add_specific_weapon_type_skill_points( Actor_ID, WeaponType, Points ) toggle_weapon_level_message_display( on_or_off ) Example: toggle_weapon_level_message_display( false ) # Turn Off The Level Up Display Box, so that this is done without the player being made aware of it. add_specific_weapon_type_skill_points( 1, 4, 60 ) # Give Eric {Actor_ID = 1}(our soldier) an upgrade of 60 points towards the swords weapon type {WeaponeType = 4}, which will level up his rank by one. toggle_weapon_level_message_display( true ) # Now Simply Turn Back on the Level Up Display Box, so that the player will see when they have leveled up their weapon rank on their own.
  10. You mean, "how can I have my Sword wielders start with a different rank in swords than my archers"?
  11. Theo, use |airship_land_ok?(x, y)| instead. It checks the tile rather than tile + direction.
  12. DP3

    Skit System

    I updated the script to do that now. Not sure why I didn't have that happening from the beginning (though I imagine I had resource management concerns). Get the updated script from the original Pastebin link.
  13. DP3

    Skit System

    Could you explain your issue a bit more in depth? Basically you wish for there to be an option to make the skit unseeable (unseeable and unavailable are two VERY different things in regards to this script) under certain conditions, correct?
  14. Just wanted to give a shoutout to two scripters:

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. TBWCS


      Awww, I actually owe you my scripting knowledge because I always watch the tuts you did before, until I can grasp what it is. Perhaps the reason why I stay at that level is because I can't still make the complex ones up to now :o

    3. DP3


      Check back in a year's time to see how much you've improved. I guarantee you'll no doubt be seeing your scripts take shapes you never imagined they would currently.

      If all comes with experience, so ãŒã‚“ã°ã£ã¦ãã ã•ã„!


      If you need help, you know you can PM me.

      And don't be discouraged if I don't reply. Sometimes I'm too busy to reply to PMs ASAP and occasionally forget about them entirely.

      So if I don't reply to you. Remind me!

    4. TBWCS


      Thanks, I will. I might be able to find some systems I wanted to get implemented someday, I am sure I might need some help :)

  15. Unfortunately not I was talking to Cecillia about commissioning her for it... But for whatever reason she's had her site privileges removed. So I'm kinda stuck without an artist :/
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