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    I am more-or-less into anything that grants creative control. I grew up on the Final Fantasy, Mega Man, and Pokémon series and now spend most of my gaming time playing various MMORPGs (Allods Online, The Elder Scrolls Online, EverQuest, Rift, TERA Online, World Of Warcraft, etc). I am also really into the Monster Hunter series. My main interest is music and I was the drummer for the Progressive Metal band "Fathom A.D." (RIP)
  1. cHAOScythe

    Project: SANCTION

    Well, you've come to the right place, haha!
  2. cHAOScythe

    Project: SANCTION

    Thanks! We're really excited for it!
  3. cHAOScythe

    Project: SANCTION

    My game company, cHAOStudios, recently revealed our first project, currently titled "SANCTION" (working title). We are trying to build a fan base before we set the project up for crowdfunding, and I thought posting something here might be a good place to start! Here is the information we have revealed about the project so far: You can check the project out on Facebook, where we have posted images and other such things! Thanks so much! ~Josh
  4. cHAOScythe

    VE - Visual Equip

    Yeah, that's fine. His terms of use generally state that it can't be posted elsewhere without his permission. That's why I asked for the PM.
  5. cHAOScythe

    Battle Engine Symphony

    I'm getting an error when I try to use a skill with the "Escape" feature. "Script 'Window_BattleStatus' line 52: TypeError occurred. no implicit conversion from nil to integer" Anyone know how to resolve this?
  6. cHAOScythe

    Company Seeks Lead Scripter

    I am trying to get my company off the ground. My post was vague because I am not going to disclose any information about our project in an open forum while it is under development. This is why I said to message me. Due to being in an extremely early stage of development, nothing is copy written yet and I do not want to expose any information to possible piracy. The motivation for a scripter to be interested is simple: Money. I am hiring you, therefore, there is pay involved. And you are right, I am not a scripter. I am the Director/Producer/Writer on the project. This is a commercial project, therefore we need scripts made for us that we can purchase the rights to. The 1000s of scripts already out there are free for personal projects, not commercial projects, and most of them have compatibility issues with one another. With us releasing a professionally made commercial project, we are making everything from the ground up. This is our first project and I am hoping it will help to get the company off the ground and to new heights in the future. If you are interested in more information, please message me.
  7. cHAOScythe

    Displaying MP as a percent?

    Thanks man!
  8. cHAOScythe

    Resizing the HP/MP/TP Gauges

    Damn, Soulpour, You're on a roll! Thanks again, buddy! This script is glitching for me cuz I'm using an ATB Script. I'm not getting any errors, but the gauges are overlapping. I'll mess around with the numbers a bit and see what I can do. EDIT After some modifications, everything is working great! Thanks so much, dude! Been wanting to adjust these gauges for a while now!
  9. cHAOScythe

    MP Substitute

    Thanks dude! Seems to be working properly
  10. Dude, you're the best! Thank you so much for the quick responses and the hard work! I seriously appreciate it
  11. Thanks! Works perfectly! 1 last question: Is there a way for me to adjust where the Menu Command appears? Right now it's appearing under Formation, which feels a little out of place to me. I'd like it to appear above or below the Equipment Command. Is that possible?
  12. That line only affected the placement (left/right), not the font size.
  13. cHAOScythe

    Icons For HP/MP/TP Gauges

  14. cHAOScythe

    Icons For HP/MP/TP Gauges

    Oh yeah? Sweet! Mind me asking what that script will be?