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  1. [WILLING TO PAY] Animated battler for MV

    no way, to tell the true i love to make animated sprites, i may make free sprite for you if i have time. You could haven't know but $10 is way too little for this job I just have did a more simple job (run/ jump/ swing/ throw animation for couple of characters) for $120
  2. [WILLING TO PAY] Animated battler for MV

    Hey i can do it. But before i start to work on this you have to give me size of sprites, how many frames per animation sequence & how much can you pay me thanks
  3. paid/commission Rune Factory Project Resource Request

    Hi, I think my style fits for your game, here is one example for my artwork style
  4. [WILLING TO PAY] Animated battler for MV

    Whew for some reason i can't show you the ninja sprite i have made, so i make a simple animated version of your devil girl instead. Here she is Yeah... i like to draw her sexy
  5. [WILLING TO PAY] Animated battler for MV

    Currently i am making a ninja spritesheet for my customer, you can see it after i finished the job
  6. [WILLING TO PAY] Animated battler for MV

    Well, some recently artworks i had done
  7. [WILLING TO PAY] Animated battler for MV

    Is this job still valid?
  8. kitsune Kitsune Actors

    may be you should show me some sprites similar to the style you are looking for. I may do it for you after i finished my job, i will consider this like a technique practice for myself
  9. kitsune Kitsune Actors

    Hmm, if you want an animation detail as the first picture you show, i think i can't do it i just begin to do animation last few days
  10. kitsune Kitsune Actors

    Well, who could resist when see you bumping so much So i decide to do it for you, here is your kitsune Feel free to use it in anyway you want may be credit me in your game if you like it
  11. Hello, i am thinking about making a pet game which let player upload their pet status on my host server, and then when a player declare a battle, system will pick a random profile from the server and generate a clone pet base on it. Battle is automatically, player can watch only. How do you guys think? I make this game for fun only, player can upload their own picture as profile picture too Currently i am stuck at rising pet system, any help is welcome (Game balance, eggs' hatching time, pets' life time, food, pets' attributes...)
  12. Please, I need maps

    There is a lots map resources on this website and they keep adding new one: [Link removed]
  13. Dragonic Wolves and Elemental Vixens

    I may do it, but how much will you pay me for each of artwork?
  14. Hi, have you guy tried exporting game function of MV? Finally, today i have just successful exported one game to Android platform but... 1, Output file was approximate 550mb (and i only have 1 basic map in game, i know the file size can be greatly reduced by removing unnecessary files but still...) 2, After copied file to my phone & installed it, i had tried to move application to SD card but an error showed up "Unable to move to SD card" => Not recommend for old smartphone with small ROM! 3, No music on starting 2/3 times, crashing about 2,5/ 3 times, quite lagging Screen was hard to see and unable to zoom in or out My dream for distributing smartphone game made with MV is broken (=.+)
  15. Well... i thought it was simple as press a button but now.... I got stuck at step 3, after extracted apache-ant-1.9.6 to C driver i had tried command "ant --version" in cmd window but only error showed up. And there are so much more step behind... what the... :E