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  1. Arrpeegeemaker

    What're Ya Buyin?

    @PhoenixSoul I think I might go ahead and add Vita to my list ^^ I have a few homebrew systems, a Wii, a PSP and a PS2. The PS2 was the most fun experience adding homebrew, the PSP was the easiest and the Wii was the most overall rewarding result. Of course....this is purely done for the purposes of voiding those pesky warranties. I'd never actually use them to do anything you aren't supposed to....
  2. Arrpeegeemaker

    What're Ya Buyin?

    @PhoenixSoulI forgot about PS Vita!! I put homebrew on my PS2 and PSP and I loved it, I bet Vita home brow would be fun :D
  3. One day you dream of making dark fantasy games, and then the next day you're negotiating a price for building a chess-based battle-puzzle plugin. The day after that you wake up and Skynet has taken over, and robots are running around shooting tf out of everyone. Fast forward one week, and you're on your way back to 1984 to do it with your commander's mom. Life is funny like that. 

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    2. Animebryan


      What is HAL? Chopped liver?

    3. Kayzee



      I had to look SHODAN up....I never played system shock, but they really had to decide they wanted to use Shodan and then came up with an acronym for it?? Still, I really liked the first Bio Shock, maybe I'd like System Shock. And yeah, GLaDOS wouldn't, but Wheatley might!


      Honestly I haven't played very much of Bio Shock but it seemed like a watered down version of System Shock gameplay wise to me. But then again, the System Shock games are old and clunky. Someone is making a remake of the first game though... It looks pretty good! Also Wheatley would just end up blowing everything up.



      What is HAL? Chopped liver?


      Well, gotta respect HAL for being the og evil AI at least... And for trashing Bill Gates in a rap battle.

    4. Arrpeegeemaker


      System Shock looks and sounds cool, I hope it's darker than the first Bio Shock. That's the only think I didn't like in Bio Shock, it came very close to being very dark, but fell short in some ways

  4. Arrpeegeemaker

    What're Ya Buyin?

    Hello Stranger! What's something you want to buy, but are too poor to buy right now, like me?? Seriously, what's something that's realistically something you would buy if you had the money, right around now. Don't be like, "I want an Olympic swimming pool and a mansion and ten cars!" It has to be something that's just outside of your means, right now. Like if you saved up a bit of money, or got a promotion, you'd be able to get it. Something that's on your radar right now. You can make lists, as long as each one of them is within the realistic means I mentioned above. Here's my list I thought of : A computer that can play 2019 games (mine can barely play The Witcher Enhanced Edition. As in The Witcher 1) A new TV, with all that smart TV crap that I know nothing about. One of those crazy self cleaning litter boxes for kitties.
  5. Oh these folks upstairs are trying to get decked. Been banging around for SIX hours straight. Been here 10+ years, loudest neighbors ever. And they SMELL. I will never understand some people's lack of awareness, cleanliness and overall consideration for others.

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    2. Kayzee


      Not knowing what they are talking about doesn't stop most people from forming opinions with conviction anyway though, so I don't see why it should stop me! :P


      You 'aren't a huge fan of snitching'? Okay, first of all, I don't think it's really 'snitching' if you are directly involved. But if you really think that's a good enough reason for dealing with all these sleepless nights, okay then. You are the one who has to deal with it after all not me. Point is, you do have options. You may have reasons for finding them distasteful or otherwise deciding not to do them, but they are there.


      Yeah it's healthy to express your anger. It's okay to vent every once and a while. But as much as anger is dangerous, anger is also a tool. It's useful. If you just vent all of it all the time you won't have any left for when you should be angry. At the same time, yeah keeping it always bottled up and never expressing it usually never turns out well.


      Anyway, don't you think it's possible that some one with anxiety problems might, maybe without intending to even, fall into a pattern of using their anxiety as sort of a shield to protect them from the consequences of their actions? Do you think it's particularly healthy to hide from confrontation and continue a pattern of behavior that is negatively effecting others?


      All that said I think I have been in a weird grumpy mood lately to be honest, so maybe it's better to ignore my shitty advice right now.

    3. Arrpeegeemaker


      Lol what?? Of course I'm gonna ignore the advice! Did you think you were being convincing?

      It's ok lol, yeah honestly I really hate the feeling of telling on someone.

      And I totally get in moods sometimes, but they pass for their own reasons whenever they're ready.


      Anyway this is all got a little out of proportion. I'd rather say I feel like decking a guy than actually deck him, because when later when I'm less annoyed and they're less noisy, I don't want to hit him lol, so I do like to exercise the anger.


      In a weird way, it was super fun arguing with you. In a weird way. Weirdo 😄

    4. Kayzee


      It doesn't sound like you ignored it. It sounds like you took it to heart, really looked at what I was saying, and completely rejected it. And really that in of it's self is an unexpected kindness! Thank you for taking me seriously enough to completely shoot me down! I mean it! :3


      Hehe, you flatter me. <3 I am to be as weird as I can. :P





  6. Yeah, with the Atari thing if I remember, one of their execs was actually having golf outings with an NES exec to gain his friendship, so he could trick him into talking about info Atari was after. I think they also pulled some legal stunt that allowed the patent on 10NES to be examined. It was all real shady business. As if almost destroying the video game industry wasnt enough lol
  7. This all reminds me of that classic 10NES case where Atari got in trouble for reverse engineering. They kind of left a trail, at the end of the day. But that case was kind of groundbreaking. Anyway here's the link for the WIKI, although you can find much more info on the specific case without much research. https://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Reverse_Engineering/Legal_Aspects Not taking sides here lol, just seems relevant. Speaking of relevance though, on the subject of the original thread topic... Like I said before, there are still a lot of plugin devs, just not as many big one-stop-for-30+ plugins. One very interesting one right now is MV3D. Still super young as a script but WOW, it's beautiful lol. Also, Hudell isn't as big a name, but he's still active and has a lot of plugins, I just spoke to him yesterday. He has a lot of good stuff. Also, even though there isn't that much content, Galenmerth also has a lot of good plugins, although I'm not sure how active they are anymore. Anyway, that's my main observation. It seems like we're past our 'The Beatles' age of scripts and plugins for RM games. Meaning there are still a lot of acts out there, but enough time has passed to where even making lots of content doesn't bring you much spotlight
  8. Lol I actually remember you from years ago. I'm over on RPGMakerWeb mostly, I stopped RPG Maker for a while and couldn't remember which site I had belonged to. But I remember you and your love of using events. 

    I searched for you on the other forum, but couldn't find you. Partially because I searched 'Vector' instead of 'Vectra', and partially because I was looking on the wrong forum   XD

    1. Lord Vectra

      Lord Vectra

      I'm on both but I like it here more lol

    2. Arrpeegeemaker


      Ah, so it was just me typing the wrong name XD 

    3. Lord Vectra
  9. Hmm @UncannyBoots lol no I think you might not understand script calls vs plugin commands. Ruby and JavaScript can both give script calls for a user. It's an extra step to make plugin commands (MV), and they don't offer as much flexibility, inherently, as script commands. That is all I'm saying lol. A 'script call' is nothing more than a function written in either language,. Since I don't release plugins publicly, I have no need to make plugin commands. I can just use the script calls. I could do the same releasing a public script, but in general, with MV plugins the idea is to add Plugin Commands to circumvent the need for users who don't script to ever do any 'script calls'. The only difference here is that RPG Maker has the extra ability for plugin makers to include Plugin Commands. Do you write in either JS or Ruby? EDIT: I might be able to make this clearer, a plugin command technically uses script calls. You alias the plugin manager's plugin command feature, and add a script call or series of script calls (technically you can write all your plugin command code inline, but that's silly and a bad practice) that take what the user typed in for the command and break it down. It all gets passed as a string from the user, so you have to go through extra work on the programming side to make it so someone can do Plugin Command: Call Event 5 2 instead of Script Call: callEvent(5, 2) (of course, a very generalized example) But it's actually more work for the programmer to take that plugin command string and extract the info from it, when it doesn't seem any more intuitive than just using a script call written for the same purpose. When I have made plugin commands for people, its usually a process like this: //Function to break down Plugin Command String into useable parameters //Call a function with those parameters It seems pointless to me, because I'm usually feeding the parameters from the plugin command into a function. To me, all it does is prevent the user from typing periods and parenthesis.
  10. Not sure I understand what you mean....plugins are just what you call non-core scripts in RPG Maker MV. For example if Yanfly writes a Ruby Script and uses it in Ace, they referred to it as a script. If Yanfly did the same thing in JavaScript and uses it in MV, it's called a plugin. Did you think plugins were something else?
  11. Yeah, the deal was if you already own the plugins, you don't have to pay to use them, but if you didn't by the time the paywall went up, only 20 or 30 would remain free. I don't know all the details, my opinion (and many others in general RM community) was that it was kind of a lame move. We get it, but Yanfly also made themselves integral to the RPG Maker MV experience. Their plugins were like a standard. Of course, it's not my code, I respect the decision, but I try not to use Yanfly plugins because it just left a bad taste in my mouth. Commissions for plugins are still going strong, though, I see people requesting them all the time. Another thing to mention though, is that Steam has a whole community with RPGMaker MV and VXA. I've never really gone over there and checked, but I've heard it's pretty active. Maybe there are some plugin makers over there? Overall, I think the age of the big creators with lots of free plugins might be over. Indie game making is bigger than ever, and so many people go with Unity, or now Unreal since they made one of their older engines free. :( I still make plugins for my project though, and I don't plan on backing off anytime soon
  12. Yanfly is actually retired from plugin making, she said so herself on her patreon https://www.patreon.com/posts/24818226 The Yanfly thing seemed to be largely a reaction to someone stealing and reselling bits of code. As far as that goes, I and many others kind of just stopped messing with Yanfly plugins. I get it, it's their code. But it was kind of new users that got punished for that. The ppl stealing the code never cared about paying lol. Even though I already owned virtually all of the Yanfly MV scripts, I don't use them anymore. As far as the other plugin creators, I'm not actually sure why a lot of them left. You can't do it forever, I guess, but I think a few had similar issues. SumRndmDde has some amazing plugins that all seem to have compatibility issues or didn't survive MV version updates. I think something worth looking at is how ubiquitous JS is on the web. A lot more people know JS than Ruby, so I wonder if there are just more people making plugins for themselves. I really didn't try to learn JS until MV came out. I'm primarily on the RPGMakerWeb forums (though I started her back in the day) and the JS community is largely working on their own projects. One other thing is that it's a pain to make plugin commands. They're somewhat limiting without rewriting some stuff, and overall I really don't think they're easier to use than script calls. When I'm making plugins, I rarely bother with plugin commands, mostly because I make them for myself.
  13. My cats are better than your cats. Deal with it.

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    2. Arrpeegeemaker


      Why no kitties?

    3. Kayzee


      Mostly because I tend to be messy and lazy. I love kitties, but sometimes I can barely take care of myself let alone a cat! I have had a cat before, but last time I had one I don't think I cleaned the litter quite often enough and it would poop everywhere! Though it was an old cat, so it might have just been pooping everywhere anyway. Ether way, after she passed away (I had nothing to do with that, she was really really old) I have sorta been holding off getting another.

    4. Arrpeegeemaker


      awww ya gotta clean up the poops! They hate pooping elsewhere, they'll generally only do it outside of the litterbox if they don't like the state of it. 

      Don't hold off, get another one, and empty that litterbox!!!

      My kitties say hi, which I will now transcribe:

      Biggs: "Brrrrrroooowwwwww!"

      Belle:  "Rrrreeeehhhhhhhhh!"

      Tessa: Myeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

      (Tessa can hold her meows for long periods of time lol)

  14. Ahh, it's a new year. I wonder how much fatter I'm gonna get this time?

  15. Haven't been on this site in 5 years. Hi everyone! I recognize some of your names, still!