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  1. It's amazing how worth it the expensive multi-blade razor heads seem when you buy the cheap ones from the drug store out of laziness... I want to put my face in a bowl of cold 2% milk.

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    2. Cymiril


      You have to be old, like me.

    3. Cymiril


      My facial hair must be thicker. I have to change my Mach3 blade every other week, and I just shave my neck. It's too dull and cuts me if I don't.

    4. Arrpeegeemaker


      I usually use Mach 3, but I got cheap/lazy this time and just picked up the drug store's 5 blade model. I figured, "how bad can you bs a five blade razor?" 5x. 5x as bad as you can bs 1 blade. That's the answer lol

  2. Arrpeegeemaker

    New here, not really

    Hello, glad you've decided to become part of the community ^^ Here's to hoping you have a great time here
  3. Arrpeegeemaker


    Welcome, your project sounds interesting, and I think what you're looking for has been covered here on the forum at some point. Most topics are well tagged, try a front page forum search to see if you can't just find your way right to the answer. Anyway, welcome^^
  4. Arrpeegeemaker

    Yo & Some Questions?

    Welcome, there are several sets of tutorials (very complete tutorials) on this site, one set even numbering up to 50 some videos for ruby. Now, that said, I still know next to nothing about it. Learning Ruby is on my ever growing to-do list. Good luck, I know you can find what you're looking for here ^^
  5. This is much easier to understand than other tutorials I've read ^^ thanks
  6. I'm cheating on my VX Ace project with Metal Gear Solid V... I've been wondering if I should just come clean, but I don't want to hurt my project...am I a bad person?

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    2. sateda


      Is metal gear solid really that good? I've never played any of them. There so over hyped that I just never go and buy them. The same with uncharted. Thinking about getting the Drake collection when it comes out but... meh... Over hyped

    3. xoferew


      VX Ace is the only one of the two who will give you offspring, so consider that.

    4. _____
  7. Arrpeegeemaker

    ClosetGaming Initializing...

    Welcome aboard, wow it sounds like you have a lot to contribute, hope you find what you're looking for here, and I'm sure I'll need expertise of your kind with a problem of my kind, eventually ^^
  8. Arrpeegeemaker


    Welcome, have a good time here and be sure to ask questions if you need help !!
  9. Arrpeegeemaker


    Welcome aboard, glad to hear you're liking the maker ^^ See you around
  10. Arrpeegeemaker

    *Pokes head in* Salutations! X3

    Welcome, Darkflare! I can see lonequeso has answered your questions already, but just know that you can always ask more ^^ And don't forget to take a peek at the tutorials and of course resource sections of the forum. Good luck with your project, and any to come ^^
  11. Not really sure what's going on here, I'm assuming you don't have 1700 posts since June, but either way, I'm not gonna NOT welcome you... So since I never responded to this and it was started in June, I don't think I'm being a Necromancer -0_0- Hi Riki, welcome to RPGMaker! I know you're new to this, but with time, i'm sure you can make your very first RPG! ^^
  12. Arrpeegeemaker


    Welcome, Floki, the bit about MV is actually still a pretty hot topic here http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/topic/33911-rpgmaker-mv/ Check it out, lots of questions have been speculated and many things clarified ^^ Also, welcome, have fun on here And I doubt Ace will become obsolete any time soon. There are countless projects in development just from users here on this forum, not to mention people elsewhere and not in communities at all
  13. Arrpeegeemaker

    Nice to meet you!

    Welcome, you sound like quite the gourmand! I don't know that I can point to anything in this forum that specifically gratifies that aspect of your statement, but...we all like food! To be honest, my diet is super american and super uncultured. My favorite meal is a big mac and two mcdoubles hahahaha not what you'd call a sophisticated palette
  14. Arrpeegeemaker


    Welcome, I see you've already found your way to some tutorials, so i'll just tell you that there's plenty more where that came from ^^ Happy RPGMaking
  15. Chocolate Frosted Shredded Mini Wheats are so good that I think I would do serious physical harm to another human being if they had some and wouldn't share. They say violence isn't the answer, but I dunno....every RPG I've played has a least a little ^^

    1. Seriel


      Violence isn't the answer...

      (Steal them when theyre not looking =D)

    2. Arrpeegeemaker


      Or level that Steal up to Mug, kill two birds with one stone. Especially if those birds have Chocolate Frosted Mini Wheats