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  1. Oh these folks upstairs are trying to get decked. Been banging around for SIX hours straight. Been here 10+ years, loudest neighbors ever. And they SMELL. I will never understand some people's lack of awareness, cleanliness and overall consideration for others.

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    2. Arrpeegeemaker


      Lol wow, you extrapolate so freely and on such a large scale. Also, you are SO WEIRD. Like every forum has at least a few oddballs but you are making it into a sport. Quit lecturing people for bizarre reasons, that's the most annoying forum-personality there is.

      Furthermore, there is no need to intimidate anyone. Intimidation is a wuss - tactic. It's what people do when they aren't really going to do anything.

      If they won't answer the door, I don't mind shouting and cussing because it often works. They are the only neighbors to be this way, the rest of us keep quiet and respect each other. If you'd actually try to intimidate someone with anxiety problems then you're just....awful lol. 

    3. Kayzee


      Well, I'm a fairy. What do you expect? I know popular media likes to portray us as harmless little pretty airheads, but the original legends are a bit different. Or maybe this is all just a game I like to play for fun? Could be! :P


      And well... Are you going to do anything? Or are you just complaining about noisy neighbors for the sake of complaining and have no plans to actually fix the issue? I just find it strange how much humans complain about stuff they know perfectly well they could do something about if they really wanted to.


      I probobly would try to intimidate someone with anxiety problems if I was at my wits end dealing with something that was really bugging me for years without any kind of progress or relief and they shut the door on me and wouldn't even acknowledge the problem. But honestly? I have never been in that situation really. Not sure if I am lucky or just hard to bother. The whole idea of something being worth yelling and swearing and punching things over seems kinda silly to me to be honest, but I could imagine doing it if it helped.





    4. Arrpeegeemaker


      Lol well not being familiar with something is a good reason to not formulate opinions with too much conviction. 

      'Just complaining about it' doesn't really apply, because I've tried to confront them when the noise is happening. They won't answer the door. I'm not calling the police or the Landlord, because I'm not a huge fan of snitching. 


      Furthermore, it's a well known fact that exercising your anger verbally or in a written manner is healthy, and professionally regarded as a better option than more direct options. This is because most people don't act the same when they're angry as they would have before, and after, when the anger fades. Some of us do things we regret when we're angry, so it's better not to directly target someone with anger if you can think of another way to get it out.


      It is frustrating because some days, like today, I only got 2 hours of sleep, because of the six+ hours of noise. I sleepwalk, and get sleep drunkenness bad. I need my sleep, so it's a perfectly good reason to be frustrated. 


      Sometimes I have to hit the ceiling because there's no freaking way they can hear me shout over all the noise they're making. Sometimes I do it more out of frustration than communication. I am doing nothing wrong by being frustrated, or expressing it. As I've said, they won't open the door :/


      At the end of the day, I don't believe in his ability to handle the confrontation, and that's obviously why they won't answer the door for me. It's very annoying, and disrespectful to be so noisy, but he doesn't want confrontation, so I have limited options.

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