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  1. One day you dream of making dark fantasy games, and then the next day you're negotiating a price for building a chess-based battle-puzzle plugin. The day after that you wake up and Skynet has taken over, and robots are running around shooting tf out of everyone. Fast forward one week, and you're on your way back to 1984 to do it with your commander's mom. Life is funny like that. 

    1. Kayzee


      Honestly Skynet is pretty boring if you ask me. If a AI is going to take over the world with an army of robots I wish it would at least have some personality. Like, maybe SHODAN. Now that's an evil AI with class! Best evil AI ever. Well, except for maybe GLaDOS, but GLaDOS is not really the 'take over the world' type. Too busy with science.

    2. Arrpeegeemaker


      I had to look SHODAN up....I never played system shock, but they really had to decide they wanted to use Shodan and then came up with an acronym for it?? Still, I really liked the first Bio Shock, maybe I'd like System Shock. And yeah, GLaDOS wouldn't, but Wheatley might!

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