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  1. You know, our interaction lately reminds me of a song! You might not think it makes sense for me to like that song, but it's so catchy! :3

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    2. Arrpeegeemaker


      Lol I would tell you if you were getting on my nerves. I have a pretty good record with TKO statements. I once said to a vendor at my old job who was bothering me "I'm just trying to create the shortest amount of time between now and when you stop talking to me". He sputtered a bit and then said "We're done here!" (Yeah man, glad you finally caught on 😂)


      Ohhhh, I don't have to argue with you? @Everyone, @Kayzee let me off the hook! This is gonna save me so much money on Kleenex and therapy, thank you!!!


      Also, I get the feeling that if I said something like 'Polio is bad', you'd argue back somehow, like 'Actually Polio isn't as bad as <x> disease!!' You know that's kind of almost somewhat maybe possibly true!


      This train isn't off the rails, it's been hijacked by the Forest Owls in some lame attempt to regain independence for their town. Little did you and your flunkies know, your plan was anticipated. Unless you junctioned Fire or Holy. I'm very weak against Fire and Holy. 


      Edit: Crap, I forgot to mention RCR at the bottom of my post. Uhhhhhh did you know RCR eventually broke up to form the band MCR? And did you know that neither Alex nor Ryan on the Nintendo cart look like they're able to throw one punch without their hilariously tight jeans and tucked in shirts tearing at the seams?

    3. Kayzee


      *gives you a pet* I actually like you, silly kitty.


      And naw, I wouldn't argue with a statement like 'Polio is bad'. I might argue with one like 'Polio is the worst disease EVAR!' though... there have been a lot of nasty diseases! Anyway I am sure I can find some other statement to argue about. Like a statement that I would argue about the statement 'Polio is bad'!


      Honestly, I didn't even think of what we did as having an argument, it felt more like a discussion. Really I am not that argumentative, I just respond to what people say. If I think you are wrong, then I think you are wrong. That said I do like to play mindgames sometimes.Hehehe...


      It's just like Barret always says...


      Also: Wanna have your mind blown? You know how the game is called 'River City Ransom' right? Except... Even though the villain said 'meet my demands or else' he... never actually mentioned what his demands were? So really... there wasn't any ransom! Speaking of the villain in RCR, I really like his redesign in River City Girls and how they explain his backstory an his weird powers (which he didn't actually have in RCR, but apparently he was meant to and he did in the GBA remake).





    4. Arrpeegeemaker


      See, I set a trap for you right there, and it worked! 

      That's called a Wichita Quarrel Trap, and I loaded this one with just a small amount of bait. 

      Yeah, you caught on, but only after you were dangling in the air!!! Maahhhhhahaha


      Nah, I'm mostly joking about the argumentative part. I don't think you mean any harm, but I have seen you in a bunch of arguments or near-arguments since I've been back. Tsk, Tsk. Cats away, the mice will play, I guess XD


      Really, he was supposed to have powers?  I always like the obv Double Dragons characters that you had to fight just before you made it to the roof (it's been years, so I might be wrong about the location, but I think they were on the top floor of the school, just before you got to the last boss.)

      I played the GBA remake, but I think I wound up stopping and switching to the NES version out of nostalgia. My cousin and I used to play it whenever I visited, sitting like 2 inches from the screen and trying for the life of us to figure out what ANY of the foods did. (I was like 5 or 6, the stat screen meant nothing to me)

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