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  1. Making a sexy new plugin, my first ever public one. I never do public plugins, for a lot of reasons, but.....eh, I wanna do at least one, and so it's gotta be a big one!
    MV users will be the only beneficiaries, but maybe when I finally relearn Ruby (it's been years) I'll do it for ACE as well

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    2. Kayzee


      Hehe, I theirs is going to be like my script and support both single instance and multi instance. I use the same script for both universal storage and for opening individual chest events, it's just a matter of telling the script what list of items to use.

    3. Arrpeegeemaker


      It allows for any number of storage containers to be created, and they can be called anywhere, as part of an event. There are plugin commands and script calls, of course, but the plugin parameters allow for tons of organized presets. I want it to look and feel different in every game, if the User wishes. Right now you can set the type of a container to All, Items, Weapons, Armor or Custom. You can create Custom Types in the parameters, as well.  Each container you create can actually have a completely different 'menu'. It's super customizable, but also very easy to use if you just want a storage plugin

    4. Kayzee