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  1. My wife just doesn't understand me. When I say I wanna meld, I don't mean like, you know, do the thing. I mean that I want us to liquify and join together, creating some kind of mid-game boss-type monstrosity. Then people would like, try to get past us. 


    You know? Some early 2k end of disc 2 s***. Marriage is complicated. 

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    2. Arrpeegeemaker


      Only if it's my fault. Deal?

    3. Kayzee


      You know what? That's more then I expected. I'll take it!


      Eh... On second thought, that means any response I give has to blame you for something doesn't it?


    4. PhoenixSoul


      The paperwork, stupid and unnecessary additions. Only there for purposes of money taking.
      The rings, often times they're encrusted with tiny stones of fluctuating market value and the base material is often made of a metal that otherwise is mainly used in computer chips. Excessive, especially if they're the highest value market commodity you own.
      The ceremony, often times more extravagant and noisy than necessary, when not even fifty, sixty years ago most ceremonies were small and quaint, but eloping was always an option.
      These are my observations, scrutiny from someone who prefers simple over extravagant, a simple silver ring over a wide gold ring with lots of diamonds, and just the moment between myself and my partner, or maybe a brief ceremony. Why simple? Modesty goes further and lasts longer.

      Yeah; @Kayzee would explain it completely differently if she were so inclined, which I don't think she is...

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