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  1. My wife just doesn't understand me. When I say I wanna meld, I don't mean like, you know, do the thing. I mean that I want us to liquify and join together, creating some kind of mid-game boss-type monstrosity. Then people would like, try to get past us. 


    You know? Some early 2k end of disc 2 s***. Marriage is complicated. 

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    2. Kayzee


      Come now. That's not the reason I think it's silly at all, and I think you know that. But if it makes you feel any better, I really don't mean anything by it, honest! Just because I think it's silly doesn't mean you have to! Besides when I say 'silly' I don't mean 'stupid'. Silly things can be fun after all!  People could do with more silliness in their life.

    3. Arrpeegeemaker


      You think I know that? All I know about you is that you're jovially intolerant of other people's ideas, and you try to mask it by being bubbly. @Kayzee, why would you call a major part of someone's life silly, when by your own admission it's not and probably never will be part of your life? I wonder what does or doesn't happen to a person to make them like you?

    4. Kayzee


      If I actually explain would you care?

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