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  1. EternalShadow

    Recent Shenanigans

    Please, I beg of you, do not upgrade to IPS 4. It's an absolute trainwreck. (See RMW) (Well I mean you can if you want, I just don't like it lol) Speaking of new board software, Xenforo is really good., much better than IPS 4 in my opinion. Anyways, good luck with the upgrade! Can you elaborate on this? I dont really frequent that forum so I'm not sure what you mean. What about IPB 4 dont you like? Gotta jump in on this one! - The text editor is pure WYSIWYG, so no BBcode source editing. - Spoilers will break. - Code tags will break. - Everything input into the text box is auto-formatted (so if you paste in a youtube url or image link it'll automatically try to show them in full whether you want them to or not. - There is not even a post preview anymore :/ Most of the bugs are post-related, but the creator of IPV4 has expressed no desire to change back the text editor to allow the source to be edited properly, so it is insanely hard to format posts and ensure they look correct, let alone fix old posts as there is not even a preview!
  2. EternalShadow

    Beyond Reality

    I did actually debate adding a questlog in the initial release, but nobody ever really got lost, so it would've just added to dev time in the end. I will consider it if there is more demand for it though.
  3. EternalShadow

    Beyond Reality

    If you click 'download' on Aldorlea, it will give you a one-hour trial
  4. EternalShadow

    Beyond Reality

    RMVXA | V 1.1 ONLY $9.99 ON ALDORLEA Click Here to Purchase via Aldorlea Now ONLY $4.99 ON STEAM Click Here to Purchase via Steam Now Travel Beyond the Reality You've Always Known. Two thousand years ago, the Kingdom of Jastamune was thrust into a war, the only survivor being a magician known as Reverent Sulada. In a last-ditch effort to save the Kingdom, she encases herself in magic and sleeps for two thousand years, eventually being unearthed by the Alpha Omega Company, dedicated to researching the implications of their pollution-filled world. As she is freed from her magical spell, nobody knows what to make of her, and the leader of the company - La'lele - refuses to help at first. However, she, as well as many of her other employees, are magically transported to the past by Sulada, much to her chagrin. Despite her dismay, the world of the past is pollution-free - a perfect opportunity for study, to the delight of the company's research leader, Faryl. As research begins, La'lele and her companions try to complete their mission as quickly as possible, but quickly realise their situation is much more dire than it thought to be, when they discover who they are fighting against... Explore the land of Jastamune through the eyes of the leader of the Alpha Omega Company - and put a stop to the war that changed the world two thousand years ago! - Battle over 50 different enemies, including hidden and powerful bosses - Unearth at least 30 different types of weapons and armour to aid you in battle - Take part in side-quests as well as the main quest, aiming to heighten your team's strength and powers - On-map encounters: don't let yourselves be caught out by ambushes - Between six and eight hours of gameplay, an in-depth story and a tactical, turn-based battle system F5 = Fullscreen F6 = Change Window Size Screenshots Some Characters Credits
  5. EternalShadow

    The Worst Game Dev Idea Possible

    You're missing an idea! I'll take this as being the idea. The goal of the game is to conquer entire towns and cities, flinging people into the air and scaring others away, in first-person. When the military show up, you can attempt to take them on, or run away. Once the heat dies down, you can go back to what you were doing. Every X people you manage to take back to your lair, you gain a power-up. The game is won once all five towns have been conquered and the military has also been taken out. Now, a hang-gliding game please?
  6. EternalShadow

    The Worst Game Dev Idea Possible

    Next topic please!
  7. The basic idea is to take the "idea" of the person above you, and post your game development plan for such a game, then post your own "idea". The aim is to make your game development plan the worst possible. For example, a game about space (taking the concept very loosely!) could be an educational game about how astronauts communicate between Space and Earth, consisting of nothing more than ensuring your ship's communication systems are well-maintained and that the signal is clear. Well, then! What's your idea for a game about robots?
  8. EternalShadow

    Have you tried Exporting game?

    The pre-placed "RTP". The idea is to remove what you don't need, but personally I'd find it easier to add what you do need when you do need it.
  9. That moment when another shadow joins the fray...

    1. Seriel


      Oh no!

      And this one's Eternal as well!


    2. Unishadow
  10. A vote for Beyond Reality would be greatly appreciated, thanks :)https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=538079723

  11. MRW when I come back after several months away and my game topic is locked because the download link broke XD

    1. kaz


      Its not locked ?

  12. EternalShadow

    Story Contest! - OVER

    Do you want to use ALL of them, or will just a few do? By the way, you should really be crediting your resources - even edits
  13. EternalShadow

    What am I doing wrong?

    It's hard to follow with all of this blanked out, but there is a much simpler way of doing it. On the NPC page, just look below the switch condition - there's a variable condition. Use that instead of all of the conditional branching. P.S: That Paralell process is running 60 times a second, and likely isn't getting a chance to turn the switch before re-running.
  14. EternalShadow

    ED Skyward Temple - Planned Update

    Perfect ideas, I'll re-stream once implemented
  15. EternalShadow

    Updating an old game?

    A very good question I asked myself and others in the past! The general consensus I got was that if the past game is flawed and you have learnt from your future ones and want to fix it up to make it look better for your resume, then feel free to. However, don't re-release it for the sake of appeasing the exact people who reviewed the game already. There is also the consideration of the fact that people might play your past games if they liked your recent ones.
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