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  1. Gambit.

    Gambit Word Input

    Just have an event use the script call: input_word Then the word the player enters will be stored in the variable (configured in the script header).
  2. Gambit.

    Gambit Achievement GUI

    You can place this snippet below the script to move the map achievement banner to the top middle of the screen: If you'd like to move it somewhere else, you can play around with the values in this line: super(4 * Graphics.width / 11, 0, 3 * window_width / 4, fitting_height(3.5)) x = 4 * Graphics.width / 11 y = 0 Change the x or y values to move it around the screen.
  3. Gambit.

    Gambit Achievement GUI

    You're very welcome! Hey! I know it's been awhile but I see that you still check into the forums so I figured I'd help you out. Paste this script below my Achievement GUI and it'll move the banner to the top right instead of the bottom center. Thanks! Hope you liked it.
  4. Gambit.

    Gambit Evolution

    Sorry for the late reply all! Unfortunately, the script does not support actor clones. If you don't use the animation common event, it should just evolve on the map. You can omit most of the commands I used. Just check out the documentation in the first post. I want something different more or less the character transforms as part of a scripted battle rather than anything else and after the battle he reverts back. The equipment changes between the transformations as well. This is probably not the script you're looking for then. I remember seeing another script that is sort of similar to what you're saying. I can't find the exact one, but this one might help. Thanks! Unfortunately that is currently not one of the evolution options. It's limited to level and item evolutions right now. I might get some more time later this month to make some changes to the script. Let me know if you're still around!
  5. Gambit.

    Gambit Save Game Screenshot

    I'm pretty sure that second script you linked counted autosaves both with and without my snippet. It adds needed code to not count a save, but that code isn't actually being used for it to make a difference. Regardless, I updated my last post with a second snippet which will actually use the code in your second script for autosaves. So they should no longer be included in the save count.
  6. Gambit.

    Gambit Save Game Screenshot

    Add this snippet under the Yanfly + Autosave script: It should start taking screenshots automatically when it autosaves now. Edit: If using your second script to not count autosaves in the save count, use this snippet instead:
  7. Gambit.

    Gambit Save Game Screenshot

    Yeah, that's probably due to the Autosave script. Also, you should delete any pre-existing save files you had BEFORE using the script. If you added the script when you had no save files, then feel free to post the Autosave script so I can look into it for you.
  8. Gambit.

    Gambit Skill Features

    It's currently not possible to use formulas. Formulas might cause issues in a situation like this: At level 5, actor 1 learns a skill that increases MHP by 10 * level = 10 * 5 = 50 At level 10, actor 1 forgets the skill which decreases MHP by 10 * level = 10 * 10 = 100 It can just lead to confusing situations in those types of cases. It'll work well if you don't allow actors to forget skills though so I'll consider adding it in.
  9. Thanks for all your kind words. The hardest part with this script was figuring out exactly what to change for each type of object. I had to manually go through every part of the editor and search through it carefully while taking notes whenever I saw a reference to one of the objects the script can change. And, of course, going through all of the event commands to find the indices of each of their parameters was a pain. I'm glad you can use it as a reference though. I hope you learn from it! Let me know if you have any questions and I can try to explain.
  10. Gambit.

    (VX Ace - Stats) Modify Max HP based on DEF

    I believe it's supposed to be @level unless there's a level method in Game_Actor that I'm forgetting. So, Valcarde, to summarize, try this instead: To affect all actors: def custom_mhp(ori_param) 10 * @level + (self.def - 10) / 2 * @level end To only affect actor 1: def custom_mhp(ori_param) case id when 1 10 * @level + (self.def - 10) / 2 * @level else ori_param end end
  11. Updated! It now supports variables and self switches! You're very welcome! I'm glad you found it useful. New update! v 1.50 - June 6, 2014 Added support for variables Added support for self switches Note 1: If a switch / variable is the beginning of a batch, then that reference will be changed. If the reference is at the end of a batch, it will not be changed. This seemed like the best way to handle batches. Note 2: Self switches can only be swapped and updated (no moving, inserting, or deleting). They are organized on a per-map basis.
  12. Okay, the update has been posted. The performance is much, much better now for the insert and delete tasks (no more looping through the entire project repeatedly, now only one search is performed per task). And I added support for organizing switches! Variable support may be coming in the future... There's just so many references to them. v 1.15 - June 5, 2014 Significant performance improvements Added support for switches
  13. @Theo: Well... I ran some tests got the following results: 6.268s to find / change all the references and 0.137s to draw the items in v1.10. But this was simply poor coding on my part! I thought about ways to improve the efficiency and realized that I basically had the insert and delete tasks looping swap tasks until they fixed all the necessary references. So if you deleted Skill 1 in a blank project, for example, the script was searching through the entire project over and over again for a total of 125 times. I've completely rewritten the way references are changed and database modifications are made so the entire project is only searched one time for each task (even for insert and delete). I just ran the same test that took 6.268s and it took 0.079s to complete with the new code! So that's a huge improvement. Now, drawing the items is the more time-consuming part, like you guessed. So good news: v1.15 will be out later today and it will be more than 90% faster! @Wren: It's more time-consuming than anything else really. In order to change all the references to all the objects, you've got to manually find them all (there isn't any easy way to do this). So this was the main issue. It meant tediously searching through the editor (databases, event commands, map properties, etc) and making notes of anything I could find that referenced something in the database. Once they were all found (at least what I believe to be everything after repeated searches), it just required figuring out how the IDs were coded in the data files (so for an event command, for example, this usually meant printing out the command and identifying the relevant parameters) so that they could be changed by a script. Now we can finally work on our games without worrying about adding / changing anything at a later time.
  14. Here's a simple script I just wrote that changes the space on the first page of characters to a backspace button. The space on the second page will still be a space.