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  1. ^- Yup. I really suggest a script. The first issue i could think of is that "What if the player changes his mind and turns around after stepping on the event." But i guess you can use switches for that... and more events =.=
  2. Uriel Everos

    This hill is mine

    I still have no idea what's going on. and since it seems that Knighterius surrendered the hill. I'm taking it.
  3. A more reliable choice is to use a script for regions. Since if you line the swamp's borders. It would take a bit more effort to return the actor to normal when he exits. Plus if the area is big. The events might cause lag
  4. Busy with school stuff. The Battle system might be delayed :(

  5. Can't seem to make it so that using an item in battle, changes your equip.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Uriel Everos

      Uriel Everos

      Nope, I'm trying to make a game with only one actor and one weapon. lol


    3. INDOJIN


      Make sure the equip is added to the inventory first.

    4. Uriel Everos

      Uriel Everos

      Oh... I see hmm

  6. apparantly. my wip game wont be utilizing my Wip rps battle system... it just doesn't fit right ith the story

  7. Uriel Everos

    This hill is mine

    *walks in confused* awkwardly says, "uhm, my hill?"
  8. Uriel Everos

    UE - RPS Battle System - Alpha teaser demo released

    Ahaha yeah. A lot are correct in your comment. XD although. That first bug though. Ahaha that means I suck at events. Lol The cooldowns are a WIP though. Im trying to make it so that when you use an action in a row for x times. It will be disabled for y turn/s. As for the skills... yes that would be a great idea . Just gotta find a way to squeeze it in. But that wouldn't be too hard. The hard part is. Customizability. Thanks for the feedback and hmm. I'm still playing around with damage formulas (hence not explain in the teaser, cuz its not worthy yet. It's pretty static)
  9. Uriel Everos

    Collectible Menu Window

    This could be done, if the scripter knew how many actors there will be... Unless... he places all the actors into the window to be collected. Although i couldn't get how you wanted it to look. Could you post a graphical representation?
  10. New Entry to the Light and the Dark journal (Blog). Released Alpha Teaser Demo for my upcoming Battle System. Check it out guys! <3

    1. crystalknight


      I will when i get back to my pc. Congrats!

    2. Uriel Everos

      Uriel Everos

      Ahaha It's does not have much. XD It's a Teaser to an alpha. hahahaha so don't expect much as of yet.

    3. crystalknight


      Doesn't matter, tomorrow I'll check it out

  11. UE - RPS Battle System Announcement: Alpha teaser demo released What is this A new battle system, Rock Paper Scissor type with a Tug-Of-War HP system Why are you making this This is going to be the main battle system to my WIP game Adventure! Where's the script It is not up yet. Since the script is still VERY VERY early in development. What to expect in this demo Not much, but the main skeleton of the battle system. It has a lot of 'buggy' areas. It needs to be polished. It needs to be more balanced. It needs to be more reliable. It needs an option to be able to use skills and items. Damage calculation needs to be reworked. Healing mechanism needs to be more balanced. Sounds need to fit more. Need to add sprites/animations/aesthetics. A WHOLE BUNCH MORE. Why is it encrypted I am watching the flow of the script very carefully, and getting feedback from a currently anonymous person. Since this release is in such a very very early stage in development, there is no legitimate reason for me to currently release the script, hence 'Alpha-teaser' demo. A teaser of an Alpha release. What can I do to help Reply feedback, suggestions, bugs, balance changes, aesthetic improvements. Anything from criticism to just throwing a bucket of attention. Any of these will help. On a later release (probably in Beta), when the script is released, ACTUALLY EVEN NOW),This script will be 'Community-based' in which, what the community wants to appear in the script, as long as in conforms to the main point or main goal of the script. I shall do my best to comply. SO please do post feedback here on this Blog. DEMO DOWNLOAD: UE - RPS Battle System - Alpha Teaser Demo STAY TUNED FOR MORE UPDATES, THIS IS MERELY AN ANNOUNCEMENT THAT A NEW BATTLE SCRIPT IS COMING SOON. It's 30% done! "Rock, Paper, Scissor, - The hardest game ever."
  12. I see. Understood, Thankyou. @KilloZapit, Funny how i found the fix, before i even saw your post. When i read it. It was the exact fix that i used. So Kudos to you sir my only new issue now is this: Is it possible to get a hash/array of variables. like var = $game_variables[5]...[20].total So that we don't have to type it one by one?
  13. class Uriel attr_accessor :eid attr_accessor :id def initialize @eid = 0 id = 0 end def enemies_id(id) @eid = $data_enemies[id].param[0] end end I'm using script call: Uriel.enemies_id(1) I end up with a no method error Any ideas?
  14. Uriel Everos

    This hill is mine

    Chidosengan (Chidori + Rasengan), The hill is mine
  15. Uriel Everos

    UE - RPS Battle System Announcement

    I'm trying hard to make it a bit more challenging without making a single battle last 1,000,000 hours long. hahaha
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