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  1. incorrect (login) and already registered (register) always get that problem.. anybody can help me?
  2. Looking some ARTIST, COMPOSER, MAPPER

  3. DarkDevilz

    Land Vehicle 1.05 [Update: 09/01/2015]

    oh... just make boat be a car???? LoL i think it's make an amphibious vehicle say... nice script, later i'll try for my other project
  4. Wow, New ABS... >.< i must try this, mybe it's match with my project >.< thankz falcao ♥
  5. DarkDevilz

    Message Background

    uwaw.. nice script i'll try later, when i'm home.. Nice nice nice
  6. DarkDevilz

    Land Vehicle 1.05 [Update: 09/01/2015]

    humm.. this script make like an amphibious vehicle? can move on land and water? or just change the boat to moving on land??
  7. DarkDevilz

    Message Busts

    it's compatible with ATS good job Master galv thankz for the script ♥ it
  8. DarkDevilz

    Message Busts

    how about ATS from modern algebra? i don't try it yet, too busy with my collage and work place + my sick
  9. DarkDevilz

    Message Busts

    waw... finally, i don't need "show picture" every conversation / dialog... >.< hhhmm.... is it compatible withe other "message" script???
  10. DarkDevilz

    Vehicle Additions

    please for the ship it's script just for AIRSHIP.. i need for SHIP and AIRSHIP