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  1. That feeling you get when you missed a game on the Steam sale...

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    2. Latoa



    3. liliputian7


      I got RPGVXA on Steam for sale at $9

    4. corneredcosmos


      I'd say theres still something fun... maybe nostalgic about solid copy games that feel much more satisfying. (Oh and new game smell! :D)

  2. Jim Sterling just called me a incest developer lol!

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    2. lianderson


      More power to ya I guess. I would judge, but my game more or less promotes violence.

    3. RavenBlueIndigo


      Ugh. :\. Incest is gross. Brb, my sister wants to go on a date, ;D.

    4. Latoa



  3. Oh and a big youtuber did a video about my game. AGAAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA! ....

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    2. lianderson
    3. RoooodWorks


      that video made my head hurt, the way he slams his keys when talking to people.....

    4. Latoa


      lol yea he got really into it.

  4. I said hello in RPG Maker web and was banned...great job guys.

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    2. Crescent
    3. kaz


      Stop bickering on this forum about what happens on other forums we don't want the drama there's pilling onto here

    4. kaz



  5. Just added Steam cards to my game thanks to the fans!

    1. lianderson


      Nice! (what game is it for?)

    2. Latoa


      The cards are for my Game "I Am Caligula" Though I want cards for all my games someday.

    3. lianderson


      Hmmmmm... not my genre. But congrats on the success! (you seem a little mean in your comments though. Then again, I don´t know the full story)

  6. Seeing the Steam summer sale from a devs eyes is interesting.

  7. "You got some 'splainin to do, mister." Liberty you are my Opera!

    1. Kloe


      Yups :D


      I totally didn't confuse you with the guy who did it for a sec >.<


      Also here is what he means btw https://rpgmaker.net/forums/topics/20730/?post=747895#post747895


    2. Animebryan


      Sad to see that people think that they can still get away with that stuff, especially when it doesn't take long for someone to recognize the plagiarized work & call them out on it.

  8. Ok had to report a member here, this is just too much...

    1. Ragnos


      Really? What for, exactly?

    2. Latoa


      Explicit comments.

  9. My Yaoi Visual Novel was greenlit! that makes 4 games! AHAHAH!

  10. Latoa

    Best VX Ace DLCs?

    Music from JBD artist. However they do a very poor job in their terms of use. Would love for them to try and censor someone so they get sued out of business.
  11. Latoa

    Good Kickstarter rewards for $30+ backers?

    Well the best way to find out is by doing. I have had many successful KS projects, but my first was a fail, learned a lot from it. Best of luck.
  12. Latoa

    Good Kickstarter rewards for $30+ backers?

    You plan on getting 250 backers?
  13. Latoa

    Good Kickstarter rewards for $30+ backers?

    Ouch....I see a lot of things wrong here. 1. Physical items are not cost effective, plus add in shipping costs and mistakes. 2. Nothing rewards are just that, nothing, they will not interest anyone that has ever funded a game before, $5 to name a wep or a skill. I would spit in anger over that and leave the page right then. Keep in mind these days you can often buy the witcher 2 for $5.... 3. Collector's Edition...you are not a AAA, unless you have a well know series that is being sold on a market place this also will not work. People do not go to KS to fund AAA games, and if they did they would Fund AAA looking games not this. You need to have rewards that are grounded in reality. A shorter simple reward tier that shows you know what you are doing. Anyone can get a USB, AAA do Collector's Edition all the time. When I fund something I do it to get something I can't get ANYWHERE else. I like custom art for example. When I funded "Drifter" I got that game at a VERY low price. When I funded "Razor" a comics comeback I got some sweet custom art and a full digital file of ALL their comics. When I funded "Cute erotic comics" I got porn...enough said. When I funded "Castle Dracula" I got a shit game. The list goes on and on and one. If you can't beat ONE of those reward tiers then that should tell you all you need to know.
  14. Latoa

    Sugar Sweet

    Of course, my games are there.
  15. Latoa

    What drives you to create?

    Never just one thing as my moods are always changing. Sometimes its money, sometimes the love of art, story, sometimes I feel about to get bored and NEED to do work. But its never the same thing.
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