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    HawkZombie's Halloween Birthday Game Jam!

    I wish that I could join but I have to attend to Indie Prize and won't have the time. Happy birthday and hope the Jam is sweet and tasty.
  2. Tuomo L

    Strangers of the Power 2

    https://store.steampowered.com/app/851840/Strangers_of_the_Power_2/ Abstract Strangers of the Power 2 is a sequel that seeks to improve and expand upon the formula of the original and help bring more of the same kind of a game that people got with the original. Story The castle within the town of Cloudfall has been taken over by an evil demon. Prince Helios has offered a huge bounty to anyone who's able to clear his family's castle and restore order into town. It is your task, as an adventurer to help defeat this evil, bring peace and gain whatever it is that's driving your own personal motivations. [MEDIA=youtube]A_6AMTkXt-A[/MEDIA] Characters There are 8 playable characters to choose a 4 person party from, the storyline has variations based on who's the leader. Click the character's thumbnail to see them in a bigger resolution! Samano Samano is a Ronin who hears about the demon and wants to do this job of slaying the demon to bring honor and wealth to her fame. Wilhelmina Wilhelmina is a country girl who loves to fight, the stronger the opponent the better. She thinks of herself as the greatest demon hunter ever and wants to kill the demon to prove that right. Slavia Slavia is a Sorceress who wants to capture the demon. She's not interested in money or fame, she just wants a plaything that she can torture for fun and no one will judge her, if it's an evil demon that she can use for her sadistic fun. Hacatra Hacatra is a cleric, as a spiritual and a follower of a light, she's by her very nature drawn towards the vanguish of the demon. She's not really interested in money or fame and feels that this is simply said, her duty to smite the evil. Aurae Aurae is a hunter and a mercenary. She does help people for small moneys and volunteers to aid in destroying the demon, in exchange for some money. Miwafin Miwafin is a genie, who has received a wish about the demon's demise. While Miwafin is not the most powerful genie in the world, she is determined to fulfill the wish and end the demon's rampage, no matter what the cost. Michi Michi is a fun loving catgirl, who spends most of her time doing cat things, like scratching things and being lazy. However, she volunteers destroying the demon in exchange for all the milk that she can drink. (She can drink a lot of milk.) Bentley Bentley is a pirate, who hears about the demon. This is no good for anyone and business would suffer, so she offers to get rid of the demon in exchange for gold and jewelry. Social Want to show your support for this project? Use this button in your signature and link it to this topic! Features 8 playable characters to choose a 4 person party from Playable classes; Samurai (Refined Strangers of the Power 1 Warrior), Sorcerer (Refined Strangers of the Power 1 Mage), Priest (NEW!), Warrior (NEW!), Martial Artist (NEW!), Genie (NEW!), Hunter (NEW!), Pirate (Refined Strangers of the Power 1 Rogue) Leveled enemies for tougher gameplay, including more reason to back to town Lengthier game Alchemy Custom rival system Dynamic plot Quest System Screenshots Credits \c[2]Engine Degica/Kadokawa RPG Maker MV \c[2]Director Tuomo Laine \c[2]Story Tuomo Laine \c[2]Plugin Programmer Yanfly Galv Moghunter Khas ArcThunder Chau Hudell SumRndmDde Caethyril Companion Wulf Tuomo Laine \c[2]Character art Gee-Kun Soft \c[2]Menu art Funanya \c[2]Menu tweaks Tuomo Laine \c[2]Spriting Tuomo Laine Gee-Kun Soft \c[2]Mapping Tuomo Laine Kadokawa Allusion \c[2]Font The Alegreya Project Authors \c[2]Animations hadecynn \c[2]Tilesets Celianna \c[2]Tileset edits Tuomo Laine \c[2]Monster sprites Aekashics ShadowHawkDragon McSundae hiddenone \c[2]Sprite additionals Celianna Gee-Kun Soft Kadokawa hiddenone \c[2]Music YouFulca https://wingless-seraph.net/ \c[2]Sound Effects Degica \c[2]Sound Editing Tuomo Laine \c[2]Beta testing Tuomo Laine Anaboli Bret "Deathwish" Johnson Rami "Leonious" Rannikko \c[2]Public Relations Bret "Deathwish" Johnson Tuomo Laine \c[2]Quality Assurance Anaboli \c[2]Social Icons Hüseyin Çakir \c[2]Voice Actors Armorshop - AlexdanderDoddy Aurae - Haley CM Bedpan - CJ Heineman Bentley - Marian Toro Hacathra - Katie Otten Helios - Ben Balmaceda Innkeeper - Jordan Bonn Laura - Lexily Michi - Alyssa Kay Miwafin - Uoza Samano - Elissa Park Sister Satan - Teagan Gardner Slavia - R Chiang Weapon Girl - Delphi Weaponshop Lady - Ruka S Wilhelmina - Abigail Turner Youtube - Germophobe \c[2]Thanks Anaboli Mom Dad Amy Alice Bret "Deathwish" Johnson RPG Maker Web forums Fantasy Name Generators Allusion insults.net funtranslations.com pirate.monkeyness.com \c[2]Special Thanks To You for buying my game!
  3. @Rio: I really like what you're doing here! The only thing I'd say is having been to beach resorts and such, they usually try and build some sort of roads near the buildings and the main hub areas. Maybe you should put some road, even rough one near the marketplace? New level for Save Your Mother which will be a free update.
  4. I get what you're going for but I think the dark brown looks way too dark, it's like someone smeared bunch of chocolate all over the place. I take it's supposed to be dead grass and dirt? I suggest you add a bit of more orange tint to it to have it look more visually appealing. Also dead grass is more yellowish than brown and mud is more gray than brown. The rest of it looks really good but I really think you should do something to that dark brown color to make it more appealing. Just some final tweaks and additions and the game's getting to Kickstarter ready. Even though most of Another Dimension is a wasteland, there's some areas that have fertile ground and places where people tend to live at.
  5. @RubinBlau: Very nice maps! Is the white sparks a save point though? I suggest finding another one, that may be a bit too hard to notice by player and it may blend in too much. I have played games where savepoint or important items like that get lost and it is very annoying. Tutorial town, now with fixed waters and ingame look. Sprites and buildings are placeholders still.
  6. Tuomo L

    Rock Paper Scissors EX

    Is there a way to make it timed, so that you have to pick before the time runs out and you'll lock the one you're at, at that point? I am thinking something like Alexis Kidd where you had to pick one before the music that was playing ended. https://youtu.be/ZP3SHbINVHQ?t=8m8s
  7. Does it? I just copied off what the sample map looks like. Yeah, it looks kinda unnatural for the terrain to have formed like that. It looks way much too manmade. My best friend gave me an advice to instead of having tons of the "roof" to instead break it up a bit, I was thinking filling with black would make these houses seem better. I've also tried to think of ways spruce up the random npc's houses. This particular girl has a cute art of unicorn and pic of her and her mother that she did.
  8. @Aliciia: I don't know, it looks really fake mostly because of the perfect square west side of the most southern island. The shapes are completely unnatural for islands. Here's stuff I did, Witch's Cabin Interior
  9. Soul: Seems like a great map, I don't see anything bad about it. I've just begun my new game and this is from the introduction where we meet some of the cast.
  10. Tuomo L

    Save your Mother - NOW FOR SALE!

    Nope, there won't ever be a demo. I was going to make one but then was discouraged from making one by seeing this. It's true too, there's a reason why we don't see demos that often any more. The risk vs reward is not good enough. This guy has been doing a pretty good let's play of it, so maybe you could check it out a bit to see if the game's to your liking? https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLwSEhDSVOdxcpWd_McyTy_otY4tpjegFj
  11. Save your Mother On Sale! 9,99$ BUY IT HERE http://store.steampowered.com/app/423740 Abstract: Save your Mother is an upcoming commercial version of a highly succesful RPG Maker game that was created within the span of one month for the "Quest for Fun" contest. The original version won the first place and was downloaded by 39288 people before the download was removed. The commercial version improves on every single aspect of the original, including making many things from the ground up fresh and new, keeping many things that made the old game work but also improving on the format enough for a commercial release. Genre: Fantasy Engine: RPG Maker VX Ace Save Your Mother on Social Media Facebook @SaveYourMother2 Youtube Gameplay Story Setting The game takes place in the same Megaverse as all my other projects, as such there is a rich and robust world to build with the mythos of over 15 years of game making. The timeline for the game takes place about 500 years in the New World after the Old World was destroyed by the War of Gods, if anyone is interested or well versed in my mythos. Characters There are quite several colorful characters in the game, here are just few important ones. Alice Alice is the main character of the game, as well as the avatar the player controls throughout the game. She is a renowed scholar nicknamed "Silver Scholar" due to the coloring of her hair. She uses her knowledge and skills to find out about the legend of Elohim Cube as well as making use of it in solving the various tasks that wait inside. Jenna Jenna is the rival you meet early into the game. She wants to obtain the cube as well for her own sake, though she wishes to sell the cube and earn a fortune from it. Jenna is unlike Alice, very streetsmarts girl and doesn't shy away from using dirty tactics. She and Alice are against each other but for no personal reason but rather them both having a common goal. Elisa Elisa is the mother of Alice who has grown ill. Alice knows that nothing can cure her mother but the Elohim Cube, she has already tried everything but no ailment has worked, not even out of ordinary cures. The game ends if she dies. Credits Full credits in game Screenshots Features A game about puzzle and action, very gameplay oriented adventure Fast paced combat with epic, grand special moves. Hand painted cutscene art and character art that shows variety of emotions, blinking and mouth movement Inspiring, eerie soundtrack does invoke variety of emotions from fear to happiness and getting you pumped up for the challenges. Is the game too easy? Unlock the special hardcore mode to add to your challenge! Steam achievements&Trading Cards FAQ Q: Will there be a Kickstarter/Indiegogo/Whatever? A: Sadly, no. While I would love nothing more than to get a fundraiser to be able to pay off some extra resources as well as possibly hiring voice actors, my country's idiotic laws prevent me from doing so. Everything about this game has been funded directly from my personal money that I was saving for years for this exact reason. Q: I'm a composer and I'd like to do the soundtrack for this game, how do I come about to contacting you? A: As flattered as I am, I sadly had to turn away already two very talented soundtrack artists. To be 100% honest, the game already has soundtrack and I've already paid for it.
  12. Tuomo L

    Save your Mother - NOW FOR SALE!

    Save Your Mother is on Steam sale! If you didn't get it on previous sale, now is the perfect chance for it! 9,99$ 7,99$
  13. It's really good but it's a bit plain in places. Try to spice things up by putting in some random objects or something. For the sea there's a rock tile that works nicely to break up the plainness. Yeah I'll do that, it was just the first draft anyway. I actually was gonna add more things but I ran out of different looking towns and such, hah.
  14. DarknessFalls: I like the overall idea of the map but I don't understand why there are skeletons near a graveyard, why haven't they been burried too? I also don't think the oil drums and the other modern related things such as swings really fit to the overall feel of the map. Here's my first ever attempt at making a world map. It has horizontal pan effect. Feedback is more than welcome! https://www.dropbox.com/s/hp9nw3xfv096ljs/World%201.png?dl=0
  15. What's the purpose of the giant carpet area? It is alone bigger than any class room I've ever been into. The size is very awkward since it's almost all wasted, empty space. Final trailer for my game
  16. My first ever commercial game, finally on Steam!!

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      Congrats! :3

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      Nice! A game about commercials? Sounds interesting! :3

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      Good job. I'm working on my first commercial game now, hoping it goes as well as yours :D

  17. I linked Schala in my earlier post, it's inlcuded in there to proabably prevent lag from t he system
  18. I was wondering, is this compatible with Schala's anti lag script?
  19. Finally was able to launch my website!

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      Tuomo L

      Thank you guys, it's just my latest game but all my future stuff will find home there in the future.

  20. My game's made it to top 100 out of 30530 games!!

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      Its not like you're paying to view. Would you avoid entering a building if it had a billboard on the side?


      Anyways, congrats on your success.

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      I avoid the video if the ad is important enough to block some of it.

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      Tuomo L

      What was the ad that made you want to block it? I'll contact google if it was something offensive.

  21. My game is trending on IndieDB!!!! <3

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      But is it as trending as mine!

  22. @Somael: I love your games looks. However, could you possibly tint the screen a bit? It's very purplish in background yet this screenshot doesn't reflect that color scheme at all. My game's on Steam Greenlight. I wasn't sure what to show for this ocassion so have a peculiar demon girl who dislikes humans. However, if you play through the game, you can actually become friends with her and find out the dark secret why the demons dislike and distrust humans.
  23. @saeryensong: I like what you did with the lava, the subtle touch that it has shadows is a good idea to illustsrate that it's bellow the floor. However, I don't think the singular fire on top of the lava at the bottom looks very good, you should change it to something else. It also messes with the depth, since the area around it is totally dark and at bottom but it's seemingly hovering above on ground level? My game's getting ready for Steam Greenlight. As such, I'd like to show off a bit something different, the new and improved launch trailer that was improved based on feedback.
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