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    Hello everyone, I am sharing some esential facts about the horror game I am working on.
    * The game will be set in a close future. (About 10 years from now)
    * Cutscenes will be in POV much like the ACE combat. While navigation is traditional, what Mary sees, is what you see.
    * There will be absolutely no random encounters. All combat are pretermined and/or completely avoidable depending on the dialogue and the way you deal with things.
    * The game requires no grinding at all but rather to adventure and discover things. (See bellow)
    * Leveling up only increases health, not any other stat. To raise other stats, you must make choices in dialogue and find items that boost yourself. You will also learn new skills along the way that will help build up your character.
    * The worlds of sin can be revisited at any given time after beating them. Some items and bonuses can only be obtained after you've gotten some new skills that allow you to interact with the world in an entirely new and exciting ways.
    * Every person fights for their lives. Combat is always a challenge, only expection would be to revisiting old worlds of sin at much later point of game.
    * Lazrael is an item that can be acessed at any given time to ask advice on what to do, or get more information about something relevant you're about to do.
    * To be able to reach any of the worlds of Sin, you must first trek across the dangerous underworld.
    * The demo will be 1-2 hours in length, culminating at the defeat of the first Sin, Greed. It will feature about 3 boss battles, including the confrontation with Greed.
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