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  1. Emerald

    Shop Taxes VXA

    Updated to v1.8 with some better functionality and an add-on requested by rustyvera.
  2. Emerald

    What counts as a video game?

    I'm not sure on that. What I would say myself is no, because simply the objective must be part of the gameplay. Intrinsic stuff is NOT gameplay, since intrinsic happens inside something and this case it would have to happen in the player. It is however possible as objectives set up by the players themselves, such as Nuzlocke runs in Pokemon games. I suppose that your example would be a game loop for a visual novel? In this case, there are actually multiple things wrong with it. Like the objective, the challenge also should have to do gameplay. However, out of the three aspects in the game loop, challenges can only be part of the gameplay. It does not matter if it is getting past enemies or figuring out how to get somewhere, as long as it has to do with the actual gameplay. Two good ways of checking this are asking yourself: "is it an appropriate challenge for the objective?" (objective: explore, challenge: figure out where to go) or "is it tied in with the mechanics of the game?" (objective: get from a to b, challenge: get past enemies by fighting them) While my last post mostly consisted of things I learned, this post is mostly build on how I interpret it so don't quote me on this. I'll probably ask one of my lecturers and see what they think.
  3. Emerald

    What counts as a video game?

    I am currently in my first years bachelor game design with many veterans from the industry (including developers from the Tomb Raider franchise, Magic the Gather and Kick Off) and what I have been taught is a game needs to have at least one Game Loop. A Game Loop is Objective, Challenge, Reward. This can be anything, but must be within its own media. For example the core game loop for Tomb Raider is: Objective: Explore Challenge: Puzzles obstructing your path Reward: Story progress Minecraft: Objective: Be creative Challenge: Gathering the resources and building what you want to build Reward: Intrinsic reward of achievement (in most cases) FNAF: Objective: Survive till 6AM Challenge: Don't let the robots come in Reward: YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY (and a measly 102.something bucks)
  4. Emerald

    EST - Emerald's Skill Trees

    I'll keep that in mind for the next update! How to make skill trees is indeed hard at the start, especially if you are not used to programming. However, I found it the easiest way to give people as much freedom as they have in creating the trees.
  5. Emerald

    EST - Emerald's Skill Trees

    Hey Crystal. Sorry for the veeery late reply. I'm started on a project myself about a week ago and am building it from the ground up. I'm planning to update most of my scripts as soon as I reach the point of using one of them in my own game. This "updating" will probably be a major overhaul (no worries, only in the core, not in the configs) of the script. This means also replacing old bugs for new ones (yeah, replacing. I suck xD). However, if it is important for your project that this issue is fixed (and if you even read this in time), notify me by PM and I'll will try to fix it for you!
  6. Emerald

    EST - Emerald's Skill Trees

    @ferry widiarta: That isn't yet implemented, I will get on it though. Added in next patch @roah: I'll look into the classes bug. At the moment, it is not possible to unlock new skill trees but maybe I can add something in. When leveling a skill you only get the skill at the current level. I'll see if I can get an option in to keep all skills. @Dennis: what is the 5 in ["tree_points", 5, 1] supposed to be? It's not a valid tree ID. The second error you got is also because you entered an invalid tree ID. Notify me if I missed something guys.
  7. Emerald

    EST - Emerald's Skill Trees

    Sorry guys for me not noticing any of your messages! Right now I really am not coming online that much anymore (like once in the two months), so if I don't come online after this, you guys should PM so I will receive an e-mail notification! Anyways, I'm rather busy lately so I'll see if I can get some time free tomorrow or in the weekend to look into all of your problems.
  8. Emerald

    EST - Emerald's Skill Trees

    It think you forgot to add a ] somwehere. Could you show me your configurations?
  9. Emerald

    EST - Emerald's Skill Trees

    @Tatsuki: Just use the class add-on but use seperate classes for both the allies and the MC, while they still look identical. As for your additional questions: 1 - You need to make a new skill. 2 and 3 - You'll need a script which allows passive skills for this. 4 - You'll need to have a script which allows weapons only to be worn by having certain skills OR passive skill which grant new equipment options, and have each weapon a seperate type depending on their rank. @Lucas: ty ^^
  10. I'll look into both your issues ASAP.
  11. Emerald

    EST - Emerald's Skill Trees

    The configurations and Core Script have been split up. Be sure to update them both. Both are in the OP.
  12. Fixed it! Update to v2.1e Removed something which I shouldn't have added.
  13. Unfortunately, no. I've got no idea why, but for some reason this script doesn't copy over common events.
  14. The player can change the color of most of the graphics in my game, so... And it's the HP bar. Since I'm still just designing the layout, I've yet to put in information as HP and MP. As for your map, the detail is good. It isn't too cluttered, nor too blank. But you might consider adding some more variety in the height of cliffs. As it looks now, most of the time one change in level looks the same everywhere. (haven't got an example to show ya, sorry :/)
  15. @Gawaine: Looks good! Maybe just add more diversity in the flowers at the windows? @Titan: Seems to me like an awesome battlesystem. I'm really interested in how it'll turn out @Nicke: Like it how much information you've got on display, while it still looks good. @Compass: That's a really good tomb! The lightning is pretty nice in there and it reminds me off games like Tomb Raider (older ones) ^^ I've complete a test version of my layout. Just still not really sure about it..