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  1. Bogsy

    Beautiful Custom Shops

    This is pretty damn sexy, makes other shop and shop scripts look inferior to this. It literally has the meaning of buying what you see in the shop (as what Final Fantasy does to tease players) Great job man, I'm going to consider implementing this.
  2. Bogsy

    What kind of game should I do?

    This isn't true, you can't make everyone happy anyways. There will always be two sides of opinions to things. I recommend taking inspiration from shows you enjoy to watch and books you like to read. Cliche's are nice and classy, giving them the title of Mage sounds much better then Elemental Alchemist of the Great Fire Clan Nation. People do that, don't do that keep it simple and clean.
  3. I believe Yanfly's message system will assist you on that. It may not show the visual screenshot of it but theres a draw picture command to show an image bigger then the chat box. You may need to install the Core Script for it to work as well. http://yanflychannel.wordpress.com/rmvxa/core-scripts/ace-message-system/
  4. Nah, it's still just as convenient as it is in the free version. If it troubles anyone that can't afford licences, you can get the alternative OBS (Open Broadcaster Software). Similar to XSplit, but there are no limit to how HQ the file you want it to be.
  5. I highly recommend Livestream's Procaster or XSplit. They are initially for streaming purposes, but because of that sole reason, they are too video capture programs. you can save the recorded files into your computer.
  6. Bogsy

    Pokemon Sprites - Opinions appreciated

    Pokemon tend to have a real-life history behind them, via Squirtle a Turtle, Deliberd - Santa Claus, etc. That aside, having a squirrel in the embodiment of flames looks odd, not saying it's bad but, it's a bit too flamy. I'd consider a red-like squirrel with a few baby flames on his body, or have his tail be similar to that of Charmander.
  7. Bogsy


    It's exactly as the title says, are they a good thing or bad thing? I've had a lot of mixed thoughts with my friends but it just wasn't fitting right for me to express my opinions to them. Let's assume you just finished a game that got popular. You notice plot holes and characters that needed more character build in your game and wanted to make a sequel. Then your fanbase and various other players had mixed feelings about your decision. You realize it's your game and can do whatever the hell you want with it, but at the same time you feel that you agree with the negative side of making a sequel because it might shatter the original story and such. With that said, what do you think?
  8. Bogsy

    Giving your game "exploits"

    I know that feel, trying to make the game that has no glitches or any sort of bug whatsoever. I don't think its a bad idea to leave an exploit, people will have fun messing around after beating the game, which is what a few people do otherwise just putting the game aside to collect dust. It all matters on how lethal that specific exploit is, like gaining 2312312312 x infinite levels in this one area VS getting easy items and selling to shop for quick gold. It's exactly as Dmariin says.
  9. Bogsy

    Giving your game "exploits"

    I tend to find exploits more of a accident in games where the makers failed to verify that part of the game properly. Forcing in one ruins the fun of being surprised when another finds it and uses it to take advantage of the game.
  10. Bogsy

    Hello all!

    Well, I've been lurking for the longest time now. Felt like being part of the community and contributing whatever I can from time and there. Sup ya'll.
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