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  1. Well, actually, I already beat them. Since I knew about the revival thing from my previous attempt I focused on Foshu and took him out as quickly as I could. On his own Dom wasn't that hard. But without a doubt this was the hardest of the three sparring matches. What level am I supposed to be when I fight them? Phillip was level 21, the other three were 22. Is that too low? EDIT: MAJOR ISSUE: I went back to the starting village and discovered that the previously-locked door in the NE part of the village is now gone. I followed the path and ended up in an underground passage. The very FIRST random encounter I got there was... Alvin - including the conversation between him and Gregory even though Gregory has been gone for some time. Later I also encountered the ghost (the same one I previously fought and defeated on the way to Dorian).
  2. There's a difference between "challenging" and "annoying". The tunnel leading to "Cockatrice Field" is the latter - with all of my characters at level 20+ the opponents in the tunnel are simply not a challenge, but the random encounters there are so frequent they quickly become frustrating (it doesn't help that the tunnel is quite long). This is the main reason I'd like to have a save crystal at the field - going through the tunnel is at best boring. It wouldn't be so bad if there was something in the tunnel, but other than a single ambush and a chest with 4000 gold in it there's nothing but frequent random encounters that pose no real challenge. EDIT: You could follow the example of other games and add a crystal there that is a single-use - after a single use it shatters. Anyway, that was one weird nightmare Phillip had... Say, does the Red Scare class have any skills in the current version? EDIT2: So I went back to the arena to see if gaining a few levels made things any easier. Triple Trouble was a challenge (especially Hikari) but not too hard. Then I challenged Team Nightningale. It was all going according to plan... until I took out Dom and Foshu promptly revived him. Quite the nasty surprise, so I took a break. Did I miss a hint somewhere about Foshu reviving Dom, or is that intended to be an unpleasant, potentially fight-ending, surprise?
  3. Well, in that case at least put a save crystal right at the start of the Field so that we don't have to go through the tunnel every single time.
  4. A few more comments: 1) The little scene at the inn in the starting village featuring Margot, Susan and Kurtwood was enjoyable 2) The rematches at the arena are tough. I beat Sasha and co, and I'll leave the other two for later 3) Why is the Golden Needle usable only outside combat? More importantly, why is it single use? I thought it would be multi-use...
  5. Well, I finished the Fire Challenge. There was no way to reach the recommended levels without a lot of grinding all of my characters were 2 levels below the recommendation. The boss wasn't hard, just annoying because she hits first and hits hard while having a lot of HP. Thanks to that she managed to take out one of my characters once or twice, but in the end I won (though I had to use a few mana potions).
  6. Some comments on Provoke: - you can start with 0 TP, making it impossible to use the first turn (this has happened to me) - even with Provoke active other party members can still get attacked - it merely increases the odds of Kurtwood getting targeted - just like everything else Provoke gets cancelled by Disruption Wave, and one of the other party members can get knocked out before Kurtwood can use the skill. This has happened to Margot (twice), Eliza and Phillip So while I agree that Provoke makes things easier it definitely doesn't "trivialize" this fight. And that's assuming that Kurtwood never gets Staggered. In fact, the unreliability of Provoke is the main reason I was thinking of buying new armor to improve defense. Well, that's enough about this fight - let's see what the next boss will be like... EDIT: Well, I just beat Alvin and finished the main part of the demo. Compared to Skiva and Bidan he was rather easy. The main problem was that I had not bought any Mega Potions so I had only the few I had found, and so by the end of the fight I had no Mega Potions left. But even so I won on first try, and without Gregory getting knocked out even once (though another character did get knocked out). It helped that I still had Thunder and Earth Charms equipped after the previous boss fight, reducing the damage from his spells. I still have some stuff to finish, such as that radioactive slime, the Cockatrice tunnel and the magic show, so I might have more comments later.
  7. Some comments after finally beating those two: - First of all, thanks for suggesting the Charms - never would have thought about it since until now I had never needed any Charms - Second, all the previous bosses were immune to Blind so I never even thought about trying to Blind either of them. Sure, it worked only half the time but it still helped a bit to blind Skiva. - Is there any way to cancel Magic Reflect? It renders Eliza completely USELESS for a few turns, and is especially bad if used right after Disruption Wave, when her Debuffs have been removed. Due to Magic Reflect she can't reapply any debuffs allowing the bosses to strike at full force. Luckily during my last attempt it wasn't used. - Disruption Wave (removes all states and effects) followed by Disruption Pulse (weakens the entire party and can Stagger) and any high-damage attack skill is a really nasty combo. I had to revive Phillip because after getting weakened he got hit for 900+ damage (just one hit) before I could heal him. This was the first time when I had absolutely no idea how to win. Even the fight against Solana and what's-his-name wasn't that hard and I managed to do it after a few tries. Here I was out of ideas (in case it wasn't completely obvious by now). There was something else I wanted to say, but I can't remember what so I guess I'll leave it for later.
  8. shadowblack

    Town sizes

    There is no firm rule how big a village, town or city should be - it depends on the game and the world. The first and third map seem more like villages than towns to me - just 4 buildings each. It depends on how populated the areas are, but most of the time so few buildings would not be called a town.
  9. I made it to the 3rd boss... or rather, bosses,since there are two of them. I'll have to stop playing there - this boss fight is just too much trouble. Kurtwood and Margot are at level 16, the other two are at level 15, and the fight is just annoying. It's bad enough that they do significant damage until you weaken them, but then Disruption Wave starts cancelling all effects, so I have re-weaken them every few turns. And then, as they lose HP, they start using more skills. It was really annoying to see one of my characters go from over 1000 HP to dead in a single turn due to getting hit by a 3-strike skill. To win I'll have to do nothing but grind until I have enough money to buy the best armor currently available (my current funds are just 12'588) and until all of my characters are at least level 17. It's just not worth the trouble. Maybe I'll try again in a future demo.
  10. shadowblack


    Create a new state (call it whatever you want). Set the new state to make the affected immortal (like the default Immortal state). Next create a new troop event for the boss fight: When the boss' HP is 0% or less check if the boss has the state applied, and if he does - fully heal him. Last you need a way to remove the state.
  11. shadowblack

    Events have stopped working?

    One thing to point out is that in both cases you don't need the Conditional Branch. As for why the first one is not working: Did you check all the other pages?
  12. shadowblack

    Problem mashing two tilesets together

    Tilesets have fixed sizes. You can't just extend them.
  13. Events can't move through other events. This can be useful for keeping NPC events away from certain areas. If you need an event to move through another event turn "Through" to "on" in the Move Route used to control the event's movements.
  14. shadowblack

    Event won't follow my rules

    Try turning on "Wait for completion" for the second move route.
  15. So, what are the rewards for completing the challenges? ...Wait, it's not the swords, is it? Because if ti is I had no idea those are in any way related to the boss challenge - I thought that's just how the game goes. World map issue: There's a spot on the world map (located north-east of the snow house) where there are trees on the water, and it looks weird. Speaking of the world map, I lol'ed at the "Wow! You made it all the way out here!" messages.