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  1. I want more good TRPGs =/

  2. Derp, I live in South Africa and I'm one of the last people to know about Nelson Mandela's passing. R.I.P. Nelson Mandela

  3. Poshul ith badath

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    2. Choco-Elliot Wyvern

      Choco-Elliot Wyvern


      How did you know what I wath thinking?


      Yeth! Rathly ith nith!

    3. Cecillia


      Let me be sir Glenn!

    4. Patrick


      I once watched the LP from lucahjin, and it was hilarious when she read that line out. :D

  4. Vivi will always be one of my favorite characters :3

  5. Gonna be away for a week or two, going for an eye operation tomorrow ;.;

  6. Anyone have any MMORPG recommendations?

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    2. Heartfeltcurse


      WOW, not even once

    3. AJNR


      GW is better. It's a one time purchase and is PvP orientated, so if you like that stuff, that's the way to go. WoW looks like crap nowadays, you might as well join a Private Server.

    4. Tigerbite


      Maplestory! hehehehahahha. GW2 is fun IF you have friends to play with.

  7. Persona 5 and a Persona game for 3ds <3

  8. Am I the only one who liked FFT's Spell chants/incantations?

    1. Gump
    2. magic2345


      by that do you mean the systems, or the graphics? or what


      Whichever it is I loved it

  9. The Bravely Default demo is fun :P

  10. Choco-Elliot Wyvern

    DeviantART? :3

    Mine :3 http://choco-elliotwyvern.deviantart.com/ I think I'm already watching you Vivi-Chuu XDD
  11. I'm probably the only person who's half way through SnK now XD

    1. Cadh20000
    2. Cecillia


      Shingeki no Kyoujin

    3. Cecillia


      No worries, my sister is on Episode 7 still xD

  12. Internet broke again, no wi-fi for me anymore :( Just slower internet...

  13. I hate procrastination so much ; _ ;

    1. seriouscat


      Awwww, sometimes it's good to relax though hehe! :)

    2. Artemis_Dreamer


      I know that feel. That's why I'm on here, not adding an event-based relationship system to my game

  14. Gonna attempt my most ambitious piece of art yet... is it normal that I'm a bit nervous XD

  15. Loving Pokemon X/Y's roller skates lol :P

    1. Tigerbite


      I like spinning in circles :D

    2. regendo


      They're so great, it's almost unreal. I only use the bike when going through tall grass, because then I'd loose the skates' speed boost.

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