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  1. I want more good TRPGs =/

  2. Derp, I live in South Africa and I'm one of the last people to know about Nelson Mandela's passing. R.I.P. Nelson Mandela

  3. Poshul ith badath

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    2. Choco-Elliot Wyvern

      Choco-Elliot Wyvern


      How did you know what I wath thinking?


      Yeth! Rathly ith nith!

    3. Cecillia


      Let me be sir Glenn!

    4. Patrick


      I once watched the LP from lucahjin, and it was hilarious when she read that line out. :D

  4. Vivi will always be one of my favorite characters :3

  5. Gonna be away for a week or two, going for an eye operation tomorrow ;.;

  6. Anyone have any MMORPG recommendations?

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    2. Heartfeltcurse


      WOW, not even once

    3. AJNR


      GW is better. It's a one time purchase and is PvP orientated, so if you like that stuff, that's the way to go. WoW looks like crap nowadays, you might as well join a Private Server.

    4. Tigerbite


      Maplestory! hehehehahahha. GW2 is fun IF you have friends to play with.

  7. Persona 5 and a Persona game for 3ds <3

  8. Am I the only one who liked FFT's Spell chants/incantations?

    1. Gump
    2. magic2345


      by that do you mean the systems, or the graphics? or what


      Whichever it is I loved it

  9. The Bravely Default demo is fun :P

  10. I'm probably the only person who's half way through SnK now XD

    1. Cadh20000
    2. Cecillia


      Shingeki no Kyoujin

    3. Cecillia


      No worries, my sister is on Episode 7 still xD

  11. Internet broke again, no wi-fi for me anymore :( Just slower internet...

  12. I hate procrastination so much ; _ ;

    1. seriouscat


      Awwww, sometimes it's good to relax though hehe! :)

    2. Artemis_Dreamer


      I know that feel. That's why I'm on here, not adding an event-based relationship system to my game

  13. Gonna attempt my most ambitious piece of art yet... is it normal that I'm a bit nervous XD

  14. Loving Pokemon X/Y's roller skates lol :P

    1. Tigerbite


      I like spinning in circles :D

    2. regendo


      They're so great, it's almost unreal. I only use the bike when going through tall grass, because then I'd loose the skates' speed boost.

  15. Just got Pokemon Y today and I've already got my first ever pokerus pokemon o.O

  16. Pokemon X or Y?

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    2. Rizrazzle


      Well, I won't be joining you anymore for a while. But I previously always drew my conclusions from the completed list of catchability differences. ( Like Weedle vs. Caterpie xD )Yveltal is really 'cool'. But I like the grace of Xerneas.

    3. ShinGamix
    4. Darkanine
  17. It takes so long to find a battle on Pokemon Online -.-

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    2. kayden997


      Arg, I never played it... I don't know what it is about


    3. Darkanine


      Don't see you,just challenge me [bB]Darkster.

    4. Darkanine


      GG,Yanmega is like a little tank that can take anything <3 xD.

  18. To the Moon really is an amazing game

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    2. kayden997


      Let's do it! Deathspark.... Open the kick starter!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. Deathspark


      =D If we have the cash

    4. kayden997


      Darn it, that's where we get it. All we need is a convincing trailer and maybe an interview to tell about our plans... Also copyright... And actors... Welp, this is more than I thought.

  19. Why does Pokemon X/Y look so good ;w;

    1. Overtime


      At least they made Mewthree and Mewfour (Sort of) real o.o

    2. Rizrazzle


      For the first time ever I thought it didn't. ):

  20. So happy to hear Bravely Default is coming 6 Dec! Been anticipating it for a very long while :D

  21. Monster Hunter is taking over my life ;-;

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    2. Stryke


      Heck,I'm still playing MHP3rd on the psp...

    3. Cecillia


      The one on the psp had no lock on and it was hard haha.

    4. Ritsukou


      i love i psp one much more challenging ^^_.

  22. Mah Kitties~

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    2. Darkanine



      My cat is kind of a asshole,always biting me ;_;

    3. MurgianSwordsman


      The cats I know are either princesses, or assholes, and in the worst case-scenario: AN ASSHOLE PRINCESS!!!! So I stick with dogs. However, it's funny when I pet a cat. They always are nice until I stop. Oh well.

    4. NS


      My cat always bit and scratched the heck out of me when I tried to pet her on the head. She always hated being petted. I could never understand how she was content with resting on my face overnight though. T_T Plenty of sneezing to start the mornings.

  23. Finally working on my game again since... 2 Months? Lol...

    1. Cecillia
    2. magic2345


      That in itself is an achievement.

  24. Happy Birthday! Hope you have/had an awesome day! :3

  25. Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes! :)

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    2. Darkanine


      Happy birthday!

    3. Jonnie91


      Happy Birthday xD

    4. EraYachi


      Happy you-no-longer-look-like-a-small-pink-naked-rat day! :)

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